A Unique Beach Experience for the Coming Winter


Most may think of going to the beach in the summer time.  While that is always a fabulous idea, I am going to suggest visiting the beach in the winter.  I want to tell you about this cute little beach town in Delaware called Rehoboth Beach.

The month of December, this small town that has one main street that runs through the entire town all the way to beach boardwalk.  From the moment you enter this town, it's all decorated and lit up for Christmas.

This was probably my most favorite picture I took the entire trip, because I love the lighting so much.
This was actually taken on the beach right outside my hotel.

One of the best things about visiting a beach town in the winter are the prices.  You'll find hotel prices are extremely discounted and you can get a room right on the beach overlooking the ocean.

If you need an idea of something to do on the beach.  Seashell or shark tooth collecting.  Because the summer crowds are gone, I could walk down at almost anytime and find huge shells, and lots of shark teeth (I like to collect them:)  Also a fun evening thing I enjoyed was cooking up some hot chocolate in my room and taking it to the beach to sip on while I walked along the sandy shore.

I had a corner beach view room.  Which also looked down at the boardwalk.

I mentioned the town dresses up for Christmas, well they also dress up the beach.  Here at the boardwalk you can find Santa's house, which may look small, but during the day they have actual Santa hours for kids to visit.  There are also these cute sea creature light exhibits along the boardwalk area.

The cute gazebo pictured below is at the end of the town street.  Just before the boardwalk.

If you like marathon's this is also the actual starting line spot for the Rehoboth Beach Marathon.  You may notice how decorated the gazebo (aka Bandstand) is, the lights and garland up and down the poles.  Well the entire town along the street, all the street lamps every so many feet on both sides are decorated up the same fun way.  It really is Christmas at the beach, I loved it!

Kinda hard to tell, but you can kind of see how fun the entire street is decorated up from the picture below.  Not just the street's but the business are also into the holiday spirit.

When you're not shopping the beach shops, or sipping cocoa on the beach, you can go out sight seeing.
Take a little drive down to Cape Henlopen State Park.

WW II Watch Tower

You can get a history lesson, and tour the top of one of these World War II look out towers.  Which also have 360 degrees of fabulous views.

There is a 3-mile long paved trail through the park.  As well of 6 miles of beach to hike and explore.

If you like lighthouses, there are a couple to check out as well.  I absolutely love lighthouses, I find they are each unique in their own way!

And if you still haven't found something to do, just bring your Dairy Cow to the beach for some family Christmas pictures:)  I actually have no idea who this family is, but they gave me a great smile as I watched them walk this big cow to the sandy beach as they posed for photo's.  Hope they don't mind I snapped the picture:)

I actually saw several people out surfing on one of the nearby beaches one day.  They must love it, because I would imagine even in a wetsuit that has got to be cold!

Visiting the beach in the winter is just an entirely different experience.  But was a lot of fun in this cute dressed up Christmas Beach Town called Rehoboth Beach.


*  There are several flight options (Baltimore, D.C. & Philadelphia)  I flew into Philadelphia and rented a car and drove south to get there.
*  Some hotels may be closed in the winter, and others are open and have great prices.
*  If you like to run races, they have a fabulous marathon (I loved it!) and half marathon in December, The Rehoboth Beach Marathon.  The race starts at the beach, runs through the town, woods, and State Park.
*  I discovered in December they didn't even charge me to enter Cape Henlopen State Park, where in the summer yes you have to pay a visitors fee.
*  There are plenty of places to eat here, you won't even have to drive further into town if you don't want to, lots of shops and small eateries right in Rehoboth.


  1. Great piece and lovely photos! So glad you visited Southern Delaware. It's great here year round, but you're right - the holiday season/winter is an especially wonderful time to visit. I see you're a wedding planner. Southern Delaware has become a hugely popular area to hold destination weddings! Hope you visit again soon. Check us out at www.visitsoutherndelaware.com

  2. Adorable! This place looks amazing and incredibly charming! I love that they included their cow in the picture...pets are family, too! :0) Thanks for sharing!!

    1. Yes, pets are family too:) Honestly, when I saw it I couldn't help but smile, cute family Christmas picture idea:)

  3. I grew up in DE and my grandparents have a place in Fenwick Island and I NEVER knew Rehoboth got so decorated for Christmas! I am going to have to see it one year!

    1. It's such a beautifully cute little decorated town that time of year, if you get the chance you'll have to visit around the holidays!!!

  4. I am so glad you wrote this! I have been to Rehobeth beach but it's been a few years! I'd love to go back and now that you wrote this post about the race and Christmas decor it's definitely going on my list! I'll just need to find a pet friendly hotel. Did you visit for the purpose of running the race?

    How odd to see a cow on the beach!!!

  5. It's always fun to go to the beach in the off season and much more peaceful to walk on the sand and hear the ocean.

  6. A family cow? OK then. I've never been to the beach for the off-season, but I bet it's quiet. It's always been crowded when I've gone, but I've only been to Florida and California beaches. Seems year round on-season to me.

  7. This looks beautiful! Any time is a great time for the beach but you are right, it can be down right magical in the winter!

  8. haha, good call! :D I'm all for cheaper prices when traveling (and yay for less people too)! I love how they dressed up the beach! :]! The decorations are so cute!

  9. That looks so festive and lovely! I would've thought towns like that would shut down for the season. Very charming!

  10. It's completely different seeing a beach all decked out for Christmas. But winter sounds like a perfect time to visit to me - fewer tourists and a lower key stay. Perfect for a relaxing holiday getaway!

  11. Looks like a great place to visit! Cheaper and less people during the winter are a major plus!


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