Crewel, Altered and Unraveled by Gennifer Albin

Although I am reviewing all three books in this trilogy at once, I promise this review will not ruin or be a spoiler for any of the books in the series.

I actually listened to Crewel & Altered while I went for my morning runs via Audio Books. However, I was looking forward to how it all ended so when Unraveled came out a month ago I decided to just read this one because I knew I could read it in a few hours, instead of 9+ hours that it takes to listen to them!

Crewel is an entirely different world, I am going to even go as far as to say the author had an incredibly vivid imagination to come up with this world, and quite the descriptive talent in writing to bring this new creation to life.

The citizens of Arras are controlled and manipulated by their government known as the Guild.  The problem is, most of them don't know it.  Those that figure it out, are taken care of by the Guild and not seen again.  As if that wasn't bad enough, the Guild can also control the minds of others who knew the problem citizen and can brainwash anyone or as many needed to cover any problems that come up for them.

Younger citizens are tested at a point in their later teenage lives, to find out if they have any of the "talents" the Guild is interested in.  Citizens with these talents are promoted in status and moved into what they call the Coventry.

Adelice has known she has had these talents for many years.  She can see the weaves of the very threads that Arras and her entire world are made up of.  These weaves are controlled and woven by the Coventry to the specifics that the Guild and its highest ranking officials want.
Adelice has hidden her talent, that was until one small mistake during her official test.  Knowing she only has a short time left with her family, she decides to go home and tell them she failed the test and will not be taken away.

That is until the Guild shows up at her door and throws her and her family into chaos.  Within minutes she learns her own parents were harboring secrets, but the secrets came out too late to save her or them.  Adelice is ripped from her life while listening to the death of her family as she is taken away.

Adelice isn't just talented, she possesses the rarest of talents, she is a Creweler, an individual who can weave and do things with the world that only one other person has ever possessed.  The only problem with Adelice and the Guild, is Adelice is a fighter and freethinker.
She soon learns she may not be able to trust anyone, and at the same time learns that her very world is in serious danger from the Guild and it's most esteemed member Cormac Patton.

Life in the Coventry isn't all miserable, she does have Jost and Erik, new friends who also have secrets of their own they are trying to hide.  Things pick up when friendships are made and romances are discovered.  Dangers arise and a man with a thirst for power threatens to destroy everything.  It becomes Adelice and her small new group of friends that may be Arras only hope.

The Crewel trilogy by Gennifer Albin are books filled with adventure, imagination, romance and choices of who to trust and who not.  They are also about destiny, and learning that sometimes your created for more than just a simple life and desires you may enjoy.  Sometimes, your destiny may be entirely about others, an entire world of others.
Each book is filled with it's own set of adventures, I found them all to be quite fast paced.  If you love cliffhangers and a few surprises that come at you without expecting them.  You'll really love this trilogy.  The good news is, those cliffhangers will only be so, as the entire trilogy is out and available to read now.

I read and reviewed these books on my own, I was not asked to write a review.  I am sharing purely because I enjoyed them, and think others will too!

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