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You may have read my post a few weeks ago, when I announced I was changing my Monday posting schedule to "All About Me Monday's".
Starting next week there will be a link-up where you can link up any post that is about you.  In the link-up it would be great if you'd visit other blogs who linked up, but it is not required.  However, anyone who links up has my personal guarantee I will come visit your post and comment!


So I waited a little bit later today to write up this post.  The reason for it is to share an update on my work injury.  I haven't spoken about it for about a month, so I thought now would be a good time to share some details.
As a rough recap for those who are new, I have been out on injury for 11 months now.  Wore the lovely boot for 10 weeks, and have been going through Physical Therapy for the past 6 weeks.

First.  The original injury (Achilles Tendon) is doing really great, and has been responding quite well to the 40-60 minutes of Physical Therapy I do each day.

The bad, well 2 weeks ago I was told that it is very likely I have now torn my Peroneal Tendon (same foot).  I was immediately asked to go get fitted for an Orthotic called Arch Rival.  Which I have been wearing for 2 weeks.  The hope was the Orthotics would make the pain go away.

It didn't, and the PT went and spoke to the Surgeon Specialist while I was doing my other therapy today and I do need to keep my appointment next Monday to find out if it is in fact torn, and then if surgery will need to be required to fix it.  (I am praying for no surgery!)

How did it happen?  Well besides the fact I am cursed with bad luck in this year of the 13....  When I was wearing the boot to heal the original problem.  The boot caused strain on the peroneal tendon and it was swollen for months.  After I took the boot off, the swelling eventually went down a little but things were apparently strained and anything could happen...  Now that is my version of how it happened, the doctor may have more to say, but that is the just of it.

So wish me luck on that front, as I am itching to get back to running!!!  So badly, I even ran down 6 stairs the other day forgetting for a second I wasn't supposed to and it felt amazing:)  (Shhhh don't tell the PT)  Luckily I only ran down them, my foot would never support me running up them, it would just give out.


So sometimes working in a library, can be kinda amusing.  Especially for a people watcher like myself.  So here are some oddities I witnessed last week.

First keep in mind DVD's in a library circulate 100's of times, and who knows whats on peoples hands when they handle things.  (I re-apply hand sanitizer every 30 minutes just for that fact.)
So this guy comes up and says, "Oh, I think this DVD is scratched" (Big surprise a publicly viewed dvd scratched??? LOL)  Then he says, "Wait I think its just dirty" and then he proceeds to lick the dvd, with his tongue and walk away from me to go check it out."  GROSS!!!

Second, a guy and a girl are on I'm guessing a first date at the library.  (????) So they are walking around and browsing, and it's completely obvious that the girl is totally into the guy, and the guy is NOT into her.
So she's going around asking him some of the dumbest questions with the giggly girly girl laugh and he decides to respond to her each time in the crazies ways.
 She would ask questions like, what do you think of this book?
He would reply, well according to blah (insert name) blah's theory or blah, blah blah.. I don't see the theoretical blah blah blah..   Personally, I don't even think he was making sense and he never answered her questions.
But she didn't seem to notice she would just giggle and say, oh your so smart...  I was cracking up listening to him, they went on like that in front of me near the book sale for about twenty minutes.


I hosted my first large blog hop giveaway.  The winner is announced HERE.
There were 23 blogs offering 23+ different giveaways and we all linked together for a blog hop so one could enter one giveaway and then immediately click to go to the next giveaway.

So I have a few questions, for those who participated in the hop, or entered the giveaways in the hop:
1.  If you participated in the hop, did you like it, is it something you think I should do again?
2.  If you entered the giveaways, did you like having all the blogs linked up?
3.  No matter how you participated.  Do you have any suggestions or tips that you'd like to share, to help me make future hops better?

Well, that's about it for today.  If you have a blog post about you or something about you and you'd like to link up, check back next week for a link up!

Hope your all enjoying the holiday season!!!


  1. Replies
    1. Oh ya, it was gross, I even gave him the look that I thought so, but I doubt he cared:)

  2. Haha that's funny. I'm a people watcher too. I love watching old people. They make me smile.
    Wow! It sounds like you've been through a lot lately! I hope you heal quickly and won't need surgery. You seem to have a good attitude about it too which makes a huge difference in the situation . :-)

    1. Thanks, yeah I hope I won't need surgery too:)
      But yes, people watching is the best, watching old people make me smile to:)

  3. I love this idea, maybe that's b/c I love talking about myself. ;) OMG, he licked it??? I would have gagged. I really hope you don't have to have surgery, but if it's going to fix this injury so you can run, then so be it! I hate that you cannot run, I have had my share of injuries and 11 months would be torture.

    1. Thanks, I liked the idea too! Yeah he licked it, so gross!!!! Well to be honest, I'd rather it not need surgery ether. Because I have too many fears something could go wrong and it would ruin me being able to run forever... We'll see what Monday brings, hopefully good news:)

  4. I thought the hop was a great idea. Having all the blogs linked up together was fantastic because it made it easy to visit everyone's pages. As I mentioned in my note to you, I've been on the hunt for running blogs and you served them on a platter to me and I couldn't be more grateful. Thanks so much Kristy!

    1. Thanks so much Lauren!!! It was such a success, I've been asked to do it again soon, so I have another one coming up in January. Hopefully more will sign up, for even more amazing blogs to discover!


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