Day in the life, Selfies, Getting Out of My Comfort Zone and some OMG's

I'm into week two of this new Spring Semester, and I thought it is a great time to share some Day in the Life stories of my first week back!


So my instructor tells us in my advanced Illustrator that we get the opportunity to get in front of the class and teach a new technique to everyone in the form of a tutorial.
He said we can't show anyone anything that we have covered in the class and it needs to be something that isn't exactly easy to do....

WHAT?? I still haven't figured out what all the functions even do, and I haven't used nearly any of them. I use a Windows-based computer, but all the ones in class we use are Mac's and I hate Mac's. I can barely draw simple objects, I haven't even figured out how to round out an object I draw well and I am supposed to get up and teach something technical???  Whatever that means, I mean technical to me is really doing anything after opening the program at this point, LOL

Normally, I like to sign up first on these things, but I signed up for a date in March because I am going to need several months to find out how to learn and teach something "technical" in Illustrator... Oh my, I am not even going to think about it anymore right now!


Okay, so in my Era of Vietnam class, which is actually one of the required classes I need for the Interdisciplinary portion of my degree, otherwise yeah I probably never would have considered it. I am so out of my league in there and it is turning out to be SO different than what I thought it would be.

We do pre-class readings, and then in class so far we listen to music look at paintings and discuss it all more in-depth. (Granted I only caught on after day 3 that this is apparently going to be how he is doing this class.)

Professor: Played about 30 seconds of some "Jazz" music from the early 1900's.
Professor: What did you hear in this music?
Me: (Thinking to myself) A saxophone?
Others: Felt the artist taking me on a journey of his life and his upbringing.
Others: It reminded me of (artist) and (artist) and physical hardships and movements...
*From student to student come these analysis that I have no clue on how they came up with it.*
Me: (Thinking to myself) Is my hearing off, I only heard a saxophone playing the same chords over and over and over...

So this went on for an entire class.

Then the next class date we were looking at different artist pictures from the 1940's
Professor: What do you think the artist is expressing in this?
Me: (Thinking to myself) Nothing it looks like a paintbrush dribbled onto paper.
Others: He's expressing his spontaneity and refusal to conform to public standards.
Others: I see chaos and movement reminding me of blah blah blah
*Again pretty much everyone but me says something so profound and over the top analysis.*
Me: (Thinking) do I need glasses? I still only see paint drippings.

Okay, so you get the picture. I am either the ONLY sane person in the class or I am the ONLY CLUELESS person in the class.
I have purposely not said anything yet in class, which is so not me! But seriously, I have nothing to add that wouldn't be in the form of a first graders type of answer... Granted if I am clueless I probably shouldn't put down a first grader, I'll have to ask my nephew what he thinks of the painting, LOL

Yup, I'm in trouble in this class! It's also okay if your laughing at me and agreeing that I am seriously clueless!


I literally can't figure out how I want to write this up, and it's due tomorrow. I am hoping that this is one of those times if I leave it until the last minute I will get this brilliant idea and all these profound ways to describe it will come out of my brain and flow easily and I'll knock it out like it was nothing a few hours before it is due.

Yup, I'm dreaming again!

That and I'm sitting here writing a blog post when I should be working on it, my priorities are a little wack right now!


So in my photoshop class you know you're surrounded by millennials and an instructor who gets them when we get our 2nd big assignment and he tells us. "Great news, you get to use your selfie skills for your next project, you need 20 of them..."

Now for those of you who know me well from my blog, you know I am the worst at selfies.
It's not that I don't love myself, I do and I can have my vain moments just as good as the next person, probably more so at times than I should admit to, LOL.

Anyhow, one of two things will be happening. I'll either bring pictures of other people tomorrow (which he said we could do if we wanted to. Afterall I have some adorable nieces and nephews.) Or I will attempt to break out the Snapchat filters and see if I can take some better selfies, LOL

Now who wants to guess which route I'll go, LOL


I feel as I have skipped winter here, seriously it's been like 60 degree's each day. Most the college girls haven't skipped a beat wearing their practically nothing's to class (Oh to be young again, LOL)

I'm even sitting at my desk with the doors and windows open today to let the fresh sunny air in!

I hear they had a light bit of snow while I was out of town up north getting several feet of snow, but since I have been back it's been fairly nice other than a little rain here and there.

It's been a funny week, as my sister text me that she had nearly 5 feet of snow from a storm that came Monday, and I live nearly 4 hours down the road and I was sitting in the 60's...  I'm not complaining, but seriously I hope I didn't miss my only chance this year to see snow on palm trees.
Additionally, I'm thinking maybe I didn't need to bring all my winter clothes down here after all!

Of course, I am totally jealous of her snow, I am just dreaming about the forts I could have built in her yard with her kids, I mean seriously they would be EPIC!!!
I text my nephew and told him to make me proud, and he said he's already been working on a fort tunnel system that is pretty sweet, LOL


It's officially been a month since I have been out on a run. I know terrible!
When I headed up north for 3 weeks the snow was so deep and very few "capable" people have the decency these days to actually shovel their sidewalks and since it was in the negatives it was too slippery risky to run on the roads.
Then I caught the flu.
Which on the plus side I am at the tail end of it, feeling better each day!

So what I am getting to is, I NEED to get out running this week and get back at it!!! One because I think it will kick out the last part of this flu bug. But second, I have a very exciting R2R2R hike coming up this summer that is going to require me to be in my best marathon shape.


So yeah, those are a few of my recent Day in the Life of a Return College Student stories and it's only beginning week too, LOL

So I'm curious, for those who may want to be honest with me. Do you like these Day in the Life of a Return College Student posts mixed with my Me Monday? Or would you rather me go back to how I used to do things and less college stuff that might be boring you, and more just other weekly stuff?

Wishing you all a fabulous week!!!


  1. haha, I would probably say something in class and get kicked out. I would be on the clueless end lol
    We are going between zero to warm from one day to the next, it is crazy. That is funny you want snow and I want it to stay away. It messes up my runs lol
    Time to get back out there and go a few miles if it is nice out! I am in the process of trying to get back to a routine and it is humbling.
    College life sounds entertaining :)

  2. Your college stories make me smile. They remind me of my own college days (in the stone age) I took a night course once and there was an "old" lady in it who boasted non-stop about her vast experience. She drove us crazy. Haha!

  3. I do like your day in the life posts they always make me laugh! That class sounds interesting but I too would be lost in a lot of the nuances. For some reason I always get your post in my box on Tuesdays

  4. When does your semester end? Our spring semesters here for college students haven't even started yet. They get long winter breaks.

    Too funny about that class. Yea, I fail to see the "artsy" in some of those paintings. Perhaps I could make millions by dipping Baylee's paws in paint and letting her walk around on a canvas!

  5. At first, I thought you were saying you needed 20 selfie sticks :) haha I was like WHAT IN THE WORLD :) haha

  6. What are you going to school for? That Vietnam class sounds intense! I'd probably be right there with you. I do not have an eye or ear for that kind of analysis. :)

  7. Good luck getting back into the routine you want!
    LOL yeah I won't be able to hold from speaking too long, I'm sure I'll have plenty of opportunites for them to realize I really am clueless, LOL

  8. Oh I'm so lost in it, but I have a sneaky plan for tomorrow so I'll see if i actually works or not, fingers crossed!

  9. LOL LOL I try very hard to never speak of my own experience or life. It's not easy but it's better than being the crazy lady in the class for sure, LOL

  10. That's odd, most colleges around the country I thought were all on the same schedule. I have a few friends at different colleges and we are all pretty much the same. My semester runs through the first week in May.
    Ya, I am so bad with art stuff, I desperately hope the whole semester isn't like this! But you may be onto something, Dog art, hey it's a crazy world it might sell LOL

  11. LOL that would be funny! No 20 selfie pictures, LOL

  12. The full title is long, but the short version is a double major of sorts: Recreation Management and Digital Design.

  13. Oh of luck with that! I unfortunately wouldn' tknow where to begin either so I don't really have any good suggestions for you. :[ I can also relate with the selfie thing because I'm terrible at taking those too! The only time I ever do those is really just because I happen to have cute animals chillin' around me, hahaha.

    I love your interpretations of the music and art, hahaha. It's wonderful. <3 I'm kinda like that with the really flowery literature I used to have to read in some classes! For music, I get stuck on all the notes I hear and how to play it. :P

    Best of luck to you on your thesis! <3

  14. Wow! Sounds good. Undergrad? Or post-grad?

  15. I like the day in the life of a college student stuff, I find it interesting! That's so crazy with the difference in weather from your place to your sister's. Enjoy the nice weather while it lasts :)

  16. Oh, I would totally be thinking the same things in music and art. I have no clue. :p I hope you got your thesis done. I really wish we had your weather. Winter is actually here in Northern California. As i'm typing it is quite rainy and windy. On the other hand at least the mountains are getting lots of snow. Hoping to make it to Tahoe again this winter.

  17. oh man! Going back to school is so tough! <3 I wasn't huge with selfies until I had kids, now it seems if I want a picture with my girls its a selfie lol.

    Good luck!!

  18. Yes I love the glimpses into your student life. I think art appreciation is a process - don't sweat it. I took an art class in college too and at first, I had no idea what my teacher was yammering on about but eventually, after I spent a lot of time in museums, I started to feel it.
    I know what you mean about missing out on running. I just came back from my first run of the year. Yup after 23 days, it's finally happened. I am excited though. I have big running plans this year and I feel like I just made the first step. Yours will come too.
    And don't give up on your selfie skills. I'd love to see your selfies. You're probably a bigger self critic than you need to be.

  19. Oh I totally understand that. I'd be the same way if I had kids too!

  20. Lol oh no I am really terrible with selfies. But my sister's have been working with me and I'm getting better lol I call it selfie school lol lol.
    Congrats on your first run of the year! I just had my first last week so I totally get it!
    Pretty sure I won't get the art, poetry and music analysis thing. I'm literally faking it all. I'm should be embarrassed to admit that but I'm not. Lol lol


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