Getting Sand Where the Sun Doesn't Shine

This was one of those really crazy busy weeks at school, I swear the instructors piled on the homework, tests and projects. Which is fine, but I had so much else going on during the week, I barely had time to sleep.

Not to mention keeping up with the Grow Your Blog Hop, which I am enjoying even if it's meant some really late nights for me!

Monday - Wednesday was all school, I purposely worked ahead to get everything I needed to get done for the week done.
Because my sister and her cute kids were arriving late Wednesday night and I knew I wanted to hang with them as much as possible and the more I worked ahead, the more time I would have with them.

This week while out running, I found a new trail with a hidden gem along the way. I made a mental note of it so I could take my sister and her kids to it later that week when they arrived! (Which they loved too by the way!)

The past two weekends my car was in the shop when I was up north. Luckily all under warranty, but apparently even keeping my car two weekends in a row they didn't fix the problem.

Friday I noticed it again, thankfully my sister was in town so she helped me drop it off at a dealership here.
Problem is, they didn't finish with it Saturday, so I literally have no car or way to get anywhere and I am not a bus person. So if the weather is good today I am going to wake early and take the 2 hour walk around the mountain to classes. Then the hour walk to the dealership after classes.

If it's bad weather or too hot, I'm calling for a shuttle or demand a rental car. Fingers crossed I get the car back this evening, and even more hope it's fixed!

I'm really enjoying my classes even more. I'm getting to know the different students in them, and we have a lot of fun conversations and debates it's really making the social aspect of attending college again so fun!

Like I said my sister and her kids came to town.
We had a new park open up, it's very cool one of those all abilities parks. Seriously you could fall anywhere and not get hurt the ground has a soft spring bounce in it.
Best part is, this park is free for anyone to use!

It's new, so it's quite popular, plus it was fall break so it was a busy time. But my niece and nephew had a blast in it.
Playing in the waterfalls, choo-choo train rides, and all the swings and volcano eruptions and dinosaurs, yeah they had a blast.
Even better so did my sister and I. Yeah it said the park was for kids of all ages, so since we never grew up, yes we decided that meant for us too!

After we took my car into the dealership on Friday morning I suggested to my sister we change our plans and head to Zion National Park for the day.
The kids had never been before and as my niece put it when we asked her what she thought about all of the red and white mountains. "It's so amazing, I just can't take my eyes off it."
We laughed, but she had it right!
I apparently had my camera on the wrong setting for the evening, so sorry for the not so great image above!

Saturday we went hiking and exploring in Snow Canyon State Park, they really loved climbing up on the boulders and then we ended up in the sand dunes. Yeah, we pretty much all got buried up to our necks in sand, and my niece and I had fun having contests who could roll down the sand hills fastest.
Needless to say, I will be finding sand on my body for weeks, LOL

I even jumped in the pool for a few hours after hoping that would take the sand off, but then when I got in the shower after that, I still had a pile of sand on the floor, LOL
But it was fun so that's all the matters!

Have to show you the shot above, not my favorite shot with the camera I missed the best time of day to take the picture. But this is one of my most favorite mountains, I have loved it ever since I was a little kid.
Depending on the time of day it ranges in all different colors!
The picture 6 above is another one that I love taken around sunset as me, sis and kids were heading to dinner that night.

That was my week, well the short version with the more interesting parts.
I didn't think you wanted to hear about the 5 hours I spent trying to figure out Photoshop, for my Digital Design class, LOL

Tell me something fun you did this week.
Do you have a favorite mountain or spot?


  1. I'm in awe at all of the natural beauty that you got to surround yourself with this past week. What a great way to help destress when you feel like everything is piling up on you.

  2. Wow, you found some really beautiful places to enjoy! I don't live near the mountains, but love the power of the sea for stress relief and reminding me of what matters in life.

  3. Tricia MissSippiPiddlinMarch 8, 2017 at 6:44 PM

    I get the no car part! Literally, we've been gone all weekend and my daughter had my car. Well she misplaced the only key we own to the car! I'm already in weekend hangover mode and then this happened to make me late to work. Are you ready for this? As we're leaving in her truck, she backs into my car. Sighhhh, can I just have a do over? Happy Freaking Monday to me!

  4. So much beauty to see. I can't wait to get to Boulder and start exploring the mountains up there.

  5. Normally under warranty means they provide the rental car as part of the service...or so I thought. When we were at PCB in 2011 we had sand EVERYWHERE just from sitting so I can only imagine what you went through being buried and rolling in it! LOL

  6. I always had good intentions of working ahead, but I'm never really that good at it. I'm a procrastinator at heart. Whoops!

    Oh my goodness, what a pain, I really hope your car finally gets fixed!!

  7. Sorry to hear about your car! Sounds like a fun week though! That trail looks nice! That park looks like a great place for kids! I would love to go to Zion National park and that other one. Nice pics!

  8. Thanks, yes it is a great way to relax and regroup to start it all over again, but even the craziness of it all, I still am loving it so I guess that is good, LOL

  9. Thanks, yes it's a pretty part of the country here. The beach is a great stress reliever for sure, I don't visit the beach often but when I do I can sleep easily on one, so soothing!

  10. Oh no, yes you totally need a do-over!
    I was thinking my car issues today were bad, but yeah you beat me:(
    I got my car back after a 3 mile walk to pick it up which was fine, but it was to find out they still haven't fixed it because apparently I'm the only one that gets the error message and they cant recreate the problem to figure it out.. I literally drove away after they told me to video it and I kid you not 3 minutes later I stopped at the gas station to get some caffine because I totally needed it and the error popped up, LOL I should have taken it right back, but I didn't. LOL
    Hope you have good insurance, I am really sorry about you car!!!!!

  11. They do, and it was my fault for not asking for one. When I dropped it off on Friday I thought it would just be a day and my sister was in town so I didn't need a vehicle then when it didn't get done by Saturday and I was too far to pick anything up in the evening I was stuck without.
    They didn't fix it, even though I have it back so when I take it back next time I am getting the rental for sure!
    I still feel sand graines in my hair, not as much but yup still there, but it was sure fun! I still have to clean my bathroom, I hope it is easier than it looks, LOL

  12. Thanks!
    I try to work ahead and I did for the hop because I know myself. But with school I almost have to otherwise I swear they know or something and pile more onto me, and then it's late nights several in a row, LOL

  13. Hope you do make it to Zion NP one day, it's gorgeous!!!

  14. I am not a bus person either but wow a 2 hour walk to class?! Good for you!

  15. Sorry to hear about your car- bummer! your pictures always make me want to jump on a plane and fly to your latest destination! I def need to check out Zion one day soon--maybe a family vacation out west is in order?!

  16. Ahhhh, it looks so pretty out there! I really hope I get to do that fall trip next year (or spring of the following)--it'd be awesome to meet you! :D! Hope you have a good walk to class! I've missed walking everywhere, so I try to take advantage of that whenever I can. (Sorry about your car though. :[ I hope they fix it soon!!)

  17. I love all of your pics! That looks like so much fun! Sorry to hear about your car...
    I've not done anything fun this week sadly...hopefully soon!!!!

  18. Gosh these are gorgeous photos! I love that these beautiful places are all within what seems like day-trip distance for you! And the photo of your niece and nephew buried in the sand... priceless!

  19. I ended up only taking a 1 hour walk to the dealership, so it wasn't that bad, LOL

  20. Yes, hope you can visit Zion one day, it really is a beautiful place you'd love it!

  21. Hope you can take the trip!
    I don't mind the walking, I actually skipped walking to class because of the weather, but I did take an hour walk to the dealership. LOL
    I enjoy walking around campus between classes, it's fun people watching, I know I'm weird LOL

  22. Thank you!
    Well then that just means your due for some fun for sure!!!

  23. Thanks, yes they are all within a few minutes to about half hour drive, so it makes it really easy.
    Oh those kids loved playing in sand dunes, I told them it was the largest sandbox they'll ever get to enjoy, LOL

  24. I grew up in the North Georgia mountains, which are lovely. I'm definitely a city girl now (live in downtown Atlanta) but I love to get up to the mountains when I can.


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