Group 2 - Grow Your Blog, Spotlight Schedule and 5 Tips to Create a Spotlight Post

Because I am hosting one of my annual Grow Your Blog Hops, this post is to give those participating in the hop the details regarding their spotlight dates.

It is also the official list for the
Group 2 Participants. If you are stopping by my blog today even if you're not participating, feel free to check out these 21 awesome bloggers below.

Additionally, below the list, you will find tips and suggestions to help you with creating your post on your spotlight day.

These dates were selected at complete random, no requests or favoritism I promise! I literally throw all of the names in a bowl and draw them out to pick the spots. There is no bad day to have, as no matter the date in the hop, all those participating should be coming to visit and comment on your blog during the hop.

October 17th
The Girl's Got Sole
Running and Enjoying the Journey

October 18th
Ponder 'N' Wonder
Ellie Does

October 19th
Girl Seeking Healthy

October 20th
Running the Race

October 21st
Roaring Mama Lion
Eat 2 Save Your Life

October 24th
Dr. Jennifer L. Weinberg MD MPH MBE | Simple Pure Whole Wellness
Wholistic Woman
Run With No Regrets

October 25th
FaithFueled Mom
Runaway Bridal Planner

October 26th
Lisa Runs for Cupcakes
Running Happy

October 27th

Mind Body Soul Stylist

October 28th
The Long and Winding Road to Wellness: Cassi's Journey

(FYI - If any of your names are incorrect or your links aren't working correctly. Please reply to the last email I sent you and let me know so I can make sure everything is fixed before the hop begins. I just copied and pasted exactly what you originally submitted to me.)


1. Don't do anything out of what you'd normally do!

Yes, this is a day you will shine, a day everyone in the hop and others who are unofficially participating in the hop will visit and comment on your blog post. So you do want it to show who you are, what you blog about in the best ways. So you will want to spend extra time to make sure it’s your best work. But don't create a post that you would never normally create.
This is your day to entice new blog followers, you want to stay true to who you are as a blogger, not create something specific that you don't normally post about just for the sake of the hop.

However, this hop has a Healthy Living theme to it, so your post should reflect a topic that would appeal to any aspect of it. ex. Food, Fitness, Running, Mind & Body, Diet & Nutrition, Sports, Recreation, Physical Activity, Safety etc...

2. Make sure you leave links to follow your blog in your post.

This is your day to grab new followers, but if you don't make it easy for them to follow you then why would they if they can't quickly figure out how?
Keep in mind most view blogs on mobile or tablet devices, so the fancy follow buttons you've installed on your blog webpage, may not show up for those users.

While you don't need to add all your follow options, it's always best to include the social media channels you are most active on. If you're not sure what shows up on a computer vs a mobile device then pull up your own blog on one of each and see.

3. Don't be too lengthy and don't be too short.

Depending on whom you ask you'll likely get a different answer. Some say posts less than 500-1,000 words aren't worth writing. Others may tell you they only like to read 300-500. Which is best for you? That is only something you can decide based on past interaction with bloggers on past posts you have written.

Because this is a hop, keep TWO things in mind. Everyone is busy and doesn't have time to read a novel. However, don't write a post too short that others can't tell your personality and writing style from it. After all, we are all deciding if we want to keep following the bloggers we meet in the hop after it is over.

4. Basic Grammar and Spell Check.

No one in the hop is going to get on your case if you make mistakes, we all do. I doubt I've ever created a perfect post yet. However, one of the easiest things you can do is spell check. Posts with obvious errors are less likely to flow and appeal to the average viewer. Do your best with a little basic grammar checking too, a post that is easy to read is going to attract more than one that doesn't!

5. Use images and clear images.

When it comes to blogs and reading online studies have shown we like visual tools. Not only that, you should always include at least 1 pinnable image per post, so that others who like it can pin and share. Additionally, clear pictures that don't give the viewer a headache are going to help tell the story, explain your theory, peak our attention.

MOST IMPORTANT - Create your post well in advance! This will give you more time to polish it up and it won't appear to the rest of us as something that was rushed.


  1. Very excited to participate! Thank you for the opportunity :)

  2. So excited to be a part of this! Can't wait to meet fellow bloggers. :)

  3. Looking forward to the hop! Thanks for the tips and for organizing :)


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