Travel Tuesday - Uinta's Utah

Since I am from Utah, I am going to share some of my favorite local hiking trails, as well as my nationwide travels.

This is my hike to Wall Lake - Utah Uinta Mountains
There are are a couple of different trail heads you can start at for this one, we (I took my niece and nephew with me) took the one that starts at Trial Lake.

These are the forest and small meadows we crossed while on our way.  Even though we have had an extremely dry year here in Utah.  This part of the forest and elevation is still looking a bit green, and lots of beautiful wildflowers.

There are little rivers and streams that meander through the forest and along side of you on the trail as well, my nephew couldn't help dunking his head in the cold mountain streams while we hiked along on the hot day.  Even though we were enjoying the cooler temps that 8,000+ feet provide.

The trail we came out on originally to the lake you can see visible on the other side of the lake in this picture.  But we came to hike and enjoy the views, so we hiked up the back side of the "wall" and sat and had a lovely junk food picnic on top and enjoyed the views.

For those interested in hiking this, it's an easy trail and family friendly.  There is fishing at wall lake, and if you love to backpack you can hike in and camp along the shoreline.
For those who really love to hike like myself.  See the mountains across?  They are all accessible from this same trail, although they all require quite a bit more climbing.

We saw this cute little woodpecker while we were out hiking behind wall lake.  My niece and nephew are just getting broke into hiking, however next year I told them I plan on taking them up to Mt. Watson it is the 11,572 feet peak you see right below us in the picture below.
I hiked it several years back with my dad, and it provides some of the most amazing views.  However, I would like to recommend it for only experienced and hardcore hikers.  As it requires a lot of straight up rock climbing, and careful footing.  Also should not be attempted in questionable weather.

This is us in the picture.  The rock walls across the lake are the once we climbed up to have the picnic on.
(Side note, if you bring your swimsuit and don't mind a rush of absolutely freezing water, you can cliff dive off off these.  But make sure you know where to do it, and know the depths and understand how to swim in very cold water before attempting.)

The large mountain you see behind us, that is Mount Watson.  If you climb it, the best route is the one (from this picture view) on the left.

We had a fabulous day hiking, I absolutely love taking the niece and nephew out, and love that they also enjoy coming with their aunt:)
We actually took this hike a few weeks ago, and I we have plans to hike the area about 30 miles north of here later this week.

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  1. Wow! What a beutiful place to get put and hike. The sky looks so blue! I bet it was funhavingthe neice and nephew with you.


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