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I received a great opportunity to try out the NuNaat Acai Berry Hair Care line.  I have been testing them out for the past few weeks, and I have to say I have had some great hair days!  I loved these products, I made sure when I requested mine that I picked the ones that would work best for my hair type and styling routine.

I tried the NuNaat Treatment Repair Care System:  Acai Berry & Keratin Shampoo - Acai Berry & Keratin Conditioner - Anti-Aging Leave In-Treatment with Acai Berry & Keratin - Intensive Hair Mask with Acai Berry & Keratin.

I'd like to break down my opinion on each of the products

The Shampoo - The first time I went to pour it, I discovered it comes out quick:)  So I had a handful:)  The next day I did better since I knew to be more careful.  I have really long hair, I believe 23" in length give or take.   So I am very careful about washing and shampooing my hair, to avoid breakage. (I pride myself to keep my long hair as split end free as possible:)  
When I wash my hair I lather and scrub the scalp area, and do not scrub the ends.  I allow the suds to run down and clean the ends of the hair area.
What I liked about this shampoo is, I could feel the clean after one lather and rinse, so that is all I did.  I didn't do a 2nd lather, it wasn't needed.

The Conditioner - What I liked about this conditioner is it isn't heavy.  What I mean by that is, it moisturizes just the right amount.  I didn't feel like I had to cake on ton's of this creamy light purple conditioner.  When it rinsed out, I didn't feel like I had a slimy film on my hair.  (Which I have before with a few other brands.)  I felt like it pretty much gave my long hair just the right amount of moisturizer.  My hair felt clean and hydrated after I rinsed.  Oh, and I loved the smell.  It is a lighter smell, not heavy scented.  Truthfully I really like the scent level of Acai Berries!

Anti-Aging Leave In-Treatment - I put this on my hair right after my showers, directly into my towel dried hair.  I massaged some into my scalp, but I also carefully applied some directly to the ends of my hair.  Then I took the comb to it, and combed through it all before I dried it more.  I felt like this leave in treatment gave my hair a little extra protection.  I also have thin hair, and it seemed like it gave me a little more volume on top.  Additionally, I used this product a few times on certain days, when I needed to tame flyaways or smooth a wave.  During those times I used it on my dry hair.  It worked perfectly, even though I am not 100% sure if that is exactly the rules of use:)  But I liked it that way, so to me that was all that mattered!

To give you an idea of how I style and so you will understand why I liked these products.  I should note, some days I use a hair blow dryer.  Other days I (especially if I shower at night) I just let my hair air dry.  Like most people I style my hair various ways.  Some days I go plain Jane simple and just go straight with no products in it (like the picture below).  Other days, I break out the styling products (which for me isn't much, a little mouse or gel) and I either curl with a flat iron, or if I want wavy hair in the evening I will add a little product and throw my hair up in a bun all day, to be nice and beach wavy for the evening:)

A Straight Hair Day
Intensive Hair Mask - Okay, so I didn't think my hair needed a deeper conditioning daily, so I actually only used this 3X's in the past 2 weeks.  The first time I tried it was the first day I used the products.  You have to leave the hair mask in for 20 minutes before washing it out.  This particular day I was in a hurry, so I multi-tasked and jumped out of the shower with the hair mask and back in later to wash out.  The other two times I used the mask, I just enjoyed a relaxing bath:)  What I loved about this mask (yes I said loved) is that it really makes your hair silky smooth and strong.  This is one item that I definitely keep on my shower shelf, and will likely use it once a week.  Or it is also great to use after you've had a heavy wind hair day, where your hair is zapped of moisture and dried out from being in the crazy wind for hours.  I speak from experience on this!

On the first day of trying it out, I had just dried my hair and my sister (poor girl is on pregnancy bed rest) was staying with me so I could help her out with her daughter.  When I got done, I said "Well what do you think?"  Then of course I shook my hair out in front of her.  Her exact words were, "I love the smell of your hair, smells great!"  Let me tell you, pregnancy women have strong senses so when she said that I immediately felt a little more confidence.  I mean who doesn't like to know their hair smells fabulous!

I had some great hair days, I had to do a fun wedding photo guest book last Wednesday for a bridal party.  I don't know if people were just super generous, but I had several people stop to tell me they loved my hair that evening (beachy waves day).  I would love to share that picture, but being the photographer I didn't snap any of myself.  I regret that!!!

Overall I loved these products.  For me personally I would recommend this particular product line to anyone with dry hair, thin hair, long hair to keep it strong and healthy.  Also recommend this to anyone who spends a lot of time out in the sun, or weather.  I have really enjoyed trying all of these out, and will enjoy continuing to use them!  

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Disclaimer: Nunaat provided me with the product line for my review.  I was not required to give a positive review.  All opinions expressed are my own.

So let me ask you, have you ever tried NuNaat Products before?  If so, what is your favorite product line?  Regardless of what hair care products you use, what is the key factor you use to pick a hair care system for yourself?


  1. What a great product!!! Your hair is so long and pretty.

  2. Thanks for the post! I've been looking into getting a remy hair weave in order to extend the length of my hair for this weekend, but I'm not sure what the difference is between a weave and extensions, so I've been researching the process online.


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