Books, Zombies and a Great Week

Hope you all had a wonderful past week!
While I still ended up taking it pretty easy, I did get up and around much more than last week.

I finished the drug treatment, and the good news is, it has lessened the pain in my lower back considerably and almost all the swelling has gone down. I think I even lost an inch off my waist just from the reduced swelling, LOL I'll take it!

I am starting to get used to what "manageable" levels of pain are. I'm to young to be on drugs and pain killers daily, so going forward I will only be taking them as needed during really bad times.

I'm also adjusting my mental game.
If I believe I will be in pain, I likely will. But if I believe the pain is leaving, or not that bad, then it won't be. I know not every day will play that way, but I really am trying to adjust my thoughts to the positive, because I think that will help the most!

I taught the community beginning blogging class on Wednesday, and I have to say I think it went pretty good. There was double the turnout that I thought there would be. Those who attended seemed to enjoy it, they asked a lot of questions and a few told me it was very beneficial for them.
Several asked if I would be doing another, and a few more contacted the library when they couldn't attend to see if I would come back to do more. Not sure if more will happen yet, but I am glad it was enjoyed!

I didn't get quite as much reading in this week as I did the previous week.  But enjoyed tackling 3 books that have been on my "to read" list for quite a while.

Defy by Sara B Larson -This is one of those girl power type fantasy's where the heroine has to hide her true identity, so she can save the Hero. I really liked it!

Perfected by Kate Jarvik Birch - This one really surprised me, definitely not what I was expecting. It's future world in America where rich politicians pass laws where it is okay to breed the perfect human clones. Young girls, with talents who are then sold as pets to entertain the rich. I wanted to re-write a few parts of it, but over all I enjoyed it!

Sweet Evil by Wendy Higgins - I think Kaiden, the male character in the book might have just nailed my 4th place spot for best book boyfriend. Yup, pretty sure he did! But I am a sucker for the perfect bad boy. If you like a little Heaven and Hell mixed together with a little romance that keeps you guessing the entire way through, ya this is it. I could hardly put it down. I can't wait to get my hands on book 2.

FYI, if you're wonder who make my top 3 lists of best book boyfriends. Prince Maxon from The Selection Series - Noah Shaw from The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer -  Bishop Lattimer from The Book of Ivy

It's actually been a beautiful week, we got a bit more snow several days this past week. I know this isn't the best shot, because I took it as I was leaving my neighborhood from inside the car and the football stadium lights are in the way. But I really am lucky to be surrounded by so many beautiful mountain peaks! When I do go out for a run, this is my 5 mile loop, when I run up to the base of these mountains and back.
I'll have to remember to take a picture on the next clear sunset day we have.  The mountains around me turn a beautiful pink in the evenings, it's quite stunning actually!

I took one of my nieces and two of my nephews out for a date night, and we went and saw the Peanuts movie. I bought a large popcorn and my 3 year old nephew pounded that down like no other, I kept looking at him wondering where he was putting it all. I think he ate over half of it on his own, LOL But ya know, you go to the movies you gotta have popcorn right!

I took myself to the new Pride and Prejudice and Zombies movie.
Don't laugh, well okay you can laugh. I actually really enjoyed the movie. Ya, it was Elizabeth and her sisters kicking some serious zombie butt, they definitely aren't the weak girls that need saving. But then you've got Mr. Darcy who of course dismisses her until he witness her impressive fighting skills. The zombies are a different than most zombies, they are actually sophisticated and intelligent enough to know what is going on. But ya, they are pretty gross. So ya, you've got those two worlds mixed, and it's lovely, gross and funny at the same time. So yup, I enjoyed a little movie morning out by myself on Friday!

That was my week. I am still itching to get out and be more active. This week, if the snow holds back, I plan on a little running daily outdoors.
I have an opportunity to go snowboarding in a few weeks, I haven't been in so many years. I am not sure if it is the wisest thing to do with my back right now, but then again if I don't fall, I would probably be fine. Of course, I've put on a little weight, so I am not even sure if my boarding snow pants will even still fit, if they don't that may be the deciding factor, LOL But ya, I am just itching to get out for a little snow adventure, if you can't tell!

I want to welcome any of the Grow Your Blog Participants, who are visiting my blog and reading a post for their first time. Looking forward to getting to know many of you better!

I am linking up with HoHo Runs and MissSippiPiddlin today for their Weekly Wrap!

Did you see the Pride and Prejudice and Zombies movie? Or is it something you could careless to see?
Have you read any good books lately?


  1. I'm glad to hear your pain is improving! I hope you continue to feel better.

  2. I'm glad the treatment seems to be working and the pain is going down! Sounds like you had a great week. I really want to see the Pride and Prejudice and Zombies movie :)

  3. I wrapped up the mystery I was reading, and none of the mysteries I've read have really impressed me. Maybe I need to take a break and read some novels. I've got a couple pegged, with one taking place in New York during the Revolution. That could be interesting.

  4. Didn't even know there was such a movie, so I would say my care level is pretty low.

    I'm reading a running book right now called Racing Weight. It's enjoyable but fairly science-y so not exactly a light read. I have a few "light" reads I'm hoping will get to the library soon! And I have a few I bought second-hand that I am saving for vacation soon!

  5. I have to mix it up with books all the time, or I get terribly bored.
    New York during the Revolution, yes that could be a good one!!!

  6. I didn't read the book can you believe it. Two weeks ago I had it in my hand at the library and put it back. I actually told myself, I would just wait for the movie, LOL So not like me, but kinda glad I did.
    Your right though, people like it and just don't admit it, LOL Except us, right!

  7. LOL, that movie may not be for everyone:)
    Nice, a great vacation read is always a fabulous thing! I've been into lighter reads a lot lately just enjoy the escape! Have fun on your trip!!

  8. Oh man, snowboarding! I only tried it once and I ended up sitting on it and riding it like a sled. It was snowing and raining and I was miserable. I am such a wimp. But HEY, have a blast if you go and be careful :)
    Thanks for the book selections. That's great that you make time for reading. I am not so great at that. I start books then just start a new one before finishing the other. Such a short attention span I have. Defy sounds like a good one though from your comments.
    Today is my first day of the blog hop and I am excited to be participating!
    Have an excellent week. OH and good job on the positive thinking as far as the drugs and pain go. I obviously have no idea what you're going through but I do know that our minds are powerful tools that can really help us cope in a more positive way. Glad you're making progress!

  9. Wow, those mountains are a great back drop for running. Hope it has been warm enough to get out and get moving. I so prefer running outside now. It is supposed to rain all week, and I am so dreading the treadmill.

    I am not familiar with the books and the movies have not made their way to France yet. But zombies ? Yeah, I love them. Can't wait for the rest of seasons 6 of the Walking Dead to start here. Have a great week.

  10. I am so happy you made so progress this week! I hope it continues, yes you are to young to take many pills, your attitude I am sure is a big help in your improvement :)

  11. Yay for progress--fingers crossed for continued improvement!! I haven't even heard of the Pride and Prejudice and Zombies movie, so clearly I haven't seen it but I did laugh, its not something I would be interested in seeing, but I am glad you liked it! As far as books, I just finished Cress and started Winter and read a few YA books this weekend as my "light reading." I always get sucked into the YA books and can't put them down! HA!

  12. I am glad to hear about your progress, its not easy living with pain. Yes you are to young to have to be on pain killers all the time, so I think you are doing the right thing. Wow very interesting title for the movie you went to see.

  13. So glad to hear that your back is feeling better. Small changes are good! I knew your class would go well that's exciting!

  14. I would recommend Marathon Woman by Katherine Switzer if you have not read that. I do love running books and her story is just so remarkable. Glad you are managing the pain and hopefully you can figure out how to include activities such as running and snowboarding. As usual, I love the photos you share with those beautiful snow covered mountains.

  15. Glad you are finally figuring some stuff out with your back pain. Sorry it means there is not a clear answer though. And glad your class went well. So exciting!

  16. Michelle@Running with AttitudeMarch 8, 2017 at 6:15 PM

    I'm so glad you're dealing with less pain. All progress is good progress! Great to hear your class went so well!!

  17. I don't like snow at all but that's a pretty picture of the mountains. 'Perfected' sounds like an interesting book. I wish you all the best with your pain management.

  18. lessened the pain in my lower back considerably and almost all the swelling has gone down.....YES!!! So glad to hear that!!!

    1 in....yes!!

    My daughter can eat a large popcorn by herself. ...and looks at you like 'what!'...she is 5!!

    Glad you had a great class. I can only imagine how beneficial it was....reading your words are benificial so hearing you in real life would be awesome!!

    Yeah blog hop !! Life got a bit crazy yesterday but I will catch up today.

  19. I'm glad the treatment helped your back feel a bit better - and losing an inch with less swelling is a win! :)

    I just ordered Before I Fall and am excited for it to arrive so I can start reading. Have you read it? The description sounded great!

  20. Hope you see continued improvement!!!! I just cant bring myself to see the Pride and Prejudice movie, LOL!!!

  21. Tricia MissSippiPiddlinMarch 8, 2017 at 6:16 PM

    Ha I don't have to tell you I would so love to see that movie! You had me at Zombies! Yup unashamed too! I love horror, blood and guts, yea said that too! :)
    What a beautiful view you have right out of your neighborhood too, so very jealous!!! Oh and I can't wait til it warms up for you so you too can go camping! Speaking of that I think its about time for us to plan another trip in ours!
    I guess I didn't realize you only taught the one class, dang I bet you just scratched the surface huh? Thanks Kristy for you continued support, across all the social media outlets too! Look forward to the Hop coming up as well!

  22. Pride and Prejudice is one of my favorite movies (the one with Keira Knightley). I'm not sure I want to see the zombie version. I don't want anything to taint the way I feel about it. LOL! Those are beautiful mountain views you have. It's wonderful you had a great turnout for your class. I'm sure the participants learned a lot as you always have great tips and info for us bloggers. I think the library should do a series of classes. I'm glad you are feeling better. Snow boarding will be fun but don't you go an over do it! Thanks for linking with us Kristy!

  23. Glad you are feeling better! I really want to see The Peanuts Movie but can't say I am interested much in Pride and Prejudice. :) but happy you liked it! We don't get to the movies much with two little ones.

  24. LOL ya if it was raining it would be miserable! I have been snowboarding at night when it's snowing, it was kinda peaceful, but it wasn't a heavy wet snow:)
    I've got some back trouble I am dealing with and because of the downtime, that is the only reason I have been able to get in this much reading. Seriously, this is not a normal thing for me. I wish I had this much time to always read, but.. darn work gets in the way with ith, LOL
    Hope you have fun in the hop!!!

  25. They are pretty, I am lucky to be surrounded with peaks like that nearly in every direction I look. Yes, its been 20-30's so perfect for getting outside!
    Sorry about the rain, hopefully it will let up this week at times so you can get outside inbetween storms!
    Oh ya, I am a huge Walking Dead fan, I am so looking forward to Sunday's for the rest of the season to start!

  26. Hmm.. Honestly I'm not a huge zombie movie fan... I did love the Peanuts movie though. Charlie Brown will always have a special place in my heart.

  27. Thanks Sara!
    Hey zombies and Jane Austin flick mixes aren't for everyone, LOL
    Oh I loved the Cinder series. I read Winter last month. Did you know she's got another book coming out Stars Above, it's going to have an additional ending to Winter, as well as 5 or 7 other stories in it of characters we didn't get to read about. I am so excited for it, I keep getting mad at my library for not having it on order yet, it comes out I think next week:) But yes I am the same way YA books suck me in, it's almost all I read anymore and I can't help it they are just so much better than other stuff right now!

  28. Thanks Nicole!
    Yes, its a funny title. I actually didn't read the book, but I was pleasantly surprised having the zombies mixed into a classic Jane Austin was a lot of fun, maybe not for everyone though:)

  29. Thanks! I had a good time teaching it, it was fun to step out of my comfort zone and do it!

  30. I have not read that one, I'll add it to my Goodreads list right now, thanks for the suggestion!!!
    I am getting out to running. Not sure yet if I dare risk the snowboarding but I am seriously tempted!
    Thanks, yes I love my mountains. I am lucky to live in an area that I am surrounded by snow covered peaks like that almost any direction I turn.

  31. Thanks Julie! Yeah, sometimes not everything can be fixed, but I am dealing with it.

  32. Thanks Michelle! The class was fun to teach!

  33. Perfected was an interesting book, not like anything I have read before and I think that is why I loved it so much. If you're ever looking for a quick read, give it a try!

  34. Thanks!
    That is funny! I know, I loved that he could pound the popcorn, that is awesome your daughter could do the same.
    I didn't admit this above, but sometimes I can do it too, LOL
    Life during the blog hop gets very crazy! Last night I cancelled my Tuesday post, and rescheduled it for a later date because I knew I was already behind on replying to comments and visits back and I knew it was going to take me a little extra time to catch up. Work, but fun work!

  35. Yes, I have read Before I Fall. I actually love Lauren Oliver, I have read all of her books so far. You'll like it, it's different but really good. I read it a few years ago, but I remember it being a pretty fast read! I think you'll like it, you'll have to let me know what you think when your done. Happy reading!!!

  36. Thanks!
    Oh my sister is the same way, she was sure zombies would ruin Pride and Prejudice. It's not for everyone, but I liked it it was fun!

  37. It's good. I mean its not all serious fun, but if you just want zombies and a fun little Jane Austin mixed into it, ya you'll love it!
    Ya, everyday when I look out the window I realize how lucky I am to be surrounded by mountains like that. No wonder I am an outdoors girl, LOL
    Ya, pretty jealous your planning another camping trip!
    Ya, it was just a beginners blogging class, barely went into the basics and tried to keep it super simple so people would leave wanting to create a blog, not scratching their head thinking it sounded too hard, LOL

  38. Oh yes, that is a fabulous Pride and Prejudice move, I loved Kiera Knightley she was perfect for it, its actually my favorite version!
    LOL, the zombie version is all fun, but didn't ruin the classic for me, but although I enjoyed the movie, I dont' really have a desire to read the book now.
    Thanks! I am not sure if I will do the snowboarding, but its highly tempting!

  39. LOL, zombie movies are not for everyone!
    Yeah, Peanuts movies / shows are always fun!

  40. The previews for the movie just make me crack up lol
    You do have some beautiful mountains to view :) I am glad you are feeling better. It s hard to stay in a good mood when you hurt, I am having a hard this month, and you have been dealing with pain for a long time. You deserve some relief.

  41. Yay for lesser pain and swelling down!! I'm glad the treatment has helped! Glad to hear the blogging class went well! The picture of the mountains you took looks awesome! Must be nice to run your 5 mile loop around there. Haha, sometimes I don't know how kids can eat so much either especially when it comes to popcorn! ;)

  42. I'm glad the drug treatment helped at least a little, and I hope the pain continues to lessen!

    I am rather intrigued by the books you mentioned! :] Defy kinda reminds me of Graceling (in terms of the cover)--looking forward to checking them out!


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