Pillowcases and Goals

How's getting back into shape and the running coming for me? 

Well I'll talk more about this below, but in short I am slowly getting back into it.
It's a tad more difficult right now since it's been so long since I have been able to do it. But mostly I am enjoying it.  I know it will get easier in the coming weeks. It will also get easier to wake up earlier, I won't lie right now it's not easy!

But I think we are starting to get into the spring type temps, 20's in the mornings and 50's in the afternoons. Meaning less chances of freezing temps and right now that may make it a tad easier for me!

How's work going?
Well I had an epic fail as a business owner. I hadn't had a voicemail message left in over a month, I am an idiot and didn't think much of it.
Then after 2 people told me they left a message and I saw no notification from it, I called my own number.
Ya, apparently 23 messages I never got. Why? Well I am the idiot who just assumed all old voicemails just auto deleted (They did with my old Blackberry) apparently not with my Galaxy. It only notifies you the first 150. I was over my limit.
I have missed out on so many wedding/event calls. I am kinda embarrassed by it.  Yup, like I said, EPIC fail as a small business owner!

Funny story this week about this guy who came up to me one day at work. (I am still occasionally working at now 1 library.)

HIM: "So someone puked all over the bathroom, it's everywhere and smells terrible.  Do you want to go clean it up?"
ME: "Gross, nope cleaning up vomit is far above my pay grade."
HIM: "Um, okay. Well then how much would you have to make to clean it up?"
ME: "To clean up someone else's vomit? Not enough money in the world, I don't do vomit!"
HIM: *Just stares at me.*
ME: "I'll go find someone who will do vomit though, meanwhile I'd just suggest not going in there."
HIM: "What if I need to use the bathroom?"
ME: "Well unless you can be quick and hold your breath, I'd suggest going somewhere else."

I mean I know he wasn't thrilled with me. But seriously, vomit and not my own, some strangers who decided to make a mess and not clean it up? Yuck, not gonna happen. I don't do vomit!

But on that note, allow me to just say, I give complete credit to janitors, as they do a job I could never do and they don't get far enough recognition for it!  As for the public who do things in bathrooms and leave messes and just leave before anyone notices it was them. Seriously people??? Ewe!!

My niece wants to be a fashion designer when she grows up. She's always creating designs. I've been promising for a few months to come teach her how to sew.
When she got home from school I picked her up. Took her to the fabric store, let her pick out the material she liked the best.
Then we went back and we started with making one of the first things I ever made. Which was a pillow case.
She likes to add flare, so I suggested we add a ruffle to the ends, so it wasn't just a normal pillowcase.
I let her do all the sewing herself, I just pushed the pedal on the machine for her, and occasionally stopped or re-guided the fabric to get her back on track.
She did pretty good!  I told her next time we could try a nightgown or an apron, as those are both easy new to sewing projects. I had a fun time teaching her too!

This week's reads. Well to be honest, I didn't get much reading time in, in fact I didn't have a chance to pick up a book until Thursday night. But The Golden Lily was so good I seriously couldn't put it down.  Dang that made for one late night, I finished it around 2AM.  We won't even talk about how fun it was to wake up the next morning, LOL
Then the weather was so beautiful Saturday it just felt like a great day to read another book in the sun, so I grabbed the next book in Richelle Mead's Series The Indigo Spell and read it.  I am seriously loving this series much more than I ever thought I would!

Okay, so this is something I've been struggling with for a while, but I need to work much harder at it. Last fall when I had to quit working out to deal with a worse than normal flare up on my foot injury. Then this winter dealing with my back pain and having to take it easy. Let's just say, I had some pounds to loose before all of that, and then well I am not proud because I gained quite a bit more during those lazy months.

So, I bought a selfie stick. Why? Well, you may or may not have noticed I don't post a lot of pictures of myself on my blog.

Truthfully, I hate to admit this, but it's because I've put on some weight and I just don't like pictures taken of myself right now.  Yes, yes I know I should be more confident. blah blah blah..
Well I should, but I'm not and the good thing about it all, is it's something I can do something about.

So that is where the selfie stick comes in. I am going to share my weight loss journey on my blog. I took a picture (you can see it above) with it just a few days ago. I'd like to share one with each 10 pounds that I loose to show off the progress.

No, you're not getting a fully body picture, but I did take one. Maybe I will share it later after I have dropped some weight, but for now it's just for myself. So I can see where I am, where I want to go, and use it to motivate me to work on improving with eating healthier and exercising more.

The great news is, right now I can get back into exercise, it's just something that will hurt a bit more because of my back issues. But I am choosing to tell myself even that may all be in my head. (Hey, it's worth a shot, mind control ha ha..)

It's going to take a few weeks before I can do a full great 60 minute workout and keep my heart rate up the entire time. But it will eventually come. I'm not going to push anything right now too much, I've dealt with way too many injury blows and I'm skirting the lines already with a couple that may never heal and I want to see how I can work around them for now, especially with my foot work injury. That one's just gone on way too long.

So my first goal, is drop 10 pounds.  But I have a few other goals, my other is to drop 40 pounds by June 1st. That may or may not be realistic, but I like to have goals like that, that skirt the lines of possible and impossible. But I definitely thing I can.

I am going to go at this a bit more drastic to start with. Since I can't burn as many workout calories just yet each day as I ease back into it. I need to compensate for the calories in other ways. So I am going to drop down to my intake of only  1,000 calories a day. Once the workouts can increase I'll bump up the calories a few hundred daily as needed until I am back where I'd like to be on a calorie/workout plan that I can actually do as a lifestyle change.

I'm hoping the significant calorie drop will help me drop the first 10 a little faster, and build up my motivation for it so I can get excited about less weight and improvements in the way I look and feel.

My reward, well besides better health. If I can drop 40 pounds by June 1st, I am going to reward myself with a brand new Stand Up Paddle Board. They are not cheap and the one I want costs around $1,200 on sale, so the money I save from not going out to lunch or dinner and stuff, well that is going to go into the paddle board fund.

Last, I am hosting a Spring into March Giveaway Hop, you have about 1 week to decide if you want to join up with us on it. I am leaving the sign up open through March 9th.
But the hop itself runs March 14th - 25th.  I decide to not go with a theme this time around, so bloggers can choose any giveaway item they would like.
You can find all the details and the sign up HERE.

That's a few little bits of my week and what I have going on right now.  With the Grow Your Blog hop, I have been a little off my normal blogging routine, and I am looking forward to getting back on track. We had 3 great hops, a few worked better than others.  I'll have to share a little more on those after I have all the analytics pulled together on them.

So tell me, what is a goal your working on right now?

I am linking up with HoHo Runs and MissSippiPiddlin today for their Weekly Wrap!


  1. I like that you've set up a reward system for yourself if you can reach your weight loss goal by June 1st. It always helps to not only have the goal itself to focus on, but also knowing the treat that you'll give yourself for reaching your goal. I'm sure that you can do it, Kristy.

  2. Love that your niece wanted to learn how to sew. When I taught 7th grade the first project I did with them was making pillow cases too!

  3. That's great that you've been enjoying getting back to running for the most part :) And so nice that you had your niece over to work on sewing with her :) Once I'm done with my Spring half I want to concentrate a bit more on shorter distances better diet, and getting my weight down as well.

  4. Good luck with your weight loss journey. I hope your back continue to heal and you can increase your workouts. It's not easy being on the sidelines.

  5. So sorry to hear that about your voicemail! :[ That really sucks, but at least you found out about it!

    Those pillow cases are super cute! :D

    Best of luck to you on your weight loss journey! I think with the lack of regular exercise and definitely-not-as-healthy dietary choices I've been making, I'm definitely wayy less out of shape than I'd like, so I'm trying to stuff together a routine again too.

    I reallyyyyy want to try paddleboarding! One of the programs I ranked for residency is near a place that's perfect for that, so if I end up there, I will likely be getting one for myself then. *-*

  6. Look at you in your pink hat. You look so pretty. It is motivating to see pounds coming off, cutting that low should give you a jumpstart. Sometimes it isn't recommended depending how tall you are, etc... but my endinchronologist (?) cut me to 1100 to lose because I am short. It isn't fun but once you get a rhythm going it'll feel easier hopefully!
    I told you I am huge Sidney Sage fan :) I kind of binge read the books as they were released lol
    I am checking my voice mail now..,

  7. Good luck on the weight loss. you can rock it lady! I love you're going to treat yourself when you hit that goal! As you should!!!
    Nope - I dont do vomit either. I dont people that just leave places with their own GROSSNESS left behind. So disgusting!!!
    Thumbs up for a selfie stick! I just got my own - loved it so much, I went back & got another so I could keep one in my car :) haha

  8. Your niece is adorable and her pillowcase came out really nice. I love sewing and when I learned in junior high school, our first project was an a-line skirt. Christine made a wrap around skirt for her first project and then a pair of boxer shorts. . Those are pretty easy to make and fun for kids. I hope your weight loss goes well and you earn that stand up paddleboard. That is such a fun activity, not to mention great core work. It must feel so good to be able to work out after such a long time.

  9. Your niece is super cute! I am so glad to hear that you are able to start exercising again. Starting over is never fun but think about how great it will feel as you see progress. Journaling your weight loss journey is a great idea and it will help you to have support from all of us!

  10. Kudos to the budding designer! So fun! I am right there with you on the drop 10 thing. I was doing so well but it's slow going and hard to stick with sometimes. It'll be worth it though. The puke thing is just gross. No way should you have to clean that.

  11. Wow, lots going on ! The conversation about the vomit was so.funny. I don't think janitors get paid enough either..... So sorry about missing all those calls. At least now you know.

    I hope your back & foot will be feeling better.

    I would love to do another hop at some point in time, but March is too soon, plus I am traveling ! Fully enjoyed the last 3 week hop. Have a great week.

  12. Your niece is cute! And what a cool pillow case! It is great to see a pic of you! Good luck on your weight loss journey! Such a great goal too, to look forward to. A SUP board would be awesome!

  13. Best of luck with the weight loss - I think it's great to set some solid goals and establish a plan to get there. I think your approach of slowly easing back into fitness is smart, too!

    It's so wonderful you were able to spend time with your niece and help her learn to sew - those are the types of memories that last a lifetime :)

  14. Thanks Kathryn! Yup I am all about rewards, that and I really want a SUP :)

  15. That's awesome! I love sewing, but apparently I was the only one of my sisters who got into it, the rest can't sew for anything, LOL

  16. Thanks Chaitali! I love my nieces and nephews, if they are in the mood to learn something I can teach them, I am all for it, LOL
    Better diet is the key for me too!

  17. Thanks! Yeah, I don't think it's going to heal any more than it is. But I am working with PT on it so I am hoping eventually not everything will hurt to do and I can enjoy running/walking again!

  18. Oh thanks! I am a hat girl, I can almost always be found wearing a hat unless I am in one of those rare moods to dress up, LOL I have a huge hat collection:)
    Yeah, I am thinking the drop in calories will give me a jumpstart so I can start seeing the loss sooner. Plus right now, it's techincally pretty healthy since I am not running 6-8 miles a day. When I get back to that, defininitely will add more calories to the plan:)
    Oh I am so loving Sidney Sage, and I love Adrian so fun! I literally can't put these books down when I pick up a new one to read LOL LOL

  19. Thanks Rebecca!
    Yeah, I didn't do quite as well as you last year. You killed it in the weightloss and goal area! I did okay for a while but for some reason I am terrible at allowing life to get in the way. This time I'm going with a new plan of attack, so fingers crossed.
    Yay for selfie sticks! I only own one, but I got this one that folds down so small it fits right in the pocket, it's so perfect I love it. Now to just use it, LOL

  20. Yeah, the phone thing was just me being stupid, I mean that was dumb of me just to assume the messages auto delete:) But oh, well nothing I can do now about the past, LOL
    Oh I do hope you get your residency near a paddleboarding place! I enjoy it too, there are lots of places around here to do it, I just need one:)

  21. Oh fun, I bet they would be great projects, and she is such a girly girl maybe we will try a skirt next time!

  22. Thanks! She is a cutie, I have a lot of fun with those nieces and nephews of mine.
    That's what I keep reminding myself, in a month it will be an entirely different story on the running progress and it's gonna get easier.

  23. I'm glad she eager to learn to sew:)
    Yeah, I am hoping the reward system will help me keep on track!

  24. You have a lot going on girlie! The sewing lesson looked like super fun and I agree with you, no, to the vomit! Good luck with the weight loss journey- you got this, slow and easy! The pic of you is a cute one- you should post them more often!

  25. Thanks!
    Oh I totally understand. The great thing about giveaway hops are there is not any time commitment, it's just one post you create and link up. They aren't like my other hops. But if they ever interest ya, you can always join one in the future, I usually do 4 of those a year.
    Have some safe travels in March!!!

  26. Thanks! Yeah, I thing a SUP is an awesome goal prize, LOL

  27. That is LOW calorie ... I'm embarrassed to admit how many I eat, although I am pretty active. I need to get the eating in better control. I'm really enjoying the Bloodlines series right now too. I just finished #5, and would move on to #6 but I've had another book I've had on hold come in, so I am reading it while I can.

    Selfie sticks are good at attempting to get a better picture of yourself ... you can see and adjust. I struggle with pictures SO much, I almost always feel I look awful.

  28. You're not alone! I thought mine auto-deleted too--I'm gonna go need to check mine too. ._.

  29. Wow. 1,000 calories a day sounds really low. I think I eat more even when I'm fasting and eating a single meal. Just be careful.
    I'd be interested in the giveaway - I haven't done one of those in a long time. I'll check it out

  30. Ps. My voicemail box is always full too. I often neglect to check it mainly because I think nobody leaves voice mails anymore. And then I empty it and it gets full again so I guess my theory is wrong 😀

  31. Good luck with your weight loss journey! It's great you have specific goals. 1000 calories sounds really low though. I like the sewing project! I'm not a sewer but looks like a great one for kids.

  32. The Hesitant RunnerMarch 8, 2017 at 6:23 PM

    Baby steps! You will get there. It's so hard coming back from injury. I'm with you on the weight loss journey and look forward to following along for some inspiration! I hate taking photos of myself too -- oddly I don't mind so much when there are others in the photo.

  33. Tricia MissSippiPiddlinMarch 8, 2017 at 6:23 PM

    I just love this post! So positive and yes, I love seeing picture of you! If I ran into you I honestly may not even recognize you with so few pictures! I'm so happy to hear you are able to start back with some easy runs! As far as the missed voicemails, maybe it just wasn't in the cards for those anyway. Can't wait to see your progress goes, I too have gained and I was dang marathon training. Oh well I did enjoy some great food along the way. I've done really well this week, it is a step at a time, or I should say a meal at a time for me. Oh I have been thinking about getting a paddle board too! Not an expensive one. I think I can get one around here for about $400. I think it would be great fun!!! Thanks Kristy for linking up with us!

  34. It sounds like you've turned a corner with your old and new injuries. I'm so happy to hear you are able to run some. It's all one step at a time - you know that. Those smaller goal chunks will help. It's hard to bite off the whole thing and get it swallowed at once. I can't wait to follow your journey. I know you will accomplish whatever you want. I wish a cool aunt could have taught me how to design and sew when I was young. She'll remember this forever. Thanks for linking with us Kristy.

  35. Thanks!
    Oh your so right, some memories will last a lifetime!

  36. Thanks! I'm just not much of a selfie taker, but I am going to try:)
    The sewing lesson was fun, I adore those cute nieces and nephews of mine!

  37. It is lower calorie, but since more diets start around 1,200, I figure it's not so low that it's unhealthy. It will just be until I can get back to being a pretty active again and then things will increase.
    The Boodlines series is fabulous, I put #4 aside to read a different book earlier this week, but I am really looking forward to #4 this weekend. Enjoy your books, you may finish this series before me:) But I've actually got #5 & #6 at the library waiting for me, now all I need is to find more time to read, LOL

  38. It sounds low, but I figure since most recommended weight loss diets start around 1,200 calories then my 1,000 is not really that much lower so I think it's still well within the safe zone. It's only until I can get my activity increased and in hopes to jumpstart the system and get the motivation going.

    Oh ya, if you have a giveaway to run in March you should totally join us, it's very low time commitment and it increases your entries significantly.

  39. Thanks! When I look at weight loss plans most start at around 1,200 for those who have 60 min. exercise in their lives so I figured 1,000 isn't really that much lower and its just until I can get back to working out regularly like I like again, and then I'll bump it up for sure.

  40. Thanks!
    You know I sometimes don't mind either if they are group pictures or others are in it too.

  41. Thanks! I'll try to work on the picture part:)
    My sister found paddleboards at Costco the other day for around $400 and she said they looked pretty good too. Truthfully if I can find one cheaper I will. Since I sold my truck and I just have my car I need one of the blow up ones. That or I need to go buy a new truck, hmmmm LOL

  42. I'm trying, and the fact that I can is much better news than the past few years so I will take it!
    I literally have no set goals on it right now, it's going to take a good month before I am back in shape to where I can start building working on building any mileage so until that it's just going to be easy going.
    Oh thanks, I hope she'll enjoy the time we spent as she gets older and hope they will all want to keep hanging out with me even when they do get older,


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