Runners Spotlight Let Me Introduce Heather

Today is Spotlight Thursday

This week I'd like to introduce Heather. 
I asked Heather several questions, to tell part of her story and introduce you all to her 

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Tell us what distances you like to run?

The Half Marathon is my favorite distance as it is just long enough to require a commitment to training but not so long enough that the training takes over your life like marathon training sometimes can.

How long have you been running?  Or at what age did you start running?

I have actually only been running since early 2012.  I was 32 at the time.

What made you want to become a runner?  What is it that keeps you at it?

Two of my best friends kept telling me if i wanted to lose weight and lower blood pressure I needed to take up running. Once I started, I just fell in love with the sport.  It gives me a chance to live in the moment and clear my head from all that is going on in my life.  I also get to travel to new and interesting places and me so many fun people along the way.

You enjoy running half marathons, tell us what made you first want to try that distance?  

Honestly, I took up half marathons as an excuse to go back to Disney World. I signed up for the Princess Half Marathon first.  Once I realized that you get some fun bling and that there are half marathons all over the place, I decided this was perfect for me.

What has been your favorite race and distance you have run?  Tell us why?

My favorite so far was actually a 2 race event. I completed the inaugural Dumbo Double Dare at Disneyland in Aneheim, CA this past Labor Day. I ran the 10K on Saturday and the Half Marathon on Sunday.  It was tough and challenging doing two races back to back but it was great fun and I got to visit the west coast for the first time. Being a big sports fan, I loved running through Aneheim Angel Stadium during the race.

If you could run any race in the entire world, where would it be and why?

I would love to do the Boston Marathon as it is the oldest marathon in the country.  I will probably never run a full marathon as my body just can’t take the stress but it would be fun to run Boston.

Do you run for fun?  Or run to compete?  Both?

I run for fun.  I am by no means a fast runner and manage to run the half marathon distance using run/walk intervals.

Have you experienced any trials/injuries/health issues that you have had to overcome?  Tell us about them.

The hardest thing I’ve done was the Dumbo Double Dare over Labor Day. I have battled with plantar faciatis for most of the summer which slowed my training down considerably. I ended up walking half the 10K and walked the entire half marathon.  It was painful at times but I managed to make it through the races without needing medical attention and took a well-deserved month off of running to heal.

Tell us what crossing the finish line feels like to you.

If someone were to video a close-up of me crossing the finish line, I would probably be crying. I am usually so relieved that I made it another 13.1 miles that I just start smiling with tears coming down my face as I cross the line.  

Have you ever ran a race in costume?  Would you?  

I love playing dress up.  While I keep is simple such as fun socks or a hat for most races, I go all out when I do a Disney Race. I dressed up as Belle for the Princess Half Marathon, Alice from Alice in Wonderland for the Disneyland 10K and Marie the Cat from the Aristocats for the Disneyland Half Marathon.

When someone asks you why you run, what do you tell them?

I would tell them I run because it is a great way to stay in shape and fit in my skinny jeans. It keeps my blood pressure low and, maybe, lose a little weight. It relieves stress so I’m not tempted to hurt people and allows me to enjoy the world around me.

Do you hope to be a lifelong runner?

I hope to still be running half marathons decades from now.  I want to be the type of person who would run races with their kids and maybe even grand kids one day.

What is your favorite kind of running, solo running or running with a friend or group?

I prefer solo running as I am slow and run/walk as opposed to just running.  Though it is fun to do some shorter distances with friends or family who are not runners.

Do you listen to music while you run?  Give us the top 2 running songs on your play list.

I never run without my iPhone and Yurbuds earbuds. My top 2 songs of the moment is Applause by Lady Gaga and Monster by Eminem.

Do you cross train?  What types?

I love doing yoga as it is a great way to get some strength training (with your own body weight) and stretching.

What other hobbies/sports do you do besides running?

I love scrap booking and photography. My husband thinks I’m a little obsessed with pictures and saving moments but I know one day I will be able to sit with my grand kids and tell fun stories of my adventures when I was younger.

Do you have any tips of suggestions for someone who is thinking of starting up running?  

The first step out the door is the hardest.  Also, it doesn’t matter how fast your run or how far..the important thing is that you run.

What is your must have running accessory?

My pink Garmin Forerunner 10.  I never run anywhere without my GPS set to my run/walk interval

What is the best thing you have learned from being a runner?

Perseverance. You can’t give up just because it is hard.  

Favorite pre and post run food?

I typically don’t eat right before I run.  I just make sure I’ve had balanced meals throughout the day or the night before. After a run, I will usually have a glass of protein shake (I use Elite Fusion 7) for a shorter run and a Smoothie King smoothie (I love the Lean 1 Chocolate with peanut butter) for the longer runs.

Water or Sports drink?

Both.  I usually run with a sport drink in my water bottle but after it’s gone, I drink water the rest of the way.

What do you do with your race t-shirts and medals?  Do you do something unique with them?

At the moment, I wear my shirts to run in and my medals are sitting on my desk at home. I hope to make a racing shirt quilt once I have enough to do so and that Santa will bring me a wall medal hanger for Christmas to hang all my bling on.

Tell us something unique about you.

I am a huge sports fan (I love all the Atlanta teams).  I will watch any sport on TV or in person that I can - including races. I even DVRd the NY Marathon on ESPN to watch after church that Sunday.

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