Book Review DEAD RIVER By Cyn Balog

I saw this book on one of the Librarian recommended shelves.  I don't normally pick these up, as I have found my opinion is widely different than most Librarians.  (I think I have better taste:)
But since I was heading out of town to go up camping, I wanted a possibly creepy outdoorsy thriller type book, and this was the one I picked up.  Lets just say, for once the Librarian recommendation was correct, Dead River by Cyn Balog was a great paranormal thriller.

I read this book up in the mountains, surrounded by the pines and up against a much smaller river than the one mentioned in the book.  Perfect setting, for a keep me guessing thriller!!!

Kiandra lived on the Delaware river in her youth.  That was until at the age of seven when she watched her mom commit suicide by walking straight into the river to drown.  This would mess most kids up, but she had a loving father who picked up and moved them far away from any body of water, and most importantly kept Kiandra far from any river and river memories.

However, Kiandra has grown up now, with a boyfriend named Justin and a best friend Angela who talk her into taking a weekend trip up to the Dead River to stay at Angela's family cabin.  The only problem Kiandra thinks she has is the fact that she had to lie to her father and tell him she was going hiking in a state park instead.  That is where she went wrong, she has many, many other problems!

Things start going a little weird for Kiandra the first night when her friends talk her into camping outside instead of in the cabin.  Ghost stories for Kiandra become far more vivid than just an imaginary story.  But it isn't until the next day when they hop on the rafts to take a day white water river rafting trip that things get really weird for her.

Flipped out of the raft, Kiandra fights for her life, but is saved by someone lets just say not really of this world.  It's then she starts to realize, her life is not at all as she has been told.  Kiandra is told to leave the Dead River and never come back, if she doesn't she may not survive.
After a miraculous saving that her friends can't even believe after they thought she was lost and possibly even dead, she decides she may have imagined it all and decides to stay.

I hate to say anything more, because that is when things start getting really creepy, and I seriously don't want to accidentally ruin the ending and suspense for anyone who wants to read this.  But lets just say, this is a great little paranormal thriller and I highly recommend this to anyone 14 and up!  Oh, and I highly recommend reading this book at night up in the mountains near a river, adults will love it too!!!

Disclaimer: I was not asked to read or review this book.  All thoughts, opinions and pictures are my own.

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