9 Time Management Tips for Bloggers, Creating and Writing Blog Post Edition

Blogging takes time, quite a bit of time. If you aren't managing your time correctly, you'll find you can easily waste a lot of it. There are several aspects of blogging and truthfully there are things you can do time management wise in each category. But for today, I'd like to tackle a specific category, time management for post writing.

Keep a notepad or something handy to jot down ideas wherever you go:

Most of your best idea's for blog posts will likely come to you at random times. Which is why if you keep a notepad or something with you anytime an idea pops into your mind, you'll be able to put it down and think more on it when you have more time.  It will also help, so you don't forget that great idea.

If I don't have my book handy, I almost always have my cell phone, so I also have a folder on it where I text myself ideas.

Brainstorm before you sit to write: 

If you wait to brainstorm when you are sitting down to write your posts, you're already not doing so well in blogging time management. In fact, you are probably adding double the time to it.

If you keep an idea book, as your working throughout your days brainstorm on an idea or two ahead of time that you may want to write about later that day when you sit down to do so.
If you are worried about forgetting, make a quick note in your notebook to help you remember part of your brainstorm process.

I actually find the best time to plan my posts and what I'd eventually like to put together in them, are the times when I am doing other things like out on a run, driving or waiting in line at the grocery store and sometimes even when chatting with friends. The times where I can let my thoughts roam freely when they are not forced.

Writing your posts: 

I hear all the time people say they get writers block, or can't think of things to write about when they have time to write posts.  Well that's usually because they don't do the first two steps above. If you're constantly waiting to do the entire creative process when you sit down to write a post that may have only taken 30-60 minutes to write could easily take double or triple that.

Instead when you sit down to write, just write! Look in your notebook, and pick the idea that has been most recently on your mind and write straight non-stop typing.
I do a 20 minute non-stop writing process.  I've heard other bloggers do 30-45 minutes a day. Where you just sit down and write, let the fingers flow as you put down everything you previously brainstormed on a subject.

Daily writing:

While blogging is a lot of fun, it's also a lot of work. Which is why I highly recommend writing 4-5 days a week 20-30 minutes at each sitting.
These are times you can put together previous brainstorm ideas, and begin formulating them, saving them as drafts to finish or continue another time. This also helps you form better blogging/writing habits, putting yourself on a schedule.
It allows you to enjoy the first love of bloggers, which is to create/write!

Editing process:

9 times out of 10 I will sit down and freely write posts, and then go back and edit them a few days to a few weeks later.
This does a lot of things. Gives you time to walk away from your posts and look at them with a fresh set of eyes.
It becomes easier to delete things, that originally you may have thought were important to include, but after going back and looking at it, realize a lot of things are unnecessary. (This is especially helpful for those of us who tend to be long winded.)

This really doesn't have to take much time, the better you get at it, you will find you can easily go in and fully edit a post ready to publish in 10 minutes or less.

Picture editing:

Personally, I prefer to have at least one image for each post. But at times 3-6 depending on the type of post. Editing and creating images take time, sometimes as much time as it takes to write post.
I suggest doing image/picture editing/creating once a week.

Go back and pick 3-5 posts that are in the finishing stages or ready for the editing stage, and create images for them all at once.

I find that if it's all done on a specific day, it's easier to get it all done and surprisingly ends up working out faster than if I only edited pictures one at a time for each post.

Don't be a blog snob:

If all your doing is promoting your own material all the time, then your not going to get as far as you would if you'd spend a few minutes each day helping promote others blogs as well.  Blogging is a lot of give and take. If you constantly only take, you're going to run out of room to grow. But if you're giving when you can, others will help you take your blog to the next level. Plus, that is the fun part about blogging!

Accept guest bloggers:

If your running out of time to blog, then why not accept guest bloggers.  As long as they have a writing style that you feel your viewers would like. Why not allow a few guest bloggers to help you out at different times of the year to give yourself a little break in the writing process.

A few mistakes that add unnecessary time:

1. Ignore the numbers, don't check your stats often. Once a month is more than enough. Blogging is different than a regular website. Your return for your hard work can take a month or show to actually start giving you accurate numbers.

2. If you don't have anything to say, then yes it's okay to not say it.  Don't post to post. Not only is it a waste of your time, but likely if you didn't have a plan, it's a waste of your viewers time.  Remember to respect your viewers, and they will respect you!

3. Say NO, if you are overwhelmed and a company or program you are affiliated with wants you to run a post for them. If you don't have time, just say no.  They aren't going to dump you, and they will respect that you don't have the time to put something quality together.

Those are my tips.

Granted if you are a "day in the life" blogger these likely may not help you much. Because generally if you are a day in the life blogger your writing and posting as your day goes.
However, if you are a content writer, scheduler, planner then some of these tips may help you.

I find when I do steps 1-2, when I sit down to write I've never had a time where the words didn't just flow. I never run out of content, in fact I have far more than I'll probably ever be able to use. Sometimes you may write something and end up saving it as a draft to use months down the road. Nothing wrong with that, in fact once you get into blogging and begin networking with others daily, you'll find steps 1-2 will save you hours of time each week!

Those are my time management tips for creating posts.  
What are yours?


  1. As usual, great tips Kristy. I often make notes to myself on my phone when I think of ideas when I'm on the go. That way, I'm less likely to forget about those great ideas.

  2. These are really great tips! I have notes on my phone and a notebook that I dump all my ideas into, and when I have pockets of free time, I write a billion posts and schedule them into the future! :P

  3. I randomly get ideas out of nowhere and just jot them down on my phone. I agree that helping to promote others posts is not only good manners but does help in the end. Also agree that it is better to wait until you actually have something to say than just writing a post to have a post. Good tips as always!

  4. Run and Live HappyMarch 8, 2017 at 6:19 PM

    These are great tips! I am still fairly new to blogging, so these are really helpful! I keep a folder in my dropbox so I can put my ideas in there and have access to them on all of my devices!

  5. lisarunsforcupcakesMarch 8, 2017 at 6:19 PM

    For a while, I was using an editorial calendar to keep me on task. I'm terrible at carving out time unless I have an idea marked on the calendar. I wish I was better at capturing ideas as they come to me! Thanks for sharing your tips and tricks!

  6. As always great info!!!

    I need to really work on my blogging time. I find I have all these thoughts....I jot them down and then they stay in draft....

    A work in progress for me for sure.

    Thanks for the tips!

  7. Ah these are so helpful! I am totally in agreement about writing when you have something to say...I actually just blogged about this today!!

  8. Good content always wins out. It's been interesting this year, because I cut back to posting 3x/week, yet my pageviews have increased. I don't usually lack for posts, but when I do, I always go to a link up with a prompt.

  9. Great tips. I can't imagine trying to think of something to write about just to have a blog post. To me, that means you don't have something natural to say, so why say it. Like you said, people need to respect their readers too.

  10. again, more awesome tips from Kristy ;-) Something I have started doing is taking a notebook along with me when we go on car trips. I don't want to burn up all my data on my phone, so I write in a notebook (we have numerous "old" notebooks the kids don't want anymore). It helps to get the ideas flowing, and when I actually sit down to type the draft, it almost writes itself. Also, I have many sticky notes that have scribbles on them (from when I'm at work). I'm still not great with my time management, but I'm making progress (slowly)

  11. Thanks! I do that quite often too, especially if I am out at work or something, I text myself quite often, LOL

  12. Your a lot like me then, I have so many posts from things i come up in freetime and schedule them for future dates or to work on later:)

  13. I come up with random idea's in random places to, I quite often text myself my ideas for later, LOL

  14. That's awesome! Your on great track then, keeping idea's handy for later dates comes in really helpful later on as you get into blogging more.

  15. I do keep a calendar too, I find it's very helpful just to remember what I have planned:)

  16. I think blogging is a never ending work in progress too:)

  17. I used to blog 5 times a week, and then I cut back to 3, and noticed the same thing. It takes less time to promote and share posts than it does to write them, a few less days of writing gives me a little more time for promotion. I am guessing that's why you've also seen an increase, or maybe one of the reasons:)

  18. Sadly I have seen many bloggers do it. Even just posting a single picture or single quote just to post, I think they are a waste of bloggers times, respect your readers and they will keep coming back, right!

  19. That's an awesome idea! I have a small notebook in my purse, it's actually the one I use for my wedding clients in case I get calls. The front half each year is all wedding notes, the back half is all blogging notes, LOL
    Oh if I owned sticky notes, I have a feeling my walls would be covered, LOL

  20. Tricia @ MissSippiPiddlinMarch 8, 2017 at 6:19 PM

    These are great tips an very much in line with a post I have coming up tomorrow. It's how I use Evernote in my blogging. I'm worse than average on time management. I can get sucked from one website to another for literally hours on end. I look up and have nothing to show for my wasted time. :(
    I love the idea you had about pictures. I spend so much time with this and especially now that I'm having problems. Sitting down each week would really help.
    You've also gave me an idea about getting guest bloggers. Thanks for that!!

  21. Great tips! I've recently started carrying a notepad around in case a good idea strikes me!

  22. I'm online late waiting to hit up a movie in a few hours with my sister and I hopped over and saw your Evernote post:) I may look into that one day!!!
    When I switched over to doing all my picture editing at one time, I seriously think it saved me a good hour or two each week from what it was before. Plus, after the first one you just get faster and before you know it a whole week work can be done in no time at all, well usually LOL Sometimes I get sidetracked, no one is perfect, LOL LOL

  23. That's awesome! I have one in my purse too, love it!!

  24. This is a great post! I've been blogging for 5 years and totally agree that you should just "post to post."

  25. Awesome post. Lots of great info here.
    I'm sharing it on a blogger love post on Anne's site: http://www.lovethehereandnow.com/ so other bloggers can read it too.
    Hope you have a great weekend, Kristy.

  26. The Hesitant RunnerMarch 8, 2017 at 6:20 PM

    Thanks for the tips Kristy! I've started bring a notebook around with me and it definitely helps. I need to work on carving out time to tweak my photos -- I've been doing them last minute, which often delays my posts. I am so thankful for your Hop and introducing me to fellow bloggers for inspiration and connection. I think the "give and take" aspect is why I love blogging so much!

  27. Oh that is so sweet of you to share, thank you!!!

  28. I used to do the same thing with Photo's and found it was taking way too much time. When I made the switch to doing them all at one time and only once a week (other than a rare week) it's saved me SOO much time, seriously I think over an hour!
    Glad you enjoyed the tips, thanks for stopping by!

  29. chewie chews kitchenMarch 8, 2017 at 6:22 PM

    thanks for the tips!
    I have created a writing format for my posts to help them look consistent and the more I write more posts the faster I get at them.
    I am going to be dealing with baby two soon so I might try guest posts...I have been tackling with the idea that I might have to stop blogging for few months which is pretty detrimental in the blogging world no?

  30. All great tips. I've been having a hard time FINDING the time these days. I always have great intentions to do what you say and then I have a million things pulling me in a million directions and it never happens. Maybe someday :)

  31. Emma @ lifeasifinditMarch 8, 2017 at 6:22 PM

    Thank you so much for this post. I'm determined this year to make a go of blogging and really put some time into it. I had decided that from next week I would set aside 30 minutes each day to 'write' and a certain amount of time to read other blogs too. So it was advantageous that I just found your post :-)

  32. This is awesome! and much needed! I need to schedule in my time for blogging for sure! Thanks so much! I'm going to work on looking for the time I'm going to allocate to writing out and brainstorming posts tonight!


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