Book Review JANE by April Linder

Okay, some of you may know I am a HUGE Jane Eyre fan!!!  It's not only a Bronte Classic, but one of my favorite books!  How I missed discovering this little gem of a book until now is beyond me, because Jane by April Linder is an absolutely fabulous modern version of Jane Eyre.  Romance fans and Jane Eyre fans, let me say you seriously won't be able to put this book down.  The author captivates your attention using her own well written original version of the classic love story.

Jane Moore is a homely girl, who grew up with parents and siblings who mainly treated her as the outcast of the family.  When she is forced to drop out of college after the death of her parents and find a job.  Jane decides to sign up with a nanny agency.  Because Jane is so plain, the agency finds her perfect for the nanny position at the Thornfield Park estate, also home to the world-famous rock star Nico Rathburn.

Nico, a bit older has had a rockstar life which included lots of money, drugs and romances.  Many romances in fact, one of which resulted in a daughter.  He's never had to hold back from anything, he's had everything he ever wanted and more and now he's about to launch a massive comeback tour.

Now for any of you Jane Eyre fans you pretty much know what happens next.  Thornfield is filled with secrets, and a budding romance between Jane and Nico.  But Linder does this in a way, that you still feel the classic shine through, but a new version with differences that keep the reader turning pages and wanting more and more.

What you can expect with this book, is a retelling of a favorite classic.  But unlike the original, you don't have to start with her childhood and life before she meets the famous Nico.  Instead you as a reader get to jump right into Jane's move to Thornfield and watch the romance and story unfold from the beginning of the book.  It's also considerably more fast paced than the original.   However, don't worry you will still have plenty of character building for Jane and still gain the understanding of her pre-Thornfiled life.  You'll find yourself wanting, and smiling and being totally in love with this absolutely irresistible romance between Jane and Nico.

I recommend this book to anyone who loves the original Bronte Classic, as well as any reader who enjoys throwing them self into a fabulous romance.  The only downside to this book was the language, I don't particularly like reading books that drop the "F" bomb often throughout.  This one does quite a bit, with the Nico character.  I understand why the writer did it, she likely felt that is how a rockstar would talk and she helped use the language to build the character of who he is.  Personally I think she could have established this without it, but that is just me.  So if that sort of thing bothers you, you may not enjoy this read as much.
If you are like me, don't particularly like bad language in a book, but you read instead of listen to a book, you can do as I did and just skim over those parts and not let it ruin the rest of the fabulously romantic story!

Disclaimer:  I was not asked to review this book.  All thoughts, opinions and pictures above are my own.

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