Summer Updates

Simply Enchanting Update:  We are very busy with weddings this summer, three times as many as I did last year.  In fact I am excited to announce that we almost completely booked out all available wedding dates for the month of August.  Which means busy times for me and my decorators, but at the same time great fun times coming up!

My book "Yellow Ribbon" Update:  I am also busy with getting my first novel ready to get off to the publishers, and try my luck with the publishing world.  I've worked really hard on it, and I am pretty happy with how it has all turned out, no matter what happens I am very proud to have completed it and excited about my love for writing.  I've already been researching a little for my 2nd novel, and I am just as excited to dive into it.

Running Update:  My injury is healing nicely, so I think:)  I have done a bit what the Dr. said and I've tried to train for my next Marathon with as little running as possible to let my foot continue to heal.  However, I must say having to hop on a bike a little more often than I had been before.  (Okay, so I hadn't been on a bike in over a year.)  Well I am happy to say it does work the lungs out, and also not so happy to say provides me with a very sore tushy.  (I can't wait until I am more used to sitting on a bike seat for long periods of time, without the soreness.)
However, I did break down the other day for a short 10 mile run :)
In a few short weeks I'll know how it will feel to run a Marathon with little running training.  I will admit I am slightly dreading some very tired feet in the race, as I have been not so smart in the past and I've ran a Marathon with a little lack in training before to know how it feels.  However, on the plus side I think my lungs will handle it fine.  This is also an all women's Marathon I am doing, so it should be interesting on a few different aspects.

Reading Updates:  I am sad to admit I haven't had much time to read these past few months.  But I did take a little time last week while on vacation to catch up on a few books.
I read "If I Should Die" by Jennie Hansen - I literally couldn't put this book down, I read it cover to cover on day only breaking somewhere in the middle to grab a bite to eat :)  The novel has a female runner who is grabbed off a trail while running.  Funny thing, I read the novel just as the next day I was planning a solo morning run on some mountain trails...  I still went for the run, but it was a good reminder to be alert to my surroundings, so I left the headphones behind :)  The book also hit a core with me, because a few years back on the same trail I was about to run, I did have a nutcase follow me in his truck, and I was saved by a spooked deer who scared the guy off and alerted me to what almost happened. 
(I very much appreciate that deer!!!)
Anyhow, if you LOVE suspense and fast paced hard to put down books, I highly recommend "If I Should Die" by Jennie Hansen.
I also finally got around to reading Clair Poulsens last novel "Vengeance".  Again a VERY good novel, I am a fast reader, but I read it in a day as well and loved it!
Their are a few authors that whenever they put out a new book, I like to buy a copy because I know I will not be disappointed, these are two of those authors who's writings never let me down :)

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