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Hope everyone had a great weekend!  If you were running races, I hope you had a great time and finished in the way's you had hoped!!!  Today is a Blog Link-Up you'll find the link up below.

I am now 2 1/2 weeks into my 8 weeks of wearing a huge boot to help heal this injury.  The swelling hasn't gone down much, but on a good note its become slightly less annoying than it was at first.  Since I have to wear it at night, I've finally gotten used to sleeping with my foot elevated, so I consider that success!
My motivation is purely just getting through this, this is what has to be done so that I can begin PT in 6 weeks and then if all goes well, I'll be able to get back into running by December...

I've struggled with how to incorporate fitness into my life now that I am in the boot.  Many may disagree with my answer, but I have decided there isn't really a way to do it.  I'm not supposed to be walking much, and absolutely no running or jumping or activities on my feet.
It just doesn't leave me with many options.  It even makes working hard, as I have always been a very hard worker.  But its teaching me to have patience and be okay letting others help me out...

So what have I been up too?  Well fall is my absolutely most favorite time of the year to be up camping!  The weekend or one time a year campers aren't up there, the people who come up to play loud music aren't there.  Its just hunters, and mostly people who just love the outdoors.
So I was camping up a week ago, loving the cooler temperatures and the peaceful outdoors.
All the pictures here were taken while up camping.  But I didn't bring my regular camera, the quality isn't the best because I took them all with my phone camera:)

We received quite the set of storms this past weekend, so the colder temperatures and the snow that pretty much dropped all over the place even the lower elevations around 5,000 feet received snow, so this should bring on our fall foliage this week!

Which is why, I am going to be taking off again and heading up into the mountains again this week.
The other great thing about fall camping are the campfires, they feel soo much better when it's chilly outside!

So what fun things have you been up to lately?  Do you enjoy camping in the fall?  
Anyone have some fall race posts they'd like to share?

Today is also a BLOG LINK-UP, so if you have a post you'd like to share, I'd love it if you'd link up!  If you join the link up, try and visit another blog as well. 


  1. I don't think I'm savvy enough to figure out a blog link-up! LOL. I don't love camping, but I do love FALL and hiking/being outdoors. Even with a camera phone, your pics are lovely! I hope this time passes quickly for you. I was the same way, trying to find cross training that didn't aggravate me physically, just aggravated me mentally, so I just let it go. Just know that you WILL run again and there will be a time that this will just be a memory, so try to enjoy those things in life that aren't running related! (and I think camping is PERFECT!) I hope you have a great time in the mountains!

    1. Thanks Karen! I believe you are right! I've kind of had to let it go so I can start working on getting mentally back on track:)

  2. I haven't been injured quite at your level, but I did have to go through about 6ish weeks of PT late in the spring. I couldn't even take one running stride without knee pain. I do know how horribly frustrating NOT being able to do something you love is, and it's scary too! Hang in there, and hoping it heals quickly!

    1. Thanks Elizabeth! I am glad you are through your PT and sounds like you're back to doing what you love!

  3. Oh the dreaded clunky boot. I'm glad you're getting used to sleeping with it though, I know that takes a while. I was put in a boot, cast, then a boot again when I broke my foot a few years ago. I know it is incredibly frustrating to not just be able to run or even cross train for that matter. I tried to focus on getting my upper body as strong as I possibly could, of course things like a plank were out of the question being in a boot/cast, so I had to get a little creative, but that's something that helped me a little and made me feel like I was working towards something that would help my running form in the future. I wish you a speedy recovery! I haven't been camping in about a year and I've never been in the fall, but I will have to sometimes! Though we don't get the pretty fall leaves here in AZ. We just pretend it's cool out and sit inside a Starbucks sipping a pumpkin spice latte ;)

    1. Yes, that dreaded boot, sleeping is the hardest part. I used to wake up every 20 minutes, now it only wakes me up about once an hour or two, so I consider that good:)
      You know, right now I may not be doing anything. But I see your point on focusing on the upper body! It's very possible I might begin incorporating some of that into my life in the coming weeks. After all your right, it would help me ease into my future goals a bit faster!


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