A few updates and some great hiking views

It's been a few week's since I wrote a Monday post, I am sorry about that. Blogging hasn't been easy for me lately, I just cant seem to find the groove between blogging, school and well how worn out I have been with headaches.

I quick update on the headaches I mentioned. I've been into a specialist twice now. I had a CT scan this past Thursday.
The only good news is the scan ruled out any need for surgery right now.

They are a little baffled by it all, it seems I have all the symptoms of a sinus infection from hell, without the actual symptoms. In other words, I get the headaches and the pressure, but I don't actually have a sinus infection or any type of cold like symptoms that go with it.

Anyhow, we are trying a few new things, to help but it may be something I have to learn to live with for a while and I am having a hard time with that because I am so drained and well it's super hard to concentrate when you have horrible headaches all day. Regardless I am hopeful, so we shall see.

I do try to stay positive on my blog, but I'd be lying to you if I said last week wasn't a rough one for me. However, despite its faults, I had so many other great things happen that it evened out and now I look back on it as little pick me up miracles that I needed to help lift me up and get through the rough patches!

Another positive note: I was about to buy a humidifier to help since it can't really hurt, plus my skin is drying out faster than I can keep up with the lotion and crazy as it is luck was on my side and I am being sent one from Influenster to try out for free. So see even when all seems bad, there are always silver linings!


I am keeping up on my studies. I am slipping a little in one class when I didn't do as well on the last exam, but there is an extra credit assignment they put out that will hopefully bump me back up to an A.

Two of my classes are like group project mania, I have had 3 the past few weeks. One of which is a video we are presenting in my class this morning.
It's funny, we picked an environmental theme, and I'm not even an environmentalist, LOL
But it's all good!
If you've followed my blog awhile you may recognize the pictures. I donated all my own photography so we could make the project easier and faster!


I did get out last weekend. The weather has been absolutely beautiful here, still feels like summer, so why not get out and do some hiking. If you can't tell I am really loving living near Zion National Park, I don't think I will get bored! Although, I do need to find some local friends who are into backcountry distance hiking because there are a few trails that are 15-20 milers that I REALLY want to do next spring!

Speaking of backcountry hiking, I REALLY want to hike the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim next spring, so I'm just putting it out there in case any of my blogger friends are going to be in the area, reach out to me because I am totally game!!!!


I am looking forward to this short week of school, and going back home to visit all my family and friends for the holiday weekend!
I can't wait, and it looks like it's been snowing up north so maybe I'll even get to go play in the snow or something this weekend!

I hope all of you have a wonderful holiday week, and if any of you are traveling I wish you safe travels as well!!!


Although I've let it slip a little, I have for the most part kept it up through all of the worn out patches. Because I think it helps to stay active.
I've had a few really great runs lately, and I love that as I am dropping some of these pounds, my body is getting stronger and stronger. I haven't bothered increasing the mileage much I keep it between 5-7 a day. But I think after the next 10-pound weight drop which I am working hard on, I am going to try to double my weekly mileage and get back up to around 30-40 a week through the winter. I mean after all what good is living in a town where you can enjoy year round running if you're not out there running!
No races planned, just running for me and my sanity right now!

All the above pictures were taken on my hike last weekend. The scenery is gorgeous, the pictures don't do it justice! It's just a good thing it gets darker and colder in the desert at night because I'd have a hard time ever wanting to leave the trails!

Have a great week everyone!

Tell me something fun you did last week or have planned for the holiday.


  1. That scenery is gorgeous! I hope they figure out something to help your headaches- it has to make life difficult :( Enjoy your holiday break! oh, and congrats on those pound lost!

  2. I hope you find some relief soon!

    Our weather has been crazy! It was beautiful for my run on Saturday (I wore t-shirt and shorts and was still over dressed) and then Sunday we got this wind and it got chilly. Does it snow in south Utah?

  3. I really hope that you find a way to relieve the headaches soon. I know all too well how debilitating constant pain can be, and how much it can affect your daily life.

  4. Hang in there. At least Thanksgiving is coming up and you can take a short break. My skin is drying out now that I need my heater, so I'm stocking up on lotion too.

  5. Bless your heart. I have a friend right now dealing with awful cluster headaches right now too. I have had migraines too the past week. I'm so convinced something is happening with the season/moon/some sort of environmental issues.
    glad you dont need surgery or anything serious.
    hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving

  6. It is always something...I swear one thing feels but better something new starts up. I feel like that is how it goes for me too. That is good you have been able to stay active so you can share those awesome pictures ;) You do have amazing hiking. Glad school is going well for you, enjoy your break!
    omg, it so dry here...it is weird. I am like beef jerky lol
    I wish I was closer, I'd hike the R 2 R with you .

  7. I'm so jealous that you live right by Zion. I would probably be there every weekend. lol. Grand Canyon Rim 2 rim sounds awesome! I hope that the doc figures out how to get rid of your headaches and sinus infection symptoms. Have a good Thanksgiving!

  8. Beautiful photos! I am so jealous of the area you live in :) Sorry to hear about the headaches :( That really can be draining. I hope it gets better.

  9. Sometimes it does, but not often.
    When I lived here years past I remember one of my favorite things in the winter here was seeing snow on the palm tree's, LOL But it's actually a good thing it doesn't snow much here, when it does the entire town shuts down, they have no way to remove snow and people here don't know how to drive in it, LOL Seriously an inch will shut the town down and because its all hilly it's hilarious to watch peoples cars slipping down roads if it gets icy. I probably shouldn't laugh but being from Northern Utah I can't help but laugh at those who have no idea how to drive in the stuff.

  10. Very true, I am waiting right now to get to my last class before I can take the long drive and begin my holiday!
    I haven't even turned my heater on, so I don't know why my skin is so dry, I'm thinking its because I haven't been as diligent at putting lotion on right out of the shower, I need to be better!

  11. Thank you!
    Yeah, I wish and hope I get this figured out soon, I swear headaches are the worst type of pains because they drain so much out of us!

  12. LOL beef jerky, I like that saying I may use it :)
    Wish you lived closer too, you seem like you'd be a fun hiking partner for sure!
    Have a great Thanksgiving weekend!!!!

  13. LOL I am there nearly every weekend or for sure every other weekend, I figure why not, right! I had someone ask me if I get bored going there and I just looked at them like they were on drugs. Seriously how could I get bored with scenery like that, plus although I will eventually, I haven't even taken the same trail twice this falls, so it's all been great!

  14. LOL, I do enjoy living in Utah and Southern Utah has been a fun change of pace trading my forests in for red rocks and desert but it's been fun.
    Thank you, I hope the headaches start to get better too! Have a great week!

  15. I am sorry you continue to suffer with headaches. I hope you find some answers and relief soon. As always, you have such beautiful photos and make me long for traveling to Utah! Wishing you a healthy, happy Thanksgiving!

  16. Sorry to hear that you are still having headaches so often. Wow you have some beautiful hiking spots and Grand Canyon next spring sounds like a blast. Have a great Thanksgiving!

  17. I want to hike it with you!! What an incredible experience that would be. I need more info!

  18. Headaches stink! I hope they find the answer for you soon.
    Good luck with the extra credit!

  19. uuugh... to get the headaches and the pressure, but don't actually have a sinus...that sucks sorry to hear that!!
    I have started to get migraines again with my cycle...uuugh. They had gone away for 8 years and not back with vengeance!!!

    Look at those views...Holly Moly...so beautiful!

  20. Oh, I'm so sorry about your headaches - I know how pain can make doing nearly anything extremely difficult, so hang in there! Love your positive outlook, and your pictures are absolutely gorgeous! :)

    P.S. What I posted about today may help you - might be something to think about at least - zip me an email or comment if I can help you.


  21. I have had a crazy fall and hadn't read your blog in a while. Sorry about the headaches, but other than that you sound really up beat. Glad to read you are running regularly, and you have such fantastic places for hiking. I love all of your shots. My brother lives out West and I have never been. Shame on me. We really need to go.....

  22. I'd love to hike it with you if your interested!
    Here is a bit more info on what I'm considering. I've always wanted to hike rim to rim in one day, but I'm not opposed to camping in the canyon, though I'd have to buy better backpacking gear if I did that. But one day, just carry in water and fill up at the campgrounds along the way.
    I really want to do it next spring during my college spring break, or on a 3 day weekend in the spring when the snow has melted on the North rim.
    It takes 2 cars because one has to be dropped off at each rim.
    But I'm serious, if you are interested and have the time I'd love to plan the hike with ya!

  23. I'm sorry to hear about the headache issues - I hope they are able to figure out a solution soon! I'm sure being able to run regularly again is helping a bit - sounds like you're doing a great job getting back into it - lucky to live in a place with nice running weather year round :) Rim 2 Rim sounds right up your alley - I hope you're able to tackle the challenge this upcoming year!


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