Highs, Lows & Confessions

This week was filled with lots of highs and lows, so in other words a typical week in my world:)

A few weeks ago I started working with my 3 year old niece teaching her fun large words to use.  It's totally cute, and she's super smart and speaks better than most first graders so you can actually tell what she is saying.
Since her mom taught her that slow drivers on the road are "amateur's" I figured it would be okay to expand her vocabulary a bit more.
I have successfully taught her when her parents asks her to go to bed, she now says: "I can't I'm Nocturnal."
This week I taught her when she is asked to do something that she isn't sure she wants to do, to tell them she is apprehensive about doing it.  That one took a little more practice, but 5 minutes of fun game work with her and she's got it down!
It's totally cute when she whips those words out when no one knows they are coming, especially when she does it to strangers.  Plus it's a lot of fun for me:)
I love being an aunt!!!!  Best job ever!!!

We've been having some unusually warm weather for here in northern Utah.  Normal years we are buried in cold and snow.  But lately I have been waking up to temps around 40 degree's and highs in the mid 50's later on.  In other words its absolutely perfect for running.  In fact so perfect that, it's practically t-shirt weather, its crazy I am loving being able to run outside and not have to worry about the snow yet:)

Last week my run on Tuesday was probably one of my most enjoyable 5 milers all year.  Just one of those days where you just love to be able to run and it comes with such ease that you just get that little mini high!

But then Wednesday happened.

About a month or so ago I had a little injury flare up, I was able to get it to calm down quickly. However, although I was able to get the main pain to go down, I was never able to get the extra swelling to go down.
I should have known that would cause me problems later on, but nothing I did would make it go away, and since it's been swollen for over a year now, I didn't worry to much about the additional swelling.
(Even if I should have!)

Then Wednesday the area that had the extra swelling for the past month, had occasional hints of sharper pain. Thursday I woke up with even sharper pain with every step.  I had gone out to go out on my morning run, but turned around after 1/2 mile.  Sharp pain, means something is wrong and I knew I needed to get off of it.
It drove me to tears because this stupid work injury is like never ending, if it's not one thing its another.
This is the first time, since I started the rehabilitation that I actually had pain when running.  In the past, I haven't, or it's always just been when walking or standing. Running has always been the one thing that didn't bother it, and in some ways actually helped it.
Which is why the pain while running brought me to tears.

Anyhow, back in the boot Thursday, Friday, Saturday.  I started to notice the sharp pain is decreasing each day.  Sunday I walked around a little (cautiously) not in the boot, to see where things are.  I haven't had any sharp pain, which is a good sign that maybe whatever is going on, I was able to catch quickly.
But the swelling is about 3X the normal swelling, which normally I would be concerned about, but anytime I have to go back in the boot my ankle swells up this way, so we'll see.
I'll continue to wear the boot at nights, and transition out during the days a bit and see how things go for the next week or so.
I'll start increasing the PT each day a bit more, so I can keep the strength up while it is healing.  As long as I am doing nothing that causes the sharp pain, then I know what I am doing is likely working.

But I signed up to work 4 days on my feet this week, and that was probably not so smart on my part. I may end up having to just call in sick. I am done letting this 2nd job ruin my life!

So yeah, that's pretty much it.  I'm not happy about it, but I am trying to keep a good attitude and focus on what I can do to heal this quick.
The bummer is not being able to go out and run in this beautiful weather now!

I have been mentioning my vehicle problems for a while now (sorry).  My car was back at the repair shop pretty much all of last week again.
They have done everything, and its becoming apparent that sometimes a vehicle just goes, and it's time to buy a new one.
I am hoping their new fixes will get me through the month or so.  But I am already looking, well honestly I am not.  But I did tell my brother-in-law who works at a dealership to keep his eyes open for me.
I am not looking forward to buying a new vehicle, I bought my last truck in 2000 and haven't had a car payment since 2003.
I don't even want to think about having to deal with car payments again...  But such is life, it happens to everyone!

I have struggled with this for many years.  95% of the time I can keep it from ever becoming active. But sometimes it happens anyway.
I get really tired and fatigued, struggle to keep awake no matter what I am doing.  One nap a day is never enough, I find myself needing a couple.
I have been in denial that it might be back, but the extreme lack of energy and double naps a day and the occasion that I sleep away a day or at least a half.
Well I am finally accepting its probably back.
To get it to go inactive again, I just need to get plenty of sleep (not a problem) make sure I am eating healthy and getting all my vitamins (kinda a problem of late..) and keep the daily exercise up.
I have high hopes that in a month or so I will be able to say it's a thing of the past, or well on it's way to becoming one!
Until then, if you see a few less weekly posts, its likely because I fell asleep one too many times while working on them:)

One of the realizations I am coming to is.  I seem to be okay at keeping an okay attitude when things go wrong.  But what I am horrible at, is eating during those times.
I find I will grab a Pepsi or two and just tell myself I deserve it.
Especially lately since I get tired so much, I just tell myself I need the caffeine.
I'll grab a snack or treat myself out to lunch and tell myself it's okay I need it today...

Yeah, I know NOT healthy habits!  It's actually really hard for me to admit this, and I only decided to blog about it, when the other day I went to reach for not my first or second Pepsi of the day, but my third.
Eating good and not eating sugary junk is something I struggle with, when things are not going my way.  I am not proud of it, I am actually quite humiliated by it.
Hence the reason I don't take dozens of selfie's each week to post like other bloggers do.

But, I am going to change that!  Well maybe not the picture part (for now:)
Which is why I am coming clean about the problem, admitting something that I have never actually said out loud or told others before.
I am hoping by doing this, it will make me more aware and be more accountable for my actions. Think twice before I pick up another soda etc...

So I plan to share an update on my progress each week.
Let's pretend I am not having an injury flare up problem right now.   If I can get things to go right for a while, I am still hoping to get my body ready for a March marathon.
Not only do I have that as my goal.
But I also have a goal to lose 40 pounds before the race.
It may or may not be keeping it realistic, but keeping things realistic hasn't ever really been a part of my vocabulary!  Which is also I believe the same reason I achieve a lot of the goals I set out to do.
Anyhow, wish me luck on that, I'll need it!!!


I am excited for Christmas, I love this time of year.  I've already started watching a couple of Christmas movies.  I have a goal to get all my cards sent out in the mail today.  Another to get all my Christmas shopping done this week.  So I can sit back and just enjoy the rest of the holiday season.
This is actually the first year since I have owned an event decoration company that I don't have a Christmas wedding to spend all my time on.  So although I will miss a holiday wedding.  I will just enjoy having the week between Christmas and New Years event free and instead work on getting things ready for what I like to call Wedding Season.
Which is what I call the Holiday's when everyone gets engaged, and then January & February when all the calls and consultations and bookings for the year come in.

Hope you all enjoy your week!

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