Central Park, New York City


Today for Travel Tuesday, I'd like to suggest a walk/run or hike through Central Park.  I went in the fall, but people will tell you any time a year is a great time to enjoy this beautiful park.  If you are like me, and not from a big city.  Let me tell you Central Park is huge, not like parks I am used to in Utah.  Central Park is right smack in the middle of Manhattan, but when you are inside it, you can completely forget you are in a huge city surrounded by skyscrapers.

The Loeb Boathouse in the distance.

What is there to do in this park?  If you are active: Go for a run, walk or bike along the paths, or hike in the 80 acres of woodlands exhibit. In the winter, you can cross country ski.    Or play sports games, or chess in the park.

Or just sit back and relax and do some people watching.  Sometimes I think people watching is one of the funnest things to do!

You can also rent a boat, row boats or kayak's or if you'd like pay for a Gondola ride.

Summer's you can go fishing in their catch and release ponds/lakes.

Walk around and see the different area's statues and places.  You'll probably recognize many of them from the movies.  Or if you need lunch money, just set up yourself and your guitar and play some tunes and hope tourists like you enough to donate:)  (I didn't do this:) but saw many who were, and a lot of them were quite good, even the choirs!

Or just sit on a bank or trail and relax and enjoy some peace and quiet and write a book:)


*  Located in Manhattan, New York
*  If you want to run around the reservoir track it is about 1 1/2 miles for 1 loop.
*  If you'd like to walk around the entire park, it is just over 6 miles.
*  Open 365 days a year, opens at 6am and closes at 1am.
*  Need a bench?  Their are over 9000 of them and over 24,000 tree's to sit under:)
*  You won't be entirely alone, over 38 million people visit the park a year.
* The park has 7 fountains and 36 bridges.
*  Get a map of the park if you go, there are designated quiet zones for those looking for peace.
*  Dog's are allowed in certain area's only.
*  Although you can drive to central park, I recommend taking the subway.


  1. I have always wanted to go to NYC Central Park and as a runner, even more so now! Great pics! I hope you have a great Thanksgiving Kristy!

    1. Hope you make it one day! Hope you have a great Thanksgiving tomorrow too Karen!

  2. I love Central Park, and regret not going there very often when I lived in Brooklyn. :( Happy Thanksgiving to you!!

    1. Oh, I love Brooklyn too! When I visited NYC, my first week I stayed in Brooklyn, I loved walking around the area and down to the waterfront in the evening to look across at Manhattan and the statue of liberty, awe so beautiful...


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