My Experience and Results of being on Diet-To-Go Meals

     I received an incredible opportunity to try out Diet-To-Go.  So I decided right at the beginning I was going to give the diet 100%.  I weighed in the morning of day 1.  The program did not say I needed to do this, but I wanted too just for my own personal reasons.

This year I have been trying to lose weight, some of my readers may remember reading posts on this.  Well after I lost 16 pounds I sort of hit a plateau and nothing I have been doing has been able to get me past this.
So when I started Diet-To-Go I realized this might be the perfect opportunity and exactly what I needed to mix things up for my body and give the weight loss a try again.
I cut out all soda on my diet (sorry Pepsi).  I pushed myself to drink more water during the week.
Because of my ankle injury, I am limited on exercise I can do right now, so to be honest I wasn't able to exercise at all.

In 5 days I lost 1.8 pounds.  This may not sound like much, but keep in mind this is only in 5 days, and I was at a dead plateau before this!
I know this was from all of the healthy eating on the Diet-To-Go meals! (Because and I'll explain more below, I wasn't eating the smartest before.)
I have to be honest, now that I have finally broken that 16 pounds and I am now so close to 18 pounds of weight loss.  I am super thrilled and really excited to push forward on my weight loss journey again.

So the day I received all my meals, can I just tell you how impressed I was at the packaging and look of the product!  The meals came in 2 containers.  One was for items that didn't need to be kept frozen, and the other was keeping them all frozen.
The food looked delicious, I was excited to begin eating them the next day!

I want to share with you a little on the meals I received and my thoughts on each. (Note: every meal/snack listed below came in my Diet-To-Go meals.  The meals came with cooking instructions as well as details listed on the different separate meals as to what items went with which meals.  So you could be accurate on your daily calorie meal intake.

Day 1
Breakfast - Cranapple Muffin & a fresh Orange.  Pretty good, but wished I had heated the muffin instead of eating straight from the fridge:)  Have to admit, that muffin was quite filling!
Lunch - Chicken Salad Sandwich on a roll, Tomato Mushroom Salad and Fruit - Loved the bread!!!
Dinner - Chicken Fajitas with Refried Beans and Baby Carrots - Loved these, I could seriously eat these weekly.

Also, I want to mention something I realized right after day 1.  I always thought I knew how to eat smart, even if at times I am not the best at it.  But I realized a valuable lesson I have heard many times before, but just didn't let it sink in.  Even when dieting, you can still eat yummy food and feel full.  You just have to pick the correct foods.  Having Diet-To-Go do this for me, made it totally simple!  I can honestly say through the whole time on this, there was only 1 meal that I was still wishing for a little more. (That was breakfast on day 2).

Day 2 
Breakfast - Whole Wheat Monte Cristo (French toast with cheese and ham).  Delicious Yogurt Raspberry Drink and Fresh Fruit Mix YUMMMMM - I absolutely loved the drink!
Lunch - Black Bean Soup, Soft Pretzel, Vegetable salad and String Cheese.  I wasn't sure about this before I ate it, but it was a pleasant surprise, black bean soup is delicious!!
Dinner - Turkey Meatloaf & Veggies - This was good!  But I did add ketchup when I ate the meatloaf and should mention that didn't come with the dinner:)

Day 3
Breakfast - Blueberry Muffin with Strawberry Jam spread.  Heated the muffin this time, and oh so soft!
Lunch - Mushroom Soup & Mango Rice - The rice was okay, not really my thing.  But the Mushroom Soup was delicious!
Dinner - Tomato Veggie Pie covered in Parmesan Cheese and Sesame Bread sticks.  This was another one of those meals I wasn't sure what to expect or if I would like it or not. (I am a picky eater:)  But the food surprised me again!

Day 4
Breakfast - Cinnamon Bar - Pretty good and really filling.  I would want to eat this again!
Lunch - Waldorf Chicken Sandwich on a yummy grain and seen roll (love the breads and rolls in their foods!)  Sheffa Zesty Snack Mix, so delicious lots of corn nuts and other seeds and a V8 to drink.  Let me just say, there was so much that came with this sandwich I could only eat half of it.  I just saved the rest for when I needed a snack.
Dinner - Chicken Breast with Creole Sauce, Brown Rice with vegetables smothered in the Creole Sauce.  This was pretty good.  I like the veggies in the sauce, it made them taste less like cooked vegetables:)

Let me say, these meals are calorie counted.  So you can eat the whole thing or not if your full and still stay under within your daily 1,200 or 1,600 calorie diet.  I was so amazed that so much food can be eaten.  Sometimes I finished the meals and sometimes I had leftovers, but always walked away full from every lunch and dinner and almost all breakfasts!  Guess it all comes down to eating the right foods that are healthy for you!  Made me realize I have made mistakes with previous dieting!

Day 5
Breakfast - Eggs Florentine with Spinach, Chicken Sausage & Asparagus.  To be perfectly honest I wasn't exactly sure about eating spinach and asparagus for breakfast.  If I ate this one again I think it would be a little better a bit later in the morning.  But that aside, it was still pretty good!
Lunch - Wahoo Fish Burger and a V8 to drink with a bean salad.  Pretty good, you couldn't really taste the fish (which is good), made this using all the tarter sauce that came with it.  The bun bread was delicious, I love grain breads!!! The bean salad that accompanied the burger was really good.  Definitely one to eat again!  Also on this, there was so much that came with the meal and the burger was so big, I only could down half of it before I was full.
Dinner - Stir Fry Chicken & Veggies - This was pretty good, a perfect way to end my week on Diet-To-Go!

I loved my experience with Diet-To-Go!!!  The only thing I would have done differently is taken my waist measurement before I started.  I feel like my tummy shrunk a little, one tighter blouse I own seemed to fit a bit better today.  But I can't say for sure, because I didn't take my measurements beforehand.

I highly recommend Diet-To-Go for anyone who is either looking for healthy eating options or needs some help to keep their calorie intake controlled so they can begin or continue their own weight loss journey.

Diet-To-Go is offering a limited time offer.  For your 1st order on Diet-To-Go, enter the coupon code at checkout "summer25" to receive a 25% discount on your order.  Click HERE to go directly to their website and learn more about their meal selections.

Note: I received these meals for free from Diet-To-Go for this review.  I was not required to write a positive review, all thoughts are my own.


  1. Love your review! Because I was out of town, I'm doing my review this week, so I have different food, but I've noticed the same thing - I'm so satisfied after my meals. It clearly means that I am not properly portioning, especially at lunch. I've eaten DTG meals the past 2 days and I've never felt the need for a 3pm snack. It's awesome!

    1. I know it is pretty awesome! Have fun enjoying the rest of your meals!

  2. Those meals sound so good! I noticed when I recorded what I ate in my FitBit account, I was more aware of what I was eating and making sure I drank enough water.

    Hey, I just noticed your state marathon list - very cool! I'll have to come back and read about the different marathons.

    1. That was the big thing with me. I used to think I ate healthy, but I would either eat the wrong stuff and calorie count it and then starve from it. Or just ate way too many of the wrong kind of calories. I am really glad for this lesson learned!

      For sure, I love to write about all my different marathons, come back anytime!

  3. Great review. I loved trying diet to go and my family liked all of my meals. With 2 picky teens that's saying a lot :)

    1. Definitely with picky teens, that really does say a lot!! :)

  4. Great review. I am always afraid of these type of services but the meals look "real" and actually good!

  5. Love your review. Those diet to go meals look and sound amazing. I love the effect of eating healthy on my body and my life. It makes me feel more energetic.

  6. Sounds like it was a good break from normal for you! Congrats on all the weight loss.


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