Travel - Lake Powell, Antelope Canyon & Monument Valley

Today for Travel Tuesday, I'd like to take you on an adventure through Southern Utah and the bordering corner of Arizona.

First we travel to Lake Powell, Utah the Wahweap area near the dam.  If you are not familiar with Lake Powell, this is a lake along the route of the Colorado River.  It's the second largest man made reservoir in the U.S.  (The first being Lake Mead in Nevada)
Lake Powell is famous for boaters, fishermen and tourists who enjoy hiking.

The Wahweap Campground
This picture was taken from a top of the dam walkway.  Just down the river from here you'll hit Lee's Ferry, which has some amazing fly fishing opportunities!

If you do not own a boat, or cannot afford a houseboat tour, you can still see some pretty incredible vista's of the lake by driving around the Southern Utah/Arizona boarder areas.

Although all portions of this area are beautiful.  Antelope Canyon is pretty much the crown jewel of this trip.

Antelope Canyon is owned and operated by the Navajo Nation, you'll need to obtain all permits and tours through their offices.

These particular pictures are taken at the Upper East Waterholes.  However, there is also a Lower Antelope Canyon, tours and permits are separate.  They will take you out on 4 wheel trucks through the sand roads, and drive you right up to this entrance.

Early morning is the best time of day (in my opinion) to take these tours.

Although these pictures are not the best, because I didn't take the digital camera with me on this trip, a camera tip while in a slot canyon is NO FLASH.

A lot of people know I love slot canyons, and fortunately living in Utah I get to experience a lot of them.  Some are more difficult to get into than others.  This particular canyon is hiker and family friendly, meaning no experience other than the ability to walk or be carried through is needed.

Depending on the time of day, the rocks will look entirely different in color.  One hour they can look red, the next pink or orange as well as many shades in those colors.

Standing in these light beams made me feel like I was an angel from a T.V. show that was all lit up.  It was kind of fun.

This is the back of the slot canyon and the exit.

After visiting Lake Powell and spending an early morning hiking slot canyons on the Arizona/Utah boarder.  Drive back into Utah and visit one of the 10 wonders of the world and see Monument Valley.

I think you can see all you will want to see in Monument Valley, as well as the Valley of Fire in 2 days.  You'll have to buy a car pass to visit this area.  There is both exploration and hiking on your own, as well as guided tours.  However, you can see a lot of this on your own even with in the comfort of your own car, and get out and hike as you would like.

Take a lot of water with you out hiking.  In the spring and summer and even fall it can get quite hot.  However, in the winter it can get quite cold, so plan accordingly.

These are just 3 area's you can visit.  But if you have a longer time.  Area's of interest within the area.
* Hike The Wave (Slot Canyon) Permits are required and must be obtained before arriving.
* Visiting the famous Four Corners Monument - Where Utah, Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado meet.
* Visit the Goosenecks State Park
* See the Mexican Hat Rock Formation
* Visit Navajo National Monument - Tons of hiking and views of ancient Indian Dwellings
*  If you enjoy seeing Indian Ruins there are plenty in this part of Canyon Country!

If you go:
- If you are flying in, I'd recommend the St. George, Utah Airport and you can take a beautiful drive over.  However, you could also fly into Page, Arizona which would put you right next to the Lake Powell area I mentioned above.
- If driving, no matter which direction you come you will have plenty of scenic views, but make sure you bring plenty of water, and fill up on gas as some service areas out here are a bit far apart.  I'd also recommend a well tuned vehicle so you don't risk any overheating.
- All area's above mentioned do require fee's, and there is not a 1 pass for all.  Visit their websites and plan accordingly while budgeting for this trip.
- For this area, I'd recommend 5-7 days.  This way you can get out and explore and you won't have to rush your trip.


  1. This place is very interesting. It looks very beautiful in the picture. I will go there.

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  2. Love all your pics! This is on my bucket list to visit now!

  3. Antelope Canyon was probably the most unique and beautiful place I have ever been. Thanks for the write up!

    1. Thanks Lisa! I agree it is a beautiful and unique place!


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