Me Monday, My Updates and Share Some of Yours

I am pretty sure all of my college professors were all on the same page last week. Because I was seriously overloaded with homework and projects to get done. I literally sat on a computer writing papers for 6 hours two days in a row.

Crazy busy, but I stayed on top of it and got it done and surprisingly enjoyed it!
On the plus side, I didn't walk into any walls this week, LOL

The final week of the blog hop, which is an online event I enjoy putting together each year. Well, that was sort of the icing on the cake of busyness.

My only regret, although I did follow all of my own rules for the hop (kinda have to as the host, LOL) but normally I like to try to visit more than the required, but this year I didn't quite get a chance to quite as much extra as I usually do.

Was the hop successful? I think overall it was for those who fully participated. Participation was at about 80% on one hop and 75% on another. A larger than in the past fully non-participation rate. Which is kinda a bummer because the time commitments were half of what they normally are and I made it quite reasonable to maintain dropping all the past stuff that seemed to eat up too much time.

Oh well, overall I am happy with the things I heard from it, and if it works great for the majority then that is all that matters! I've found a few new great bloggers out of it, that I am looking forward to following so it worked for me too!


We've had some great weather, it's been literally perfect running conditions. We are starting into the fall here so mid 80's.
I'm starting to build a much stronger base, and I'm getting better the longer I run. (My body has always liked distance.) I almost wish it was in the budget to run a half marathon this fall/winter I think I'd enjoy it! But I will resist, as to keep myself on a budget for this college thing:)
On the plus side, I dropped 6 pounds in October. I have a lot more to go but it's again what I'd like to call a great start.

On the plus side, it's not been bothering me at all to run so I haven't had to slack off on the running. (It's only bothering me going up or down stairs or when I twist wrong.)
I came across another new trail, I found this part along a river and glanced through the tree's and saw a trail so I took it. Best, part is it's very close to my home and in a safe area so definitely plan on adding it to one of my weekly runs!


After the busy week, I decided Friday night to unplug and stay off of the blog and internet (mostly) for a couple of days. Went over to my new hiking playground in Zion National Park Saturday and hit up a hike that I haven't done since years back in my high school days with my family.
I've always loved hiking through portions of the Narrows.

I literally got to a point in the hike, and I stopped and just stared up and looked around and decided I am so blessed to be surrounded by such beauty and even more blessed to be the adventurous outdoors type that enjoys hiking in it. I know that sounds stupid, but hey a girl can be a dork with her thoughts sometimes!

I've got a lot more great pictures, I'll have to so an Travel Tuesday Post on it, eventually:)

I know it's Halloween, so I hope you are all having an awesome holiday. I love dressing up, but this year I skipped it. I know lame!
Want to know even more lame, I didn't buy any Halloween candy to hand out. I've seen very few kids living around here and I doubt kids trick-or-treat apartments anyhow. Plus with all the trunk or treats, I passed on on my run the other day. I figure, I probably wouldn't get any anyhow. Plus, if I did buy a bag, I would be the one who would end up eating it all.

Just in case, I think I will just avoid being home in the rare chance someone does stop by! Yes, it's okay to dislike on me for that, I'm not proud of it!

So that was a few bits of my past week, tell me about yours?

Do you enjoy fall hiking?
Do you totally dislike me for the Halloween candy thing? it's okay to tell me!

I am linking up with HoHo Runs and MissSippiPiddlin today for their Weekly Wrap!



  1. You are surrounded by beauty! Glad to hear you are out running and hiking all the things you love! Happy Halloween!

  2. I've loved your instagram photos, everything is so beautiful! And that's too bad about the non-participation rate in the bloghop :( It really wasn't that much extra time and I really enjoyed it. Thank you for organizing it!

  3. I'll be home tonight, with no candy either. I don't have door decorations, or a pumpkin. To me, that means unavailable for trick or treating.
    I would've loved to been part of the blog hop, but I've got a lot going on with my move. If you do another one next year, my move will be done :)

  4. We dont get trick or treaters where we live so I try to steer clear from the Halloween candy myself.
    Great job on the weight loss!!!!!
    & good job still working so hard in school. So proud of you!

  5. I think it is fine to not get candy! I am probably going to be one of those people that all the kids hate because I hand out apples... Once I feel adult enough to actually hand anything out! Plus, it's better that you don't have candy lying around and tempting you, especially after your October success. Congrats on the 6lbs! We are going to be at a Halloween party during trick or treating, so I get a pass on it! And yes - Fall hiking is the best! The leaves are so beautiful! Don't be sad about the blog hop being less participationerrific as before... I think it was still fantastic and really appreciate what you've done! ;) Thanks again! <3

  6. Lacey@fairytalesandfitnessMarch 8, 2017 at 6:46 PM

    Beautiful fall pics! We do not get any trick or treaters at our condo, so I had to buy a little tasty treat since I will not be eating out of the candy bowl. We got Halloween cupcakes

  7. I found a few new bloggers to follow this time which was great. Don't really get why people sign up and then do not participate or reciprocate. Oh well! Happy November

  8. I'm glad you're hanging in there, and hooray for not walking into any walls! :P (I keep tripping over my left foot these days. ;_; ) Those pictures you've been posting are sososo gorgeous! <3!!! I'm reallyyyyyy hoping I can come visit you somewhere in the next 2 years!! :D!!

  9. Oh my gosh, it is so beautiful there!!!!! Glad to hear your hop went well, and hope your homework load eases up soon!

  10. I'm so sad I missed out on your most recent blog hop but knew I wouldn't be able to be an active participant these past few weeks. They're usually so much fun so next one for sure!

    Congrats on the 6 pound weight loss - that's fantastic and no small feat!

    Hilarious about the Halloween candy. I think it's fine to not buy any since you're unlikely to get any trick or treaters. Every year I end up buying multiple bags even though I never get any trick or treaters - and like you mentioned, I then end up eating it all myself!

  11. I am impressed that you fit all of this in so mindfully! I really enjoyed the hop and very much appreciate your efforts to make it successful. Thank you! Fall is one of my favorite times of the year to go hiking. It looks like you have some beautiful places to do so.

  12. First of all, huge THANK YOU for organizing the blog hop. As you know, I thoroughly enjoyed it and so excited to meet so many new bloggers online. It's commendable that you were able to handle so many of us in spite of such a busy schedule at school. Good job on your fitness achievements!

  13. Stunning pictures! I wish I could have participated in the blog hop this time. Since we are short staffed at work, it takes me a few days to read the Weekly Wrap links. I'm glad to hear running is going so well for you. And six pounds is an impressive amount of weight loss! I bought one large bag of Halloween candy which lasted one hour. I cut my lights off and pretended I wasn't home. I can report I ate ZERO pieces of candy. A win! Thanks for linking, Kristy.

  14. Glad to hear running is going well for you! Loving your pics especially with the fall colors! You're so lucky that Zion is so close. Would love to do the Narrows some day.


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