Adventure, Crazy Weather and Cops

Life got super busy for me last week, but on the plus side busy is good because it means less time to be bored or wish I was back home around my family and good friends.

I did try going to the singles church again, I didn't see the girl who gave me something to roll my eyes about. LOL

I sat alone this week, and a kind of cute guy came and sat next to me. Which means, I think I'm going to go with the sit alone thing more often and just see what or who happens!

Of course and I'm just saying, I'm not here to meet anyone or get into any serious relationships. I have every intention of moving back up north in a couple of years.

However, I am totally open to meeting cute guys who enjoy the outdoors! Because frankly hiking partners are always welcome!


Seriously, I had one of those I couldn't be more annoyed moments in one of the groups I am in a class project with.
I really dislike people who think they can just piggy back off everyone else's hard work.

On the plus side, after walking across campus and back from a meeting with one of the guys in my group my thoughts are not alone. We both think it's high time the others start pulling their weight in this, that or just drop out.

Which is why later this week in class I have every intention of suggesting the get your act together or just drop out of the class to one of our group members. I'm a nice person, but sometimes some people just need the hard truth!


We had some crazy weather here in Utah. Most of it was up north, my sisters had tornado's go through their cities. Which is odd because we don't usually get weather like that here in Utah.

We had some flooding down south here, in fact the road I live on was washed out by mud and rocks coming off of the mountain. I sat in my apartment and watched the awesome storm out the windows. But I thought it was funny when my neighbors truck bed filled up with water in a matter of seconds, LOL

My only regret is not getting out and taking a drive right after the storm to see what awesome waterfalls appeared up on the red cliffs... next time!


Okay, so I am on Snapchat. But unlike all of my other social media things which I have synced with my blog. I have kept Snapchat a strict family only thing and put in the higher private settings.

My sisters and my nieces and nephews have so much fun sending pic snaps all day long. If my niece or nephew send me one, I'll even send one back (semi) unnoticeable in my classes LOL

That and Facetime have become my favorite ways to keep in touch and try to keep my fun aunt stuff going:)


I live in a small town and am surrounded by nearly a dozen other small towns. If you've never been to a small town let me tell ya, the cops just love to give tickets.
I wasn't paying attention coming out of this little mountainside town I drove up to over the weekend and when I saw the cop pull behind me I was just like NOOOOOO...

Normally in the past, I try to do everything I can to plea, beg or fake cry and get out of the ticket LOL. I have a very good track record of talking my way out of them. I also have no shame, LOL

However, this time I had a headache and didn't have the energy. So I just went with the truth. An odd concept I know, LOL.

Me: I put both hands on the wheel because with a concealed weapons permit I didn't want him to get any wrong ideas.
Officer: Did you know you were going 25 over the speed limit?
Me: Yes, and I'm sorry. I wasn't paying attention until you pulled behind me and I noticed the speed.
Officer: Can I get your license, insurance and registration?
Me: Yes, but apparently I don't have my current registration.
Officer: That's okay, I'll take what you have.

The wait.....A little prayer asking for only a warning...

Me: Watching him get out of the car looking for the pink slip and not seeing it as he walks up I get very hopeful and happy.
Officer: I decided to give you a warning for 5 over the speed limit, just watch it going forward okay.
Me: Thank you so much, you are awesome! Hope you have a great rest of your weekend!
Officer: Thanks, you too!

I couldn't of afforded a $300+ ticket which is what it would have cost me, so yes I consider myself very blessed and prayer answered!!!


Did a little hiking, got up out of the heat and into the pine forests for a day. I wanted to see some of the fall leaves I figured down south here maybe they might be starting to change.

That's the part I miss about not being up around Salt Lake. Fall leaves have been changed for a while and the snow storm they got over the weekend likely took most the leaves.
I'll be visit there in a few weeks, but all the colorful leaves in the mountains will be on the ground by the time I get there, bummer....

The leaves were just starting to change in the mountain range I visited over the weekend. I think this weekend I should take a trip back and see them, they'll likely be gorgeous!

That was a few bits of my weekend.
On a side note, my knee is healing nicely. I almost think it's healed completely, I am just easing back into it all just in case.


On a completely different side note, I may be participating in the St. George Marathon this weekend, not how I paid to do it. But one of my classes they want us to volunteer to hand out the medals at the finish.
I'm going to be honest, even though this will make me sound terrible. I am not really sure how I feel about it. Mostly because I know me, and I know how bummed I will be to be at the race I was supposed to be running, but helping celebrate everyone else's finish.
In other words, I need to get my act together and get into volunteer spirit or something!

I normally wait to post these types of things, but since I have several blogger friends who are running the marathon this weekend, I wanted to say if you spot me at the finish I would be honored to give you your medal!

Tell me something you did over the weekend.

I am linking up with HoHo Runs and MissSippiPiddlin today for their Weekly Wrap!



  1. What a fun snapchat pic! I enjoy using Facetime with family. My boys love seeing their cousins with it! Love the pics you have been posting on IG! Looks like you are getting some good time outdoors! Hope you enjoy volunteering at the marathon! I know it will be hard because you couldn't run it, but what you are doing, helping out, is great! There will always be next time to run.

  2. You may find doing the medals at the finish line to be a very "therapeutic" venture. It's always such a joy seeing the first-timers coming in...they are usually in tears and do not take any of the high-5's or hugs for granted. I have never done the medals, but I have spent much time at many finish lines, and am always in tears myself at the myriad of emotions in play ;-)

  3. I always used to hate group projects bc I always felt like I was doing more than others in my group. However, I guess it's good practice for the workforce right? Good luck with the cute guys can't hurt to find one right?!

  4. I'm glad your knee is feeling better! Those photos are so beautiful :) The group project sounds awful. I hate it when people don't even try and just plan to benefit off other people's work.

  5. My brother wont let my nieces get on anything social media so when they're with me, they're always playing with my phone :) They have iphones too - not like they cant be monitored. My brother is just a kill-joy
    That truck! That's crazy how it fills up. You'll have to see if it does that every time. POOL PARTY :) haha

  6. Tricia @ MissSippiPiddlinMarch 8, 2017 at 6:41 PM

    Ha I'm still not falling for the Snapchat thing again but all these filters are very tempting! You lucky dog getting out of the ticket, I too would do all I could to talk my way out as well. No shame here either! Humm, something I did? I played on a mini excavator! It was so much fun and I realized I could tear up some shit in a very short period of time with it! :)

  7. Just today I heard someone (I think it was a radio talk show host) say to always tell the cop that you didn't know you were speeding, or whatever. Basically, lie. I'd never heard that before, so I don't know the reasoning behind it. But I'm glad you just got a warning!
    I think that's great you'll get to hand out medals! I totally understand still feeling that sadness that it isn't you crossing the finish line. But it will be again!

  8. Thanks Sharon, I love seeing your IG pictures too!
    But yes, lots of outdoor time, it's been nice!

  9. You have an excellent point, the more I am getting used to it the more I am looking forward to handing out the medals.
    It's going to be fun awarding some of my runner friends with theirs, seeing if they can hit their goal times and stuff. I hadn't thought about the first timers, but yes I think that could be a very rewarding therapeutic venture for sure!

  10. Yes, I am really starting to hate group projects at least this one:)

  11. Thank you, I hadn't been to those mountains in over a decade it was nice to see them again and a great way to escape the heat a little.
    Yeah me and that group project, not in love with each other so much, heck not even a like, LOL

  12. My sisters are overly cautious too, but they did give their kids phones. However they are monitored and the youngest ones can't be on the internet unless mom is next to them. I thought it was crazy until once I was with my niece and she was asking me to search for disney songs on You tube and a naked thing came up, and I was like. Yup, that's why parents are cautious because even what you'd think would be safe searches aren't always.
    It was raining pretty heavy I am not sure if it will fill up like that in normal rain, but hey you never know. Truthfully I think they should have just turned it into hottub night, LOL

  13. My brother in law is a cop, a lot of it just depends on the cops mood and if you rub them the wrong way and stuff.
    I haven't heard that before about the "I didn't know" but hey I wouldn't be surprised.
    I am so glad I got a warning too, I forgot how easily I get pulled over around here when I lived here before I got pulled over 20 times in 2 years, talked myself out of all but 3 tickets, but nowdays tickets cost a mini fortune, I can't risk it anymore!

  14. LOL, Honestly I never would have gotten a Snap Chat account but then I realized it was the only thing I could have just private fun between me and my family. Once my nieces and nephews got on it, I turned too, LOL It's fun though, I've had it for a year and we still don't get bored sending dumb photos to each other, LOL
    There is no shame at all getting out of tickets any way possible that is for sure! Ooooh Mini excavator, I've never been on one of those. I'm just picturing the fun now, LOL Have a great week Tricia!

  15. Yay for cute boys and getting out of speeding tickets! Hope you are enjoying the new school routine!

  16. Omg, girl!! I know towns like that though, where the cops have nothing else to do.

  17. haha, you sound like me. I'm kinda not wanting to meet anyone unless they're cool with moving to California with me in a couple years (assuming it gets that serious >_> ).

    So glad that the cop was super nice to you! I feel you on the tickets-in-small-towns thing, haha. I uuuusually manage to get off with a warning though!

    So many gorgeous photos from your hike! I hope you have fun volunteering!!

  18. Sorry you're still dealing with people who aren't pulling their weight in class. I swear there's one or two or three in every group. A cute hiking partner would be awesome! Your sit-alone strategy sounds promising. Very nice to get out of that speeding ticket. Luck is on your side!

  19. I am enjoying it, thanks for stopping by Julie!

  20. Yay, I am not the only girl who thinks this way about dating serious where your not planning on staying, LOL
    Yes, I am very lucky! Now I just have to watch it for the next two years, LOL
    Thank you, the more I am getting used to the idea of volunteering the more I am looking forward to it.

  21. I think its just life, on the plus side there is 1-2 others in the group that are being great about it right now so at least it's not all on me.
    Yes, a cute hiking partner is always awesome, LOL

  22. Great that you got out of that speeding ticket! Love your hiking pics! So nice out there!

  23. Lucky to get out of the speeding ticket!!

    I think it's great you are going to a singles church. This is the first I've heard of such a thing - seems like a good idea. You never know who you might meet even if, like you said, it just turns out to be a new hiking partner :)

    Have fun handing out medals this weekend - volunteering is a wonderful way to stay involved!

  24. I've helped at races while inured and it is TOUGH to be there and not be running. But, it was always good to connect with my running friends that I missed very much. Your pictures are stunning even without the fall foliage. Great job with the honesty approach. I'm going to remember that next time. LOL. Love the Snapchat photo. Thanks for linking, Kristy!


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