Come on my Run

A few weeks back, I thought of a fun idea and decided to save it for my Spotlight day in the hop. So for those of you who are visiting for the first time welcome!

I did a couple of things I don't usually or ever do. I went for a run (well that's a usually do, LOL) and actually brought my phone, which is rare for me. Second, I actually took the camera out and snapped a few pictures along the way. Why, I had this fun idea to take you on my run with me, virtually of course.

Let's start out, originally the plan was for 5 miles on a trail I had not been the entire way on before. We start out on this bridge that crosses what normally this time of year can look like a little stream, The Virgin River.

Heading out in the evening, partially cloudy but mostly a sunny 90 degrees. May sound hot, but it's actually quite a bit cooler than it has been! Fall is definitely in the air!
But I also love running in the heat so it's a win win!

I didn't even get across the bridge before snapping a quick picture of the river below.

Gonna put the phone away, gotta climb a bit of a lengthy hill now, to get closer to the top of the ridge you see in the picture above.

Phew, that was a steep climb, but only about a 1/8th of a mile to get to the top. Already the views looking from above are stunning. Full on sun now, since we no longer have the mountain to the left shading the trail. Which means lizards are out sunning themselves, which means try not to squish one, not even kidding about that! LOL

I'm already starting to tell that continuing to put my phone inside and out of my Flipbelt for snaps along the way, is starting to add a lot more time to my run. Oh well... just this once, I'll keep it up.

Quick view looking over the rail at the river below. It looks like the river from Charlie and the Chocolate factory. But for the chocolate lovers (I'm not one) gonna guess it doesn't taste as good as the one in the movie!
It's so muddy because of the storms up in the red canyons ahead, which I am guessing a few miles down the road we might start running into more.

Okay, enough rail pictures, I haven't even made it a mile and I think I could have run two by now, LOL I'm thinking a GoPro would be awesome to use for this instead, but unfortunately I don't own one yet:)

Remember the lizards I mentioned I didn't want to step on, well at first I couldn't believe this one let me get a close-up shot usually they run. But I think the guy in front of me on the trail must have stepped on it, he/she was a bit stunned and not going anywhere for a minute.

Still alive though, I thought about putting it out of its misery but my luck some other runner would come up on me throwing rocks at lizards heads and my luck they'd be some environmentalist freak with a camera and I'd be a You Tube sensation, LOL

See told ya it's easy and a valid fear to not want to squish a lizard on the trail, LOL

Had to put the camera away and get some actual running in, the sun is starting to set, and now only a little over 2 miles in. Well maybe a little more, I couldn't help myself taking a little side trail to see where it went, it took me up into some fancy neighborhood with homes the size of hotels hidden in the cliffs. (Some people have too much money, but all power too them!)

Now we get to cross the river and see what it's like on the other side.

It's evening and the rabbits are active and everywhere now. Jumping back and forth across the trail, probably hoping to get some last minute dinner in before sunset.

Most of them didn't stop long enough to get a shot, but this little guy apparently was curious enough about me he stayed in the open for a bit. I love rabbits, they are so cute!
Fun fact, a bunny was my first ever pet besides a fish!

One thing about the desert, there isn't much living but cactus and sage brush, except along the river. As you can see it's almost lush like. And look at those beautiful storm clouds moving their way closer in. On the plus side, looks like I will miss the storm afterall!

Lots of farmers and golf courses along this route closer to the city. 

I couldn't keep stopping to take pictures it's starting to get late and I keep taking too many little detours off the main trail.

These little wood and mud hut looking buildings are what a lot of farmers use to keep things cooler in, similar to how the Indians did. Those buildings even when triple digits out actually stay cool inside.

Sorry, the sun was full on in my eyes, so I couldn't tell that I ruined the picture with a sun-spot. I little mini waterfall from looking down one of the bridges.

I took another detour. After I climbed back up from the river floor, and then crossed the river a couple more times. I saw another trail that went down deeper in. Couldn't resist just a little bit of a run into it to see a little bit where it goes.

It's the adventure seeker in me, I always want to know what's around the next river bend. If you're thinking Pocahontas, I was too, writing this now I am already singing Disney's "What's around the river bend" LOL

Found a sign that said it goes for another 2.4 miles, guess that means I can save it for another day! But love how it actually has some tree's and shade even if only for a short bit, you don't find much of that here!

Time to go back up again.

It's getting late and the sun is down over the cliffs, but it still hitting the storm clouds, they really are making for some beautiful picture stops.

I've really got to pick it up, I am not huge on being on trails out in the dark by myself. Ya, know safety reasons and all:)

Usually, the sage brush is pretty dead. But we've had a little more rainfall than normal lately and look it made them bloom beautifully!

Now I didn't take a picture of this, but the entire College Cross Country team just passed me and started on the trail. Good thing they were going the other way, they sped past like they were on a mission. They must have been train racing each other, because props to several girls who were ahead of the guys on the hill they were climbing to pass me on, LOL

Okay, one more snap of the sky, it was so pretty! If anyone is running behind me and seeing me keep stopping to photograph this, they probably think I'm one of those crazy's who can't workout without proof, LOL I guess this time, they are kinda right.. oh well all in fun!

(No offense if you are a fitness camera proof crazy, I mean we are bloggers crazy is just at times the name of the game!)

It really started to get pretty dark after this point, so I put the camera away and picked it up a little to get back to the trailhead that I left my car at. 

I probably added 40 minutes to my time just snapping pictures alone on this run. I'm not even kidding. My phone barely fits in my Flip belt so it takes time taking it out, putting it back. I took a few more pictures along the way than I showed, and each one added way too much time. But it was fun to try once!

Well, I finished a sweaty mess. On the plus side, when the sun went down I was able to finish in a cool 85 degrees with a slight breeze. 

However, a quick look at my tracker showed all those detours, made my 5-mile run turn into just over 7-miles. In other words, story of my life, LOL

But who cares, like I say: better to be the type that adds more mileage than the type that shortens a run!

Will I do this again? The trail definitely!
But take the camera and phone??? Maybe once in a while, but only on days like today where I had all the time in the world to get my run in... Well, all the time until dark at least!

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  1. Tricia MissSippiPiddlinMarch 8, 2017 at 6:43 PM

    What a very cool idea. I just might do this for my run in New Orleans today. I've told you before but you have beautiful places to run. Just being somewhere new makes a huge difference for me.
    Have a great weekend lady!

  2. You live in such a beautiful place! I have always loved all your pics (travel and otherwise!). I love exploring new places on the run! It's the best way to do it!

  3. Marissa_WhereINeedtoBeMarch 8, 2017 at 6:43 PM

    What beautiful scenery for a run! I always run with my phone (for music and safety) and have a terrible habit of taking it out to snap photos along the way! I tell myself I am living in the moment and it's ok for recreational runs but I have to really watch it when I'm training for something :)

  4. What a great idea! I love this whole taking us along with you for a run :) The scenery on that trail is amazing! Though I don't know how I would feel about the lizards.

  5. What a fun idea! I may try to do the same, once I branch out of running through my neighborhood or on the high school track lol. That isn't very exciting. I just love your pictures! Hope the lizard is ok. ;)

  6. What gorgeous views from your run!

    I purchased an off-brand GoPro for $99 and it was 100% worth it. It's awesome.

  7. I'm quite envious of all of the gorgeous views you had during your run. I too sometimes slow down to be able to take snapshots of the beauty that surrounds us.

  8. What a beautiful run! I usually run with my phone but I rarely take it out of my belt. I can only imagine how much time it added to your run. However, I appreciate that you did because I loved seeing what you get to enjoy each time you go for a run. I may have to copy this idea for a blog post. Thanks for hosting the hop!

  9. This is such a fun idea for a post! You took some beautiful photos and the light is stunning.

  10. This is such a fun idea! I may have to steal it although my runs don't look as pretty as yours does! That lizard!

  11. Cassandra @PoweredbyBLINGMarch 8, 2017 at 6:43 PM

    I'm sooo jealous of your running route! I wish we had something that amazing around here for a route. If I did a virtual tour of my routes, you'd be bored out of your mind. Maybe you can video your route and I can watch it when I run instead of my boring suburban route. LOL

  12. Omg!! thanks for sharing your run with us. Awww look at the lizard...hope it is ok.

    I think the sun adds to the picture actually....well I like it.

    This was so fun! Now I want to run in a desert!

  13. This is a beautiful running route! I love this idea of showing where you run! One challenge for me is in an urban area, it's a) not quite as beautiful, and b) much easier to show you closely where I live for you to stalk me! :) (not you specifically!) Kudos on the run!

  14. You're so right that stopping to take pics adds a lot of time onto your run but it can be so worth it to have mementos of the run.
    My first pet was a goat named Mischief.

  15. What a fun idea! I loved 'joining' you for your trail run! Such stunning pictures!
    I feel ya with the picture taking. Everywhere I go I am taking pics! My husband has gotten used to it finally, but sometimes I still feel silly constantly taking pics!
    That bunny is adorable!

  16. Such a creative idea to take us on your run! No wonder you saved it for your spotlight day. Some of those scenes felt surreal! Pictures do speak more than a thousand words.

  17. I love running in new places too, I agree it makes a huge difference at times. It's like Christmas for adult runners, LOL
    Hope you had a great run in New Orleans, I love running in that city I need to make it back there one day!

  18. Thank you that is very sweet of you to say!
    I totally agree, seeing a new place on a run is fabulous!!

  19. I know a lot who do it for safety, so I totally see that!
    I do carry pepper/tear gas spray so I'm not out there with no defense I count that for my safety, LOL
    I agree though, I took it the other day too and I couldn't help pulling it out, and then it cursed me because I got back later than I needed to, to get ready to go somewhere else I had to be, LOL oh well though right!

  20. Thanks! Oh the lizards are cute when they are not in my way, LOL

  21. Thank you! LOL, high school tracks are cool too! I've been wanting to hit up the college track, maybe one of these days:)

  22. Thank you!
    That is a fabulous idea! I'll have to look into that, does it take great quaility pictures too?

  23. Yes, it's way too easy to do it, for me it's probably a good thing I don't normally take the phone I'd be constantly too tempted, LOL

  24. Thanks! Yes, I knew after stopping the first 5 times that it was not going to be a speedy process, LOL oh well.
    Copy away, it's always fun to see new running routes around the country!!!

  25. You get to run through Washington, which is way different but an entirely different kind of beautiful:) so yes steal away:)

  26. LOL I doubt that! I've run a lot around the country and in many different states and I've yet to find a boring one yet, even in the suburbs, LOL
    But thank you! It was a pretty route, I definitely believe I will do it again or maybe a couple of times a month.

  27. Thanks! Yes, it was evening and sun setting and that definitely helps make any picture better! I bet if I took a picture of the igloo barn at noon it would look terrible and ragged, LOL
    If your ever in Southern Utah hit me up and you can come desert running with me!

  28. Thank you!
    Yes, I probably wouldn't show a route I go on often or that you could pick out where i live either just because of like you said possible stalkers, LOL
    While I plan to do this again, it may only be a once or twice a month thing, since it's one I have to drive to so I wasn't worried about stalkers, well hopefully at least no worries:)

  29. Awesome, that is a great fun name for a goat, love it!!!

  30. Thank you!
    LOL I take pictures whereever I go with friends and family too, they still think I'm nuts, LOL

  31. Thank you! It is a pretty area, I do enjoy living in this part of the country for sure!

  32. Your runs look so gorgeous, and yay for seeing so much wildlife out there! (You're actually making me want to possibly pick up running again, but it's been effing cold lately--it snowed this morning! o_o but I was up in Vermont so maybe I shouldn't count that, haha). That sky is absolutely gorgeous!! <3

  33. Your runs look awesome! I love that scenery! I get mostly beach scenes on mine because that's what's close to the majority of my running routes. I was really excited when we had good weather this weekend though- I can't stand running in the heat, so more power to you that you can do it and enjoy it!

  34. Yes, I've been really impressed with the picture quality. I took it to Hawaii, so you can see some of the pictures from here on my post
    There are a few different models but this is the one I have

  35. I'm so glad you took pictures on that run. I can't imagine running in such a gorgeous place! Pretty sure I would always be taking pictures instead of getting any running done!

  36. Thank you! My sisters been getting a few snow showers here and there too, guess it's just that time of year:)

  37. Thank you!
    Beach running is great too, very relaxing! But yeah, I'm one of those weird ones that love running in the heat, LOL


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