Palm Trees, Mermaid's and Dangerous Animals

Life has certainly been busy, I am starting to get a hang of this new college schedule and fitting everything and life in.

Classes are going great. I do my best to not get distracted from what I need to be doing for them.

But as vain as this will sound I was absolutely loving my nail color a week ago. The bright yellow and gold were the perfect way to put an unofficial end to summer.

Sometimes I come up with a few great color combinations, but I will also admit sometimes not so great too:)

I'm adjusted to the desert heat here now, although I am enjoying that the mornings are cooling off quite a bit more. Waking to the lower 70's has been nice, even if it warms up to 90 not long after the sun comes up over the mountain I live on.
Although, I will say I am definitely wanting to re-think the black leather seats. Seriously, I can't even tell you how hot it feels to climb into my car after class if it's around 100 outside, inside feels like a freaking oven in Hades inside!

I was enjoying getting out to do a morning or evening run. (The was I will explain below.) I've nicknamed some of my trails, definitely gonna squish a lizard under my show trail, the road runners like to cut me off trail, jackrabbits do breed like crazy here trail, and the palm tree 5 mile loop. Betcha can guess which named loop is below.

My sister and her adorable kiddos came to visit.
I finished my 2nd mermaid tail for my other niece and gave it to her while she was here.

My 5 year old nephew kept wanting to take his float jacket off so I asked him if he wanted to learn to swim. He said yes, tossed the jacket and I taught him to swim in less than 5 minutes.
I went with the sink or swim method. I showed him what to do, told him if he did it he would swim, if he didn't he would sink and die at the bottom of the pool.
He decided to swim, ha ha..

I have plans to teach 3 of my other nephews and niece to swim next time they come to visit, I save my sister lots of money for lessons. The sink or swim method pass/fail really works maybe I should teach lessons for a side job LOL parents can't listen as I teach though, haha.

While my Sis was here we went hiking on some Volcano Cinder Cones, great times and look at this fun dangerous animals sign.
We laughed as we took the chain off the fence and entered. Yes, with a 3 year old holding my hand we decided to risk it, I sang "bad to the bone" as we crossed ha ha. I love some peoples sense of humor with signs. Note to self, get private property and put up signs that give people something to talk about or wonder, LOL!!!

I think I would like one that says Warning, watch out for the Cannibals, I'm totally doing it one day! Heck, I might even order that sign and put it up on my sisters mountain property and see how long it takes her to notice! Good thing she tells me there is no reason for her to read my blog, because that plan just became a done deal!

I mentioned above I WAS enjoying running. Well when I was packing to move 3 weeks ago I did something to my knee. At first it only hurt to go up stairs, then to go down. It never bothered me walking or running until... This past week, I went out Tuesday felt a tiny pop and the knee literally gave out on me. I have had trouble with walking since so now I am back in a knee brace that is from mid calf to mid thigh.
I am fairly certain I either tore the cartilage in my knee a little more, or it is stuck under my knee cap in a way I can't get out yet.
Regardless, I am not enjoying taking it easy. No more trails for a while. I got some good pain killers.
On the plus side if it's just stuck cartilage one day it could just pop out and be fine. If its torn it's going to take a few more weeks to get to the point I can get on it again with the pain not making the knee give out on me.

My sister kicked some major butt in her first attempt at the Olympic Triathlon over the weekend, it was held down here where I am living now.
In fact her swim in the lake was so fast she was several minutes ahead of any of the other women and most the men. She swam that mile in 26 minutes and said if she didn't have to stop 15 times to fix her goggles that kept filling up with water she would have come in a few minutes faster than that.
Her run was the second fastest of the event too.
The bike was the only area others took her on. She only has an $1,200 bike, and the ladies with the $10,000-$30,000 bikes flew past her near effortlessly at times. (Can you believe people can spend that much on a road bike???)
Overall she ended up taking 1st place in her age group and 5th overall. Even though she was exhausted by the finish I have a feeling there will be a lot more in this distance for her! She was already talking about training for another one right after she finished.
Her husband raced too, and took 10th in his age.

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  1. Wow, is it really almost October?!? I hope that I can participate in the blog hop again, but I'll have to see how the next couple of weeks ago. I've really been struggling to fit everything in lately.

  2. When I bought my new car, I made sure the seats were cloth and beige. The car I test drove had black leather seats and I knew that wasn't for me in Texas. Yes, the windows are tinted, but that sun is quite powerful for 5-6 months of the year.

  3. Man, I'm sorry about your knee :( I hope it gets better soon! I love the nicknames you gave the running trails :) And congrats to your sister! It sounds like she had an amazing time at that tri.

  4. Yay for your sister! Oh no about that knee. As if you haven't had enough problems already.
    I literally LoL-ed at the names you gave you trails!

  5. Tell me about it, I realized the other day it was coming up and I knew I was going to have to do things a bit differently this year to fit it all in, life gets crazy!
    If it fits your schedule, love to have you join again!!!

  6. Smart! I didn't really have a choice this time when I got a new car, because I didn't think I would have it long so I went with the best deal, and frankly I didn't know I'd be moving here so there is that. But my next vehicle I am going to do it like I did my last truck and just design it and have it sent to me, LOL Way more expensive but then I can get exactly what I want:) Gonna have to wait on that a few years though!

  7. I know I used to never get injuries or have issues other than a few tweaks here and there. But I think because I am just not in as great of shape as I used to be my body isn't bouncing back as quick when I hurt it, or I don't have the muscle mass to protect things from getting hurt. Hopefully it heals quick, I am babying it a bit right now to a point, gonna go off the drugs tomorrow and see what if any progress has been made!

  8. woo hoo for your sister! You seem so happy it's really nice. Nice nails too

  9. Ah. Hot weather is definitely the reason why I could never get leather seats. I like shorts and I would burn to a crisp, hahaha.

    That's so awesome that you made mermaid tails! <3 Coolest aunt ever!

    I'm sorry to hear about your knee pain. :[! I hope it goes away soon! + congrats to your sister! That's so awesome! :O

  10. Hope you knee starts feeling better! bahhh!!! That stinks.
    At least your nails are on point????
    Hope you classes go well today!

  11. Tricia MissSippiPiddlinMarch 8, 2017 at 6:40 PM

    Ha I think I'd like a mermaid tale it's not just for kids huh? Love the sink or swim method but yea, may want to keep that away from the parents. ;)
    OMG $30,000 for a bike is crazy. Hey I know what she went through, in my kayak race my $188 Walmart special kayak was no match for these $2000 kayaks! The old ladies looked as if they were having a cold beer as they flew by me like I was sitting still! I seriously earned my trophy in that regard!

  12. What a bummer about your knee. I hope it heals up quickly. That is a FUN manicure! An ode to summer for sure. Congrats to your sis. Gosh if I could swim half that well I'd be a happy girl. Yeah the bikes at tris are ridiculous. Many very sweet ones passed me. Sigh.

  13. Thanks, yes she did really good I was proud of her!

  14. I know seriously! Honestly I didn't think things thru when I got the car!
    Thanks, I kinda want to make me a mermaid tail too, LOL

  15. Thanks, yeah I did like that nail color!
    And my classes did go pretty good today, thanks!

  16. Oh I totally want a mermaid tail. The two that I have made for my nieces now, both of them I bought those adjustable monofins so yeah technically I could use that LOL But secretely (not so much now) I totally want the whole fin and I think it would be fu to go swim in a lake with one!
    I know those bike prices are crazy, I told my sister thats more than some people pay for a car.
    LOL, but you still beat a lot of those ladies even if you had to work 10X's as hard as them. Plus, that $188 kayak is the perfect price to still be able to go camping lots this summer and fall and use it!

  17. Thanks!
    I did like that nail color that's for sure.
    She's a super fast swimmer, she's fun to watch because no one can believe a girl swims that fast. Passing all the guys she says is the best part.

  18. Glad to read you are adjusting to the life of a college student... I would love to go back to college, just for the fun part of it ! Sorry about your knee. And congrats to your sister, what a huge accomplishment. No blog hop for me this time around, October is way too busy for me this year.

  19. Thanks, yeah it's hard work but it is fun too!
    Oh I don't blame ya, I am still trying to figure out how I am going to have time to organize it and put it all together in time and then participate. I'd post-pone it but I've had so many people email me about it all year and I feel bad going back on a promise when I've told them all to check back toward the end of September, LOL

  20. I've been having problems commenting on your blog but I'd thought I'd try again. I think you deserve the Best Aunt Ever award for the swimming lessons and the mermaid tale. I know you enjoy spending time with them! I'm glad to hear everything is going well at school! Bummer about the knee though. I hope it's already much better. How cool your sister placed 1st in her AG in the Olympic Tri. Thanks for linking, Kristy!

  21. Oh No, I am so sorry to hear that! But that is kind of you for trying again, I'm glad it worked for you!
    The mermaid tail has become a fun thing I love that they love them!
    The knee does seem to be healing nicely.
    Yes, she did great in the Tri, I was totally impressed by her! Thanks!


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