Wedding Wednesday - Silver, Navy and Hints of Lavender

It's been a while since I have posted pictures from weddings I have done.  Since I've had a bit of an injury, I have had to cut back and not do quite as many this winter.  However, as I am healing this will continue to change in 2014 and you'll likely see me sharing my pictures more often. 
Anyhow, since my first wedding of the year is now one for the books, I thought I'd share some of my pictures.

This particular brides colors were Silver, Navy with hints of Lavender.  They used one of my more popular backdrops, the roman pillars and we went with simple yet elegant navy swags across the top, with a floral arrangement in the middle.
I took my pictures before the centerpieces were finished and placed on the tables.  But aside from that the room is finished.
This isn't a really big wedding, and they didn't go with all the extra decorating items like we usually include, but it still turned out beautifully and the bride and the rest of the wedding party were really happy with our services that day.
We decorated a church cultural hall, or half gym as some call it.  Fortunately, after we were done decorating you really couldn't tell it was anything but a reception center:)


This is the backdrop for the wedding reception

Room view 1

Cake table, we went with a simple table design and light table decoration
Lighted the table up so in the dim lights of the room it would glow.

The refreshment area, was also lit up, so that the tables glowed.

Simple table decoration for the book sign-in area at the entrance.

Room View 2 - As mentioned above the pictures were taken before the centerpieces
were placed on the tables.

Room View 3

Room View 4


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