Transition to Hotter Desert Running

I know for many this may not be a subject of any interest, or nothing you may every have to think about.

However, for the runner who likes to continually learn about the sport and the different aspects of how it implies from region to region this might be of interest or at the least slightly humorous.

As you may or may not know, I've always lived in the desert state of Utah. However, although the entire state is dry, the southern part of the state where I recently moved is not only much dryer but even hotter than it gets up north.

Here is my little running desert parody.

* Gotta drink lots and lots of water all day. Besides the fact that it's needed to walk around outside during 110 degree days. If your not fully hydrated all the time, you can loose a lot of your energy and have a lack of effort even in the cooler morning or evening hours for running.

* Lizards squishing under your foot are likely much grosser feeling than stepping on other bugs. I used to think stepping on a snail on a trail was a yucky feeling.
Well I haven't done it yet, other than I am pretty sure one lost its tail because of me the other day. I am dreading when one darts and I get the whole body squish under my foot. Because I don't always look down, and one of these times I'm not going to see one of the buggers in time!

* Every time I see a roadrunner bird on the trail, I can't help but thinking back to my childhood Loony Tunes days and thing *beep beep* as one passes or crosses me on the trail.

* 100 or upper 90's actually feels cool and is the signal in the evenings that it's okay to go out on a run. Even if you have to wait until after dark for it to cool off that much.

* Mornings are ideal, it's cooler, the sun does heat things up quick as soon as it is out. However, right now because fall is on the way I find if I run on the east side of a mountain I can have shade well into the 8am hour.

* I am glad I missed June and July! Hopefully next year I'll be acclimated enough that I won't complain that it may still well over 100 after 10pm, LOL

* You actually have to pay attention if the sky starts looking like its going to dump rain, because even a minute or two of raining can cause major flooding (as I've already seen), so I've already had to remember not to be near any dried streams/rivers or low places if the sky starts to rumble. On the other hand, storms are rare, but since I bring rare weather to places, LOL we've had a few more rain storms than normal!

* Last, these beetle bugs. I wish I had a picture, imagine a huge beetle that make this loud buzzing sound like your standing right under a power line. Each time I run past a tree that has one in it, I just hope it stays up high, LOL
On the plus side, I am usually finished with my run before the scorpions come out, although I've seen a few in rocks along the side of the trails.
Not that I'm this ewe there's a bug type of girl, LOL I don't care much except I prefer things not to fall on me or me having to squish anything big under my running shoe, just saying...

So yes, I may have bored you to death. But those are my *fun* new experiences running in the desert.

What are things you come across when you run where you live?

Do you hate accidentally crushing living things when you step on them in a run too?



  1. Wow, roadrunners and lizards, you have to watch out for a lot. Recently I've been seeing a lot of grasshoppers on my trail and worry about stepping on them. Usually they just jump up and startle me though!

  2. Beetle Bugs remind me of Practical Magic - ever see that?
    Lizard squishing? OH MY WORD... I think I'd invest in a treadmill.

  3. I definitely had to shiver with the talk of squishing lizards underfoot :) Do you really see roadrunner birds? That's pretty cool!

  4. Oh those lizards are everywhere especially out on the trails where there are no homes and buildings. The roadrunners are really just a quick cute bird, they stay away when you get too close.
    Up north I got a lot of grasshoppers too, they did the same I always hated when one would decide to jump and land on me, LOL

  5. Oh yeah, love that movie!!! I've already got the "coconut, got it for a dime...." song now rolling in my head, LOL
    So far I haven't landed full on one, but I know it will happen once, I just hope it will be a small one and I don't feel it as much. But sometimes there are so many darting around I can't help but watch my steps, LOL For me it beats a treadmill still though, LOL

  6. Oh yeah the roadrunner birds are everywhere. Had one outside my apartment window a few minutes ago too. But they are always out on the trails, I think they eat the lizards and beetles so it makes since whey I see so many out there each day. But each time I can't help but think *beep beep* and wonder where the coyote is, LOL

  7. Welllllll I have had a couple bear visitors this month. Does that count? :-)

  8. I'm impressed! I can't run in cooler climates... Let alone hot, desert ones! ;-)

  9. OMG - I can't imagine stepping on a lizzard during a run. There are small bugs around here but really the only thing I notice on the path and try to avoid is goose poop. I'm so impressed you are able to run in such hot conditions and that 90-100 actually feels cool. You are much tougher than me! :)

  10. Tricia MissSippiPiddlinMarch 8, 2017 at 6:40 PM

    I've never seen a real road runner! How cool!


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