Book Review The Discovery Of Witches

I don't usually read adult fantasy books (I usually stick with YA)  But this particular book had been recommended by so many people I decided why not.  I am glad I finally got around to picking it up and reading it.  I absolutely loved this book and the characters.  A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness gave a bit of a different spin on Witches, Vampires and Demon's.

This story starts out in Oxford, Diana Bishop who is a descendant of witches is off on her own and wants nothing to do with witchcraft.  Instead she pushes herself into her studies and the library stacks.  But one day she comes across a discovery that has all of the witches, vampire's and demon's going crazy.  Diana's quiet life quickly becomes no longer quiet, and she finds herself constantly dodging one of these creatures.

A particular vampire Matthew Clairmont, has quite an interest in Diana and her new discovery.  With friendships and love forbidden between the different worlds, everything gets thrown into quite the spin when Matthew and Diana meet.

If you enjoy a little healthy dose of fantasy, with a spin of romance and quite a bit of suspense, then you'll love A Discovery of Witches.  I myself am already looking forward to picking up book #2 which is already out.  Due to some of the content, I only recommend this to readers who are over 18.

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