Exercise in the form of Physical Therapy

Since my Physical Therapy has progressed quite a bit since I originally started I think 7 weeks ago now.  I thought I'd share the exercises with you all.

To be honest, they are great for anyone who might need to strengthen their calves and ankles to help prevent foot and ankle injuries.  As well as really help strengthen & build up your balance, which is great for anyone!

So it may not sound like a whole lot, but its a vast difference in where I was 7 weeks ago, not to mention 11 Months ago!!!
On the good note, the original work injury (Achillies Tendon) is really responding well, and I rarely even notice a problem with it anymore.
Monday, I will find out about the new issue, which is if my Peroneal Tendon did in fact tear and will need surgery to repair it.  But my hopes are high, and I am really hoping for no surgery!!!  *Fingers Crossed*
On the good side, none of these new exercises hurt that portion of the injury, these were all given to me specifically to avoid any pain at all.

In case, your not familiar with the above exercises by name, and you may like to incorporate them into your life, here are a few pictures below that give you a better idea.
However, I should note especially if you have an injury, or weak calves.  You should not do any of these with any pain, and only do them at a level that causes no pain.

This is a simple stretch, but the key is to only stretch to fell a pull
Do not overstretch this.

These look pretty self explanatory, however you use one leg to balance on
when you do these, the other leg does not actually touch the ground.
Try not to use your hands on anything, and practice the dips to balance.
(however if your injured like me, one finger on a wall helps:)

For these use a Theraband

Hip Abduction - Hip Extension - Hip Flexion - Hip Abduction
For these you will need a plastic tubing, I attach mine to a chair leg and
the other portion around my ankle.

For these the key is to take them slow, and use balance and strength
Do not hold onto anything if at all possible.
(Unless if your injured, then one finger on the wall helps at times.)

So that's is!
Being injured has taught me a lot and when I can run again, which I hope will be soon.  Even though I was not injured running, I plan to take a wiser approach with everything and that includes running and all cross training activities.  That wiser approach will be in the form of making sure that I pay attention to potentially weaker area's of the body to make sure I keep them strengthened so that even if I am at work lifting or pushing a heavy object, or playing with my nieces and nephews things will not pull too much and hurt me this bad again!
That and I've become a huge advocate for paying attention to your body and listening to it, resting when needed, and taking the correct approach to injury recovery.

I hope you all are ready for the holiday's!  I love this time of year!  And I don't care what the media says about what is and isn't politically correct and how we should say it.  I would like to wish all of my readers,


  1. This is a GREAT post! Thank you so much for sharing! I'm for sure going to incorporate at least some of these into my routine :)

  2. Oh I hope you get better soon! Those moves do sound super beneficial, I'm with Hailey above, thinking maybe I should do some as well!

  3. Fingers crossed for no surgery!! Happy holidays to you too.

  4. These are great exercises. I had a stress fracture in my right foot, recovered, then got plantar fasciitis, so I had a lot of PT this year! I am post-PT now and I still have to keep up the hip strengthening and core exercises. I hope your recovery continues to go well!

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