Another Random Monday

Decided that I was going to go with another totally random post about my life this week.

I am not going to blog much this week, in fact this might be the only post I do!  With Thanksgiving I figure I will spend my time reading other blogs, or spending time with my family!

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I got out and went running most days this past week.  It was harder getting myself out of bed when the temp outside read 18 degrees, than it was to actually go out and run.
But truthfully, it had warmed up to 20-29 degree's for morning run temps by mid week so I really didn't have much to complain about by then:)

Last week I said I thought that being off running for the better part of 2 years made me weak, and that was answered this last week.  It did!
Truth is, I still like running in the winter, dressed correctly I hardly notice the cold... much....
It really is refreshing to get out there in it... well except ask me if my answer is the same next time I say I had to fight icy winds and storms:)

I still haven't gotten my treadmill fixed up for the occasional winter use.  I really need to get on that!  The good news is, I cleared it off.  Because, I may or may not have been using it as an extra jacket rack:)

I've still been seriously tired, I am back to taking supplements and iron pills so it's going to take some time, but at least not I am back on track to get my energy levels back up.  Of course that doesn't mean I didn't sleep in until 9am or later almost each day this past week and their may have been a few naps thrown into the days too:)  I have no shame in admitting that, apparently:)

This week I re-discovered it is so much easier to compliment and help out strangers and people you like, vs. people that get on your nerves!  However, helping someone who gets on your nerves... getting through it is almost more rewarding in some ways.  After all, they can't help being annoying, well in theory:)
Although I will say, it takes on a whole new lesson in patience, which is also always a good thing to get a lesson in!

Finally found a few good books to read this week.  Went ahead and put another series on hold at the library earlier last week and it came in.  Although I am sure because of Murphy's Law, as soon as I pick it up and get into it.  The sequels I have been waiting on, will arrive at the library for pick up:)

I usually only try to read one book a week, I reserve Sunday afternoons specifically for this:)  But Saturday was such a stormy day and since I didn't have a whole lot else going on I got through a book that day as well.

My sister got me to download a game app, and it's horrible.  But I am totally and completely addicted to it.  (This is why I don't play video games!)
I tried to stop playing it, but I can't because the stupid game doesn't have a pause button it just goes on and on and I can't help but keep playing.  I roll my eyes that I am playing it, I not only will not tell anyone which game it is, but its so embarrassing I think this is one of those things that I would actually lie to the diary about, LOL
I think this one may have brought my "dork" to a whole new level, and I curse her for it, haha!

Well I will stop there!  I hope everyone has a great week, enjoys some great times with family or good friends.  Hope you are all blessed with a week that you can sit back and remember all you are thankful for!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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