Favorite Books of 2014 and My Reading Goal

Normally I would have a book review post running.  But since it is nearing the end of the year, I thought I would do something a little different.

In January I mentioned I had a goal this year to read at least 60 books.  At the time I thought it was a crazy goal, and I wasn't sure if I would make it.
Sunday afternoons I set aside for reading.  I try to read 3-4 hours if I can.  I generally read about 100 pages an hour so yes I am a pretty fast reader which means I can usually get through most novels in one afternoon.

So how did I do?  Well thanks to Goodreads and actually tracking my books this year I know exactly how well I have done.  I apparently crushed my goal.  I have read.....

70 Books this year
23,000+ pages read
6 of those books were audio books I listened to.
Only did book reviews on 40 of those books, because unless I really loved a book I don't review it on my blog:)

I might get a couple more read before the end of the year, because I just picked up 2 sequels today that I have been waiting all year to read and I am already 2/3rds done with #71.

You probably think I am a read-a-holic.  I wish I could say I read every day, but that is not true.
I really only get to read Sunday afternoons with few exceptions.  Truthfully, I just read really fast, but I do actually read every word (I promise) I don't skim.
I have also found I really enjoy listening to a good book while I run!

So with all those books, I do have some favorites!
Now to make my favorites list, a book has to be well written. and must keep my interest throughout, and throughout any books in it's series.  Additionally, when I finish that book/series in order to be on my favorite list, it has to be a book that when I am done I literally hug:)
Yes, I am a book hugger haha:)

Here are my 2014 FAVORITES

#1 The Selection Series - The Selection, The Elite & The One by Kiera Cass

#2 The Precious Stone series - Ruby Red, Sapphire Blue & Emerald Green by Kierstin Gier

#3 The Shatter Me series - Shatter Me, Unravel Me, Ignite Me by Tahera Mafi,

#4 Dustland Series Blood Red Road, Rebel Heart, Raging Star by Moira Young

#5 The Hunt Series, The Hunt, The Prey & The Trap by Andrew Fukuda

#6 The Everneath Series, Everneath, Everbound & Evertrue by Brody Ashton

#7 The Fallen Series, Fallen, Torment, Passion & Rapture  by Kate Lauren

(With the exception of The Fallen Series, the rest I read all the books in previous years, except for the final books in the trilogies were read this year.)

Also, on my book review tab at the top of my blog you can find reviews of all of these books!

I would like to note, I am pretty sure The Evolution of Mara Dyer Series will be added to this list above, as I have absolutely loved the first two books and plan on starting the third book (hopefully this weekend:)

So what books have made your top 2014 favorite readings?  Are any of your favorites similar to my own?  Are you a book hugger? If so, what was the last book you hugged?

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