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Due to the great success of the December Giveaway Blog Hop, and requests to do more.  I am hosting a blog hop giveaway coming up January 17th - 30th and I am accepting sign-up's now.  

What is a Blog Hop?  A group of blogs who are all linked together for 1 large giveaway hop.  Blog readers who come to one person's blog on the list, see the name of the others and click and hop on over to the next blog.  It's a really fun way for blogs to come together, offer readers awesome giveaways, lots of more eyeballs on your blog, and a great way for you to find new blog followers.

January Blog Hop sign up now through January 13th, 2014. 
Hosted By: RunawayBridalPlanner
Co-Hosted by: 

January's hop will focus on New Year's Goals, so the item you pick to use on your blogs giveaway should be something that would help someone keep on track with their goals.  Which means its pretty wide open to what you can offer.   Gift cards are also okay. 

Only giveaway item requirement is that its value is at least $10 or more.

To add your blog and giveaway to this fun blog hop there are a few rules that MUST be followed.  Make sure you can abide by all the rules before you sign up.  I will be sending the linky and information email 1 week prior to the hop starting, so you will have plenty of time to design your post and get it scheduled to go live by the 17th.



1.  Make a note on your calendar so you don't forget you signed up.

2.  Item for giveaway needs to be valued at $10 or more.

3.  Hop Image will be required to be at the TOP of your giveaway post.  This image helps others participating in the hop know they are in the right place.  Those who sign up will get an email with the image for their giveaway post.

4.  REQUIRED at the bottom of your giveaway post, will be the LINKY that has the link to all the other blogs participating in the hop.  It is a hop, so this is required!  If you do not know how to insert a LINKY, it will be a requirement to link to the Host or Co-Hosts Giveaway Post - The links will be emailed to you 1 week prior to the giveaway start, so you can prepare your post in advance.

5.  You can only have 1 Mandatory way for an entry on your blog, and ONLY up to 10 total possible entries.  (Example: You can ask them to follow your blog as their 1 Mandatory entry then offer them other options to follow you, twitter, facebook, leave a comment etc...)

6.  Your post must go live on Midnight EST by the 16th of January and run through midnight on the last day of the hop.  (Although you are welcome to set it to go live the evening before, if it helps you out.) Everything is up to you on how you design your giveaway and post, but it must be kept family friendly.

*If you are hosting a giveaway in the hop, YES YOU CAN PARTICIPATE in all the other giveaways in the hop, we encourage it*

7.  I will send you a reminder email to post your giveaway, along with the Linky and Image for your post - Add my email (runawaybridalplanner(at)hotmail(dot)com to your contacts, so your reminder emails will not go to junk.

8.   Aside from the Linky and the Image.  The rest of the post and how your do your giveaway is completely up to you.

9.   You will be responsible to ship the item to the winner - all shipping costs are your responsibility.  If you are using a sponsor, you will be required to work with the sponsor to have the item shipped to the winner.

10.  Anyone who is not following the rules, may be deleted from the hop.

**Feel free to Email me with any questions.

If you agree to the terms, we'd love to have you join up with us!  Sign-Up in the Linky below:


  1. Yay this is so exciting! I loved doing the blog hop in December and got so many new followers through it. Plus I ended up buying myself the same prize that my winner won (a Brooks Infiniti headband) and I totally love it :) I'm in for this one too!

    1. I'm so glad it was successful for you last time, hopefully this time just as much or more:) Thanks for joining up again!!

  2. I hope I can get my giveaway up and running by then cus I would love to participate!

  3. I wish I had a Give-Away scheduled for that time, it sounds like a lot of fun.

    1. If you come up with one, you are more than welcome to join up:)

  4. This will be my first blog hop giveaway. I might have some questions later when creating my post. Now I need to decide what I'll give away! :-) what a fun way to get your blog out there and to see other blogs!

    1. Thanks for joining! You'll get an email on Monday with more details. But if you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to ask!


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