Injury Update

I've had a tough go with these past now 8 months.  Obviously this year has not turned out any way in which I had hoped, cancelling plans for 19 marathons...  But that is how life is and it's all a matter of accepting what comes your way, right!

I've had a few set-backs.  A few weeks ago, just as I was set to bump the mileage up and progress a little in the physical therapy.  The injury started to hurt quite a bit more.  My fault I was working 10-12 hour days at work, and it was just too much for my foot to handle.

The creek behind my campground last week.

So instead of bumping the mileage, I had to quit running again.  
Things still hurt, but they aren't hurting as bad this past weekend.  So I intend on starting up running again this morning.  Not much, only a mile or two.  I'm not too worried about making things worse, because running doesn't seem to make it all that much worse, as long as I don't go too far.  It's actually working at work on it that makes it worse. (Which is why I am keeping my eyes open for a new job.)

I should mention, our family enjoys BIG white-man Fires:)
On the plus side, you can sit 10-20 feet away and still feel warm
Plus, this way the whole big family can sit around and enjoy it together:)

It's the oddest injury these days, I can hike several miles climbing up and down mountain terrain and have virtually no pain, or any post pain or swelling.  I can only run a couple of miles on it before I start feeling slight pain.  However, I only need to be at work (where the injury occurred) 15-20 minutes before the pain can hit the higher levels.  (Needless to say, I've been doing quite a bit more hiking the past few weeks:) Which is definitely a positive thing!)

Such a weird situation, and I am beyond ready for it to be over.  On the plus side in about 2 weeks I have the Dr. appt. with the Surgeon to find out if there is a chance I can ever heal this on my own, or if surgery will be required.  Either way, I am still hopeful!  I mean at this point I really have to be, otherwise it all gets me too down:(

The lighting is not the best, but we hiked up this mountain for this beautiful
view of the canyon valley below, as well as the lake in the distance.
Saw one of my biggest deer ever up here, over 18 points....  Awesome!!!

This week, I am really going to be working on correcting my unhealthy eating habits.  See the past 3-4 weeks, as things weren't looking so good on the injury front.  Lets just say I dropped my idea of cutting out Pepsi for the most part, and sadly I ate out at least once each week.
The plan is to only drink a Pepsi once this week, and bump back up my water intake.  I've put on a few pounds, or at this point more than a few.  So I hope to cut out the eating out, altogether!  Dropping back down to a 1,200 a day calorie diet.  It's not much, but its a start back in the right direction.

Don't you just love these summer wedding colors together?
This was a wedding I did for a bride a few weeks back
Brides colors were Coral Pink and Apple Green - So bright and fun!

I also have 2 weddings this week, and I love decorating for weddings.  (This is not the job that caused the injuries.)  So I have a busy, yet exciting week to help me use towards making some postitive changes pointing me back in the right direction:)

So I leave you with a few quotes that I am really taking to heart this week.

So let me ask you.  Have you ever had a series of bad luck, injuries, etc that were out of your control... That prolonged so long that it got you down and you started making mistakes? 
What types of things for motivation did you use to help you get out of the funk?


  1. I'm so sorry you're still hurting. That has to be so, incredibly frustrating. I hope that you are able to get some answers.

    The only thing that has sidelined me, so far, is having my tonsils out. That put me out of the game for about a month, and I'm still fighting hard for the comeback. It's going to get better, but it's been annoying.

    I just try to remember how much I love running and keep my goals in sight.

    1. Thanks, its frustrating, but eventually it will be over, it has to be:)
      Sorry you have had to deal with tonsil issues!!! You have the right frame of mind, to keep your goals in sight, and remember what you love to do!

  2. Good luck with the injury. Hopefully it heals soon. My eating will be bad this week. I'm heading to Boston and will be eating at all my favorite places.

    1. Thanks! It's so hard to eat well when traveling:) Have fun in Boston!!! Safe travels!

  3. you are one of my favorite bloggers and I hate this is going on, praying for a speedy recovery. Love the mountains and would love to come visit and go for a hike sometime

    1. Awe thanks Caroline, you just made my day! I love reading your blog too!
      Absolutely, anytime! If you are in the Utah area, hit me up!

  4. I hate injuries. I think that it is awesome that you are still getting out and doing what you can to work out though. As a pyro, that is one awesome fire!
    To get out of the funk I let myself have one last off day. I just let myself go that day knowing that tomorrow I will have a new dedication to whatever.

  5. So sorry you are going through this! It's weird that the low mileage running and the hiking doesn't bother it. I'm wondering what it is at work. Do you wear a certain type of shoe at work that you wouldn't wear other places? Hope that you get good news from the dr.


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