Investigation Success

So last week started off on a not so good note when I discovered someone had decided to hit the side of my car and not leave a note.  I realized it must of happened on Sunday while at church, and as I left for work Monday morning I was not in the best of moods.

However, shortly after I got over the immediate anger of that, I realized I could let this thing set my mood for the week, or I could get over it and move on.
So I (even though still not thrilled about it) got over it and I moved on and tried not to think about it the rest of the week.  In the end, it worked and I had a great week.  It's amazing what a powerful tool the mind is and how we can use our own mind to either our advantage or disadvantage!

Besides the new dent on my car, which lets face had been giving me trouble for months.  I must say, it actually has been running great, I think they finally were able to fix the major problem.  It hasn't ran this good since I have owned it!
It's got one small problem with the gas gage, but I'll just fill it every few days and then I won't have to worry that, that part isn't working well.
I'm still going to be looking for a new car in the next month or so, but I am finally happy to say I don't have car problems this week.  YAY (Now I just need to go knock on some wood, and quick:)

I mentioned the injury flare up last week, and how bad it had gotten.  I spent 4 days in the boot, and then transitioned out for a few hours during each day.  I now only wear it at nights and I will be for 2-4 weeks.

I did some searching for answers, success was discovered about Tuesday last week.
GET THIS, what I am fairly certain is a Bursitis issue along my Achilles Tendon, is actually being cause by get this.... RESTING!
Yup, my foot apparently gets more swollen when it is just lying flat on a bed or couch doing nothing. I know, go figure???
But this is me, and nothing about me is ever normal so it actually makes a lot of sense, LOL.

Once I discovered the cause, I realized why the boot is helping it so much, its not allowing the foot to relax or go into a relaxed position.
Because I am sleeping with it on at night, the NEW swelling has gone down almost completely.
I have zero pain in it other than when it's been resting too long without a boot on and it rarely hurts when walking/running as long as I warm up good first.
In fact, I was even able to get back to running mid week.
Wednesday I headed out for a short 3 mile run and it went well.  In fact so well, it actually made the foot feel even better.
Thursday I went out for 5 miles and Friday 6.  I paid attention and listened to my body, but it's not activity that is hurting it, it's inactivity, Bursitis is a tricky little thing!:)  Which in some ways is actually quite lucky!  I know, that's not something you usually hear of when your thinking about an injury,:)

So, that is why I will be wearing the boot at night for a while, at least for a few more weeks until I am positive the bursitis has left completely!
The downside of it all is the fact that I don't sleep quite as well, in other words I will wake up a few times in the night as my foot gets twisted in the blankets and falls a sleep:)  Thankfully, with the Epstein-Barr I fall back a sleep pretty quickly these days, so it's not completely horrible to wake up 2-3 times a night:)
But since it helps, I will do it!

I accepted a few new Fitbit friends from one of the groups I participate in a few weeks ago, give a little shout out to my SweatPink sisters!
When I first added new "friends" on it, I was near the bottom of the 7 day step count list. Sure, I wasn't able to run last week because of the pains, but still it didn't make me feel good about being last.

Instead, it inspired me, and when I was able to get out on my feet again I really started kicking it up a few notches.  Watching my name climb the list a little each day, knocking another person behind.
Ya, if you didn't already know I am super competitive!
One day, one of the gals put out a challenge.  I happened to notice it, when I had only about 30 minutes to get a short run in before work to see if I could nail the challenge down before 10AM.  I didn't have quite enough time, but it gave me a very good start and well although many also completed the challenge, ya I hit the goal first that day.
As dorky as it sounds, I was like Yay Me:) I have been secretly hoping more people will challenge me any given day:)
It's crazy how having a little competition really pushes me to do a lot more!  But I have always been that way, so it's not really surprising:)

However, if any of you are Fitbit users, and you want to link up.  Shoot me an email and tell me what email address you use with your Fitbit account and I would love to add you!  (I use a different email than my Runaway Bridal Planner one, so you won't find me that way, sorry:)
If your up for challenges every now and then, let me know too!

I am a little behind on things.  My ability to procrastinate more often than not has caught up with me. I realized last night I haven't even sent out my Christmas cards yet.  Let alone a list of other things I need to do with Christmas approaching next week.
So I am actually setting up a bunch of mini goals for me this week.  As funny as it sounds, yes I do need to motivate myself to do the obvious sometimes:)

ALSO today is the LAST day for the Holiday Fitness Giveaway going on right now, click HERE to enter, or click on the picture in the top right corner.  The giveaway ends tonight at Midnight!

How was your week?  
Do you procrastinate too, or are you on top of everything for the holidays?

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