Royally Lost by Angie Stanton

If your ever in the mood for a lighthearted fun summer romance read, then Royally Lost by Angie Stanton is one you might want to pick up.

Becca recently dumped by her boyfriend who went after her best friend instead.  Just graduated and is supposed to be getting ready to attend a college she didn't choose and start on a degree she doesn't want.  She'd rather be home alone than where she currently is.  Which is stuck on a family vacation in Europe with her father who hasn't been around much since her mothers death, and her noisy stepmother and brother who goes after every pretty girl he see's.
On a river boat cruise stopping at port after port, listening to tour guides after tour guides.  She is everything that goes with the word miserable.

Nikolai is a prince, who just found out that his parents intend to have him follow in his forefathers footsteps and join the military.  Growing up in palaces with fancy parties, political events with important people and parents, he has everything or so it seems.
A king and queen who expect him to be dignified and every bit the handsome prince that the public Adore's him for.  Nikolai has had enough, on a whim he packs a bag and escapes for a little freedom to figure out what he wants and how to convince his parents that what he wants is in their and the country's best interest.

Nikolai and Becca meet in a brief chance encounter in a European tourist town.  Then as if fate has something to do with it, they meet again in another town.  Not interested in letting each other slip away again Nikolai and Becca begin a friendship and a possible summer romance.
At first Nikolai tries to keep his identity a secret, but with the royal guard and paparazzi quickly on his tail, his secret eventually comes out.
Then things become a bit of an adventure as the two escape their own realities and take their own European vacation.

Just as powerful as the forces that brought them together, the powers that mean to tear them apart are just as strong, if not stronger.
Royally Lost is a fun summer romance, that has you smiling and keeping your fingers crossed that they will be able to find a way to make things work, before their own families try to tear them apart.

If your interested in a fun light romance read, with a little adventure and European history.  A handsome prince who has everything, and an American girl who seems to keep losing everything. Then I suggest adding Royally Lost to your reading list!

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  1. I love this summet light readings...even more if it's involved an European royal! =)


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