Only 3 Days left to Add Your Blog to The List

Only 3 Days Left to Join Up With This Fabulous List 
of Bloggers, for a fun Giveaway Blog Hop

What is a Blog Hop?  A group of blogs who are all linked together for 1 large giveaway hop.  Blog readers who come to one person's blog on the list, see the name of the others and click and hop on over to the next blog entering all the giveaway's they choose.  It's a really fun way for blogs to come together, offer readers awesome giveaways, lots of more eyeballs on your blog, and a great way for you to find new blog followers.

January Blog Hop sign up ends January 13th, 2014.

This Giveaway Blog Hop is Hosted By 
Co-Hosted by: 

January's hop will focus on New Year's Goals, so the item you pick to use on your blogs giveaway should be something that would help someone keep on track with their goals.  Which means its pretty wide open to what you can offer.   Health, Fitness, Self Improvement, Books etc... Gift cards are also okay. 

* Your giveaway item value should be $10 or more.
* You'll run your giveaway Jan 17th - 30th.
* You'll use the Giveaway image and linky in your post (we will provide.)
* Only 1 mandatory entry allowed, up to 10 others optional.
* How you run your giveaway, and all other details are entirely up to you!
* To add your blog and giveaway to this fun blog hop there are a few rules that MUST be followed. 
Click HERE and make sure you are okay with all the rules before signing up below

We'd love to have you join with us!  
Feel free to email or comment below with any questions.

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