Visiting Flaming Gorge for Travel Tuesday

Today for Travel Tuesday I am going to take you on a location way up on the top of Utah, right near the Wyoming boarder. I beautiful and stunning lake area called Flaming Gorge.
Although, if you want to get technical some of the reservoir is in Wyoming as well. But in my opinion the Utah side is the most stunning.

Truth be told, you really do need to get a boat with a full tank of gas to really see the canyon and drive through the blue waters looking up at the beautiful various colored cliffs around you. However, even if you don't have a boat, you can still take a few small hikes, or a scenic drive and see a lot of it.

The reservoir is about 91 miles long, (reason for a boat) but even I haven't been through the entire thing. I've taken day trips out on a ski boat through many sections of it.

However, I've also done a lot of paddleboarding, kayaking, fishing, swimming in the lake as well.

I will say, this is a summer destination. Most of the lake is around 6,000 feet in elevation. Perfect for a summer cool spot, but probably not going to be as much fun when it's snowing or icy in the winter.

There is a ton of wildlife in the area. Depending on the side of the lake your on, you may see antelope, deer, elk, desert big horn, moose.

If you're even luckier you might even spot a bear, but most of it is heavely forested with the lodgepole pines so you'd really have to be in lucky spot for that.

You'll definitely have to check out the Dam, its in a gorgeous area. You can even rent a river raft and head down the green river and do a little fishing or light rapid running.

I've been down the Green River in a raft many times in this area, it's awesome and gorgeous! There is also some incredible fishing if you have the patience! The fish here can get really big!
In fact sometimes around the dam you can see the trout which are the size of children coming up to blow bubbles at the top.

Take the scenic drive to some of the overlooks, they are seriously stunning! You can stop in visitors centers and learn more if you'd like too!

The sunsets are gorgeous. Before you ask, no there is no filter on this.
But why it is so orange looking? Well that is because there was a huge wildfire in the Uinta mountains to the west the evening I took this shot. It's sad all that smoke was in the air from a fire burning nearly 100 miles away, but it did make for a stunning sunset photo!

The lake is mostly for boats, there is very little beach area. However, if you go to the Northern end, you can find some sandy beach area's to play or camp on.

The area is in the higher mountains, so if you do go and you are out on a boat make sure you pay attention to the sky. If lightening looks like it's coming in, get off the lake. I don't know why, but people chance it every year, and I swear not a year goes by that I don't hear a sad story of someone getting struck.

The scenic drive from the dam heading north, does provide many places you can stop the car get out and enjoy the view.

Best part about this lake, with the exception of holidays, its not very crowded. You really can feel like your alone with the beautify at times.

For the hiking lover, there is plenty. Especially down near the dam and lower area's!
I love to camp and there are ton's of campgrounds all around this lake. Some of them right along the lake. Others up in the beautiful forests in the mountains around the lake.

Have you been to Flaming Gorge before?


  1. I would love to see that wildlife! You know that stuff fascinates me!

  2. Beautiful! I had never heard of this location before. I'm glad you mentioned there was no filter on the sunset photo because I would have assumed it was enhanced otherwise.

  3. Wow, absolutely stunning scenes! I'm really going to have to plan a trip to your neck of the woods at some point - would be a complete change of pace from the midwest :)

  4. These are stunning views! You share so many beautiful natural places to visit. Thank you!

  5. Once again you have some beautiful photographs of a rather stunning area.

  6. The colors in those photos are incredible! I've got to get up there one of these summers.

  7. Those are really beautiful pics. I haven't been to this part of the country before but you entice me every week with these views. That sunset is gorgeous, even if the view is enhanced by a wildfire effect.

  8. SO beautiful! I didn't know that Utah was so gorgeous until when we moved from Milwaukee to California and drove through. How are they keeping their beauty a secret??? Stunning photos. Thanks for sharing so I could go on a virtual journey this morning! <3

  9. absolutely beautiful! Your pics leap of the page! You make me want to come visit!

  10. Cassandra @PoweredbyBLINGMarch 8, 2017 at 6:46 PM

    What a gorgeous place to Kayak! That's one of our family's favorite things to do.

  11. This is absolutely breathtaking! I am new(ish) to the states and have so many amazing places yet to check out. I am officially a fan of your Travel Tuesday series :)

  12. Omg!!

    I have never even heard about this place!!!

    This is absolutely stunning. I love the idea of the boat ride.

    Thanks for always enlightening me on the treasures of the USA

  13. Great pics!! Haven't been there but looks like an awesome place to visit! The boat ride or even taking a kayak out sounds so nice!

  14. Good grief that is really beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

  15. Hey lady. It's Tuesday. where are we traveling to today?

  16. What a gorgeous part of the country! Would love to visit someday!


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