Book Review FRAMED by Clair M. Poulson

This is an author who has written over sixteen novels and I have read and loved every single one of them.  Not to mention I own almost all of them as well.  When I picked up Framed by Clair M. Poulson I already knew I was in for a great story.  I believe because this author was once a Sheriff and then a Judge this is the reason his novels always have a tendency to grab the reader and keep them entertained and guessing throughout the entire book.

Adriana Chambers pulls over to use her tire changing skills to help a stranded motorist in her neighborhood who looked like they needed some help.  The only problem is, her good deed turns into much more than she bargained for and she soon discovers she is the only witness of the man Jerzy Grabowski that morning.  Which wouldn't mean much, except that same man shortly thereafter was pulled over and brought in and charged with murder.  Murder of one of her own neighbors nearby where she changed the tire.
There is one big problem with Jerzy's arrest, he's innocent.  The other problem, Adriana's the only one who believes he's didn't do it.

Brad Osborn is the detective assigned to the case.  He falls immediately for the beautiful Adriana when he took her witness statement.  The best part is, it appears she might return the feelings.  When she walks out the door Brad wonders if he'll ever see her again, that question is quickly answered when Adriana's thrown into a tangled web of conspiracy's and mob dealings that may or may not be related to her estranged father.  Adriana's curiosity gets to her, and she begins to investigate and find out for her own what is going on.  She stands true to her feelings that Jerzy is innocent.  The only problem is, the more she digs the more danger she is in, and her life may be at stake.

Framed is fast paced and filled with the perfect amount of suspense to keep you guessing up till the end.  I really enjoyed this book.  The only thing I didn't like was Adriana's character flipped just a little in my opinion through the book.  She starts out this strong independent girl who pulls over to change a mans tire.  But I found a few times later on in the book that the character lost her strength a little and I would have rather seen her remain strong, sufficient and more independent and less needy throughout.  But that may just be me.  I love a great and strong female character in a book.  But others may not always agree and I assume trials like in the book could break any strong female character.

That aside, this is a fabulous read, and it won't disappoint!  This book is a clean read, with Christian LDS standards throughout.  So you won't have to worry about bad language, which for me too much bad language in a book can be a total turn off!  I recommend this book to adults of any age, who love suspense, mystery and crime drama.

Disclaimer: I was not asked by the author or publisher to read/review this book.  All thoughts, opinions and pictures are my own.


  1. This sounds like a book my husband would enjoy.I don't think I would mind the character flip too much, it would seem more realistic to me.

    1. It's a pretty good book, you should pick it up for your hubby:)


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