Running Injury Free (Hopefully from now on...)

     I finally broke down to see the Dr. about my foot injury that has been bothering me for a couple of months now.  Funny thing, I have been given the okay to continue running marathon's every few weeks or once a month.  However, I have to train for the next few races by NOT doing much if any running at all....  In fact I need to stay off my feet as much as possible, to let the injury finish healing, basically I need to save my feet for Marathon's only.
(Found a Great Dr!!  My advise If you are a runner and come down with an injury, ONLY visit Dr.'s who are runners and/or sports Dr.'s, because they are the only ones that will understand you and get you an injury healing program that will not force you to quit doing what you love!!)

All I can say is my training over the next few weeks to prep for an August marathon, should be quite interesting.  I'm already seeing a lot more biking in my future...  Guess I'll have to get that flat tire fixed after all :)  The Dr. suggested swimming too, I've never been much of a swimmer, but it's summer so why not...
Plus, I understand I have to keep the cardio up, and my legs will keep be okay.  But anyone who's ran a marathon knows how tender the feet can get around mile 18+ in a race if you don't get the mileage on them beforehand.   Hmmmmmmmm.......
Well most importantly, is getting this healed, and keeping myself on track to do great in New York this November, so Dr. says, I will do.... :)

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