Yay I'm Back, Moved and College is Going Great

Yay, I am exited to be back. It took me a bit longer to get Internet service hooked up at my new place.

I couldn't blog from my cell phone, because the area I live in now is a little out of full service range. It was taking 2-3 minutes to pull up a web page, because of that yeah I didn't even bother going online for much of anything.


My move went pretty good. My fabulous parents came with me to help me so I could bring more than would just fit into my own car. They are awesome by the way. They stuck around a few days and helped me get moved in and settled.

I mentioned a few weeks back I was moving into an apartment sight unseen.
Fortunately, it all worked out fabulously. The place is much larger than I expected. Its also newer and kept up quite well. The views I have in my desert surroundings are fabulous.
I live on the side of a plateau and have some stunning views out all my windows. I'm also located within minutes of some of the most beautiful places you've ever seen. In short, I am very happy about it.

I've already been enjoying playing in my new backyard as you can see in the image above and below. Since it was National Parks 100 year anniversary and it was free to get into them. I couldn't resist a bit of hiking in Zion Nation Park. No matter how many times I go there, I am always in love with the beauty of it. I even love more how close I live to it again and can visit and enjoy it anytime I want!


In my mind I thought the first week teachers would ease into it all a bit.
I was wrong, very wrong. I literally had so much homework and reading after the first couple of days, I was beyond looking forward to the weekend!

One plus is I really do like my classes. Granted two of them are pretty much nothing new to me, having been working in the Recreation industry in the past. But it might be nice to have a couple of easier classes because the other two I am taking are going to be much more involved than I had anticipated.


Leave it to me in an open conversational debate on my 2nd day of class to be the one who had the question in relation to the reading assignment and my disagreement with it. Which put all attention on me as the two professor's (it felt like) grilled me on several responses in front of the entire class, before taking the question to the rest of the class.

Thankfully I have an opinion on everything so that kind of helped. But it did feel awkward at first, but seeing as how once a week we will be doing that, I'll get used to it. (I think)
Bonus, whenever you say anything profound, LOL you get extra points and I scored a lot of extra points that day they said, LOL

Campus life is significantly different than it was when I went to school here many years ago. Besides the fact that the University campus has changed a lot. Everything is different.

I just loved being the only one who didn't know we were all supposed to be using this online portal, it's like a Facebook for school (Canvas) and all my assignments and schedules are on there. Ha ha.

One new thing I do love is this book rental stuff. I was able to get all books for all 4 classes for $127. Sweet huh! I lucked out because one class the professor's (yeah I have a triple teacher class) hate books because they are ridiculously expensive. So one less book to buy there yay me!

The rest of college life is great. I am not the oldest in my classes, well in one of them I definitely am. But I think not looking my age helps a bit as oddly there are kids that come up and talk to me like I am one of their peers and I haven't seen them do that to some of the other older individuals in the class. Which is funny, but I have decided to play the obviously I'm a bit older than you. But no one needs to know how much, LOL.


I made a decision, or my lack of being able to get out and do long runs has made the decision. The marathon I signed up for which is about a month away. I am not going to be ready for it.

With the move and everything happening in my life, I had to skip the last 4 weeks of building mileage longer run days. I'm only running about 20 miles a week right now and that is nowhere near the 40 I should be at to be getting my body properly conditioned.

Plus, I am struggling. I've really got to dump some of this weight I think it's holding me back from being able to run as I would like.

It kinda sucks, because it's going to kill me to pass up on the race. The Marathon is actually and ironically in the new town I just moved to. (Didn't plan that when I signed up for it back in April!)
But when you're not ready, you're not ready. I am going to continue to train and begin the building process, but without a specific goal in mind. Other than getting my body back in shape, and boy does it need it!

I do however have many beautiful trails all around me. I think I could run a different trail every day for a month and not have to do the same one if I wanted to. This city has put a lot of money into making these gorgeous trails.

It is funny though, I can't tell you how many lizards I now have to watch dart out of my way. One was so big on the trail the other day I was sure I was going to accidentally step on his head when I didn't notice him in time, but he moved quicker than he looked like he could, LOL

I fully plan on getting back into blogging regularly starting this week. But I am going to ease into it a little and start with two posts a this week instead of 3-4. Just so I can ease into things and fit it into my new schedule and not get overwhelmed.

So tell me, what is something you've done lately that has put you out of your comfort zone?

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  1. So glad to hear that the move went smoothly. Those views in your new backyard are absolutely incredible. I think you made the right decision about the marathon. Its better to be smart and safe in the long run.

  2. I know all about a school changing. I follow my college on social media, and apparently a couple dorms I was in as an upperclassmen are now all freshmen, and there's another dorm on the quad. It would definitely be weird if I went back to visit.

  3. I'm glad the move went well and the apartment is working out nicely! The scenery is gorgeous. It makes sense to not do the marathon when you have so many things on your plate.

  4. I am just loving hearing your life. The move - your view - college! Its all so exciting!!!!
    Good for you standing your ground early on with professors & discussing opinions. I'm sure its put a good view on your from the get go.
    Good for you not pushing yourself to do the marathon just because you signed up. Other things get in the way - that's OK. You gotta keep yourself strong & healthy for all the other fun life has for you right now.

  5. Thanks Kathryn! Oh yes I have a never ending supply of close places to visit and hike now. Not that I didn't before, but its a difference between forests and tree's, to deserts and sandstone:)
    Yeah, the marathon truthfully I am pretty sure I wouldn't even be able to finish even if I bumped up the mileage more quickly so I figured might as well let it go now and not dwell on it.

  6. Isn't it crazy how it all changes. I mean that is part of life.
    But honestly, besides where I lived originally which is still there, everything else has changed. But mostly for the better, it's a University now, it wasn't before so I think in this case change is good!

  7. Yeah, I don't even think that I could finish the marathon even if I got started on long runs right now. It's a tougher race with a lower cut off time, so when I started looking at it, figured might as well let this one go. But I'll definitely do it next year, since I live here now at least I won't have to go through the lottery, LOL

  8. Oh your too sweet! I am excited about it all, I am in a whole new entire world right now, it's literally completely different than any part of my life for the last 5 years.
    You know what's funny, I was scrambling for a question because I knew I needed one for credit, so I just grabbed the first thing that I saw, LOL The fact that it turned into a conversation piece was just a funny thing.
    Thanks, yeah I am not sure if I could have finished it even if I had wanted to start bumping the miles now. It's a tougher race course, if it had been a race back east or something flat I probably would have, but I know I wouldn't hit the cutoff time so that made the decision a bit easier! It will just suck seeing all the runners come into town that weekend, and I have a lot of friends running it... I think I'll just avoid downtown that day, LOL LOL

  9. Great to hear from you again! So glad that your move went well. That is some view you have there. Running and races will always be there sounds like you have lots of other things to focus on right now.

  10. I'm jealous you live near Zion National Park now! And yay for school going well!!!! <3

  11. Wow! So cool you live in such a beautiful area! Sounds like an exciting time and going back to school is going well.

  12. Lacey@fairytalesandfitnessMarch 8, 2017 at 6:39 PM

    You are probably making the right decision in backing out of the marathon. If you don't feel like you are properly trained you could risk getting injured and be out even longer. Glad to hear the apartment is treating you well. You lucked out for not even seeing it before. I don't think I could do that. Those are some beautiful views at Zion. I have never been there.

  13. I'm glad that the move went well. That scenery is absolutely beautiful.

  14. Thanks! Yes there are some amazing views around here.
    Very true to that races will always be there!

  15. Glad to hear the move went well. It's so beautiful where you live! Sounds like you are making the smart choice about your marathon. I had to do the same thing last spring with the full I had signed up for. With my husband gone I just didn't have time to train.

  16. Thanks! Yes, I am excited to live so close I think I need to get a yearly pass to enjoy it as often as I can now:)

  17. Thanks, yes school is busy but definitely go well so far.
    Yes, I am excited to live in this area again should be fun!

  18. Thanks, yes I do think I lucked out quite a bit since I rented it sight unseen. Zion NP is absolutely stunning one of the most stunning in the nation, if your ever in the area of Southern Utah you definitely should check it out!

  19. Thank you! Yes, I am going to enjoy living back here again!

  20. I'm so glad everything is working out so good for you! I would be in heaven with all those trails and that scenery.
    Could you switch to the half marathon? I think backing out of the full is a very smart decision!

  21. Going back to school is hard. Kudos to you. Your instructors probably love you. There is nothing worse than students who don't participate!
    I am on my 5th online course and I finally got smart when it came to the textbook. I got this one from my library!

  22. Thanks, yes it is a beautiful area of the country. Yes, sometimes life just takes control and in my case I didn't prioritize enough so no marathon, but it will be okay as long as I stay away from the runners race weekend and not get the why didnt I do it feeling, LOL

  23. Yes, moving back here does have it's advantages there are so many more trails so close by, I look forward to trying all of them over the next few years:)
    Actually no this race is a Marathon only race, they don't take any focus off it and host any other races to go with it. Which is kinda good because that's one of the reason's I normally love running it:) Next year though, for sure!

  24. Nice! I wish I could get them from the library. One of my books was at the college library but they only let you check it out for 1-2 hours at a time and it can't leave the building, I figured in my case as much as I would need it, it wouldn't be worth it!
    But yes, use the library to your best advantage if they have what you need!! The book rental thing saved me hundreds, love it!
    I'm not sure about the teachers liking me more or not for it, but you may be right. I did overhear a girl in one of my pre-req classes whisper to a guy that I talk to much in the class. LOL If I was 18, I would probably shy up and never speak up again. But this going back to school older has its advantages, because I literally didn't even care when I overheard and just laughed to myself. Kinda nice when you don't have to have that need to impress or not stand out in the wrong way with the peers thing going on, LOL LOL

  25. Nice to see you! You have a full plate so I hope you take it easy and enjoy it all!

  26. It's wonderful to hear your move went smoothly and your apartment ended up being nice and roomy too. I know you will fit right in (at any age) and do very well! It looks like such a pretty area. I am very envious of all those trails you can choose from and your views too. There are many other marathons you can choose from when you are ready! Thanks for linking, Kristy!

  27. So glad to hear the move went well. It looks like you are living in an absolutely gorgeous location - the first pic in your post is stunning! Sorry to hear you'll have to skip this upcoming marathon. I understand how that goes sometimes just not being ready in time for race day. Fortunately there are other races and with the move behind you you'll hopefully be able to get back into regular training :)

  28. Tricia MissSippiPiddlinMarch 8, 2017 at 6:40 PM

    Sorry I'm so late, playing catch up from last week being out of town! I'm so glad to hear your moved and enjoying life in your new town! Boy you sure do have some amazing scenery around you, but you did have that before.
    I'd be excited too about new trails. Oh and lizzards, down in Orlando, they were freaking everywhere. Not big ones but still!!!
    I'm signed up to do a run kayak run race Saturday and it will be out of my comfort zone!

  29. Thanks! Yes, it is a pretty area I am looking forward to the trails they are a great bonus living here!

  30. Thank you Sun! Yes, southern Utah has some really pretty areas, I am enjoying my views for sure!

  31. Life happens, I am about a week behind with blogging these days. I'm hoping each week to make a little progress on it:)
    Yes, Southern Utah has some amazing places. If you ever decide to take that trailer and come west, you definitely need to hit up some of Utah's area's!!!

  32. Great to hear that you are all moved in and adjusting well! Great to hear that college life is going great! So cool that you are close to Zion and sounds like you have lots of cool trails to explore!


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