My FrogFuel Performance Review & Giveaway

I received an amazing opportunity to try and test out FrogFuel Performance packs.  First off, I'm always on the look out for shots like this that actually taste good, agree with my stomach and of course gives me the energy boost needed.
I am very happy to say FrogFuel met or exceeded all of my criteria from a Performance pack!!!

First before you get to my review part, I want you to take a minute and try this cool tool below.  Its a fun quiz that will help you determine what your fuel level is.

Now that you know your Fuel Level, let me tell you about my experimenting with FrogFuel on my own.

First I tried the Protein Shot.  Let me say, the flavor is pretty delicious.  I actually thought it was like drinking candy.  No kidding, it really tasted like a berry fruit candy snack.  It went down very easily, it was nice and smooth, not thick and sticky like some I have tried in the past.
It absorbs quickly, and one of the ingredients is Taurine which helps get the bodies cells ready for faster muscle recovery.  Below is a larger image of the Protein Shot so you can see for yourself all the other fabulous Nutrition Facts.

Next I tried the Energized Protein Shot.  Yes this one does have Caffeine in it, but to me it was just the right amount.  I didn't feel any jitters or anything, but I clearly felt quite a bit more energy about 15-20 minutes after taking it.  Additionally, I also loved the berry taste.  Again I seriously thought this was like drinking a fruit candy.  The best part is, there is No Sugar and No Gluten!
One other really cool thing I like about this product, the FDA qualified this shot as a Medical Food...  I would be curious to see how many other protein shots from other companies actually have the FDA's approval.  I thought that was a great added bonus!

Here are a few other cool facts that I liked:
*  Only 60 Calories
*  No mixing needed, you just drink it
*  Tastes great, you don't have to immediately follow it with water to wash the taste out
*  Can be taken Before, During and After a Workout

Want to learn more about the Science behind FrogFuel?  Watch the video below.

Now time for a Giveaway.  Would you like to try and sample FrogFuel Protein Packs yourself?

Just enter in the Rafflecopter form below.

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  1. I took the quiz and I was a Free Spirit. No shocker there, haha! I've never heard of this stuff but it's a good concept. I don't bring a protein shake to the gym. I like to drink mine blended with ice at home, not warm shaken with water in the locker room. THis would be a perfect interim product to give my muscles a quick shot of protein while I drive home. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I took the quiz and I'm a free spirit. I, too, have never heard of this brand. Always trying new fuels!

  3. I would love to try those!! I love that they are both delicious and nutritious, and I could definitely use some energy on my runs!

  4. I'm a free spirit! Love the convenience of FrogFuel and the fact that it doesn't have the consistency of a gu.


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