An Underwater Adventure Book Series

This is another book review that I decided to wait to just review the entire series at once.  For a couple reasons, but mostly because I found them to be very fast reads.
Of Poseidon was actually recommended to me by several book blogger friends a couple years ago.  I didn't have time to read it then, and now I am glad because when I finally found the time, all three books in the series were out, so that was a total bonus!

I never write spoiler reviews, so although this is a review of the entire series.  Don't worry, this won't ruin or spoil any of the books!

Emma is your average New Jersey teenage girl, being raised by her mother.  She takes off on vacation with her best friend to Florida.  After running into one of the best looking guys she has ever seen, (literally running into.)  From that moment on things for her begin to change.  But not all things for the better, while out surfing her friend is attacked and killed by a shark.
However, Emma isn't about to let her friend go without a fight and that is when things start getting a little weird and interesting for her.  Everything from not even realizing she was under water fighting with the shark for longer than humanly possible to hold her breath and then under water yelling at a shark, and then the shark actually listening to her.

Emma chalked it up to adrenaline and when she heads back to New Jersey to start up school other than being a little traumatized and depressed about losing her best friend things are pretty much normal for her.  That is until the guy she ran into at the beach shows up in her first class.  Not only just her first class, but all her classes.

Galen noticed there was something different about the girl at the beach from the moment he saw her eyes.  The violet color of them, usually only meant one thing.  She was like him.  But a lot of things didn't make sense, especially that if she is the same as he, why did she let her friend die in Florida in the shark attack?  Set out to find out for sure what she is and what is going on, Galen enlists an old human friend of his to get him a house and enroll him in Emma's school. 
What he found out, and what he expected couldn't have been more different.  Not only that, but the last thing he thought would ever happen would be to begin to have feelings for this girl, a girl who if he falls for, would be a forbidden romance because of who he is.

Emma pretty much can't stand Galen, but a little persistence on his part and his great looks don't hurt the cause.  She eventually agrees to go out with him.  However, what she finds out on her first date is something she never would have imagined.  Opening her world into a whole new world filled with powers, abilities she never dreamt possible and some new unlikely friendships.  Not to mention the possibilities of falling in love, that is if she is willing to let her heart go there, and if there will still be someone to take it.

With old rules from his society, and rules about how and whom he can fall in love with.  Not to mention life is not without its adventures as he begins to teach Emma what she is, and help her discover herself. 
Lots of fun twists and turns, and lots and lots of both human and underworld water adventure is what you'll get with Of Poseidon, Of Triton and Of Neptune.

This is a fun YA trilogy, that if you had asked me before if I would enjoy a story about "Mermaids" I would have probably told you no.  But after reading this fast paced, page turner fun series I have to admit I really enjoyed it and would definitely read a Mermaid book again!  If your looking for anything from a fun beach read, to a weekend escape, I have The Poseidon series on my high recommended list!  Although this is YA I will say its not just for teens, adults will really enjoy this series too!

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