Travel Tuesday Hiking Flume Gorge in New Hampshire

Today for my Travel Tuesday post I am taking you on a hike in Franconia Notch State Park in New Hampshire.  This is the Flume Gorge Trail.  This is a nice and easy 2 mile hike that anyone can do.  However, if you have a fear of heights, it might not be something for you.  But if your fears not too bad, go for it, its worth it.

I took this hike in September, which is why the leaves are just starting to change.  This is my favorite time of year in New England, as things are still green but some areas are just starting to sprout those beautiful and brilliant fall colors.

I should note, for those who cannot walk 2 miles there is a shuttle bus that can take you most of the way up to the gorge.
First off, you'll get to walk next to this cute covered bridge, I love covered bridges!

The trail takes you along the river that comes from the Flume Gorge above.

Beautiful granite rocks stand out as the water runs down them.

You'll begin walking up the gorge, on these wooden bridges built right into the granite rocks.  The rocks shoot up 70- 90 feet above you.  Covered in moss, it is absolutely beautiful.

There are quite a few stairs as you climb your way up the gorge.

There are bridges that cut across back and forth, so you have lots of opportunities to break out your camera.

If your lucky, you'll hit it on a day that it is less crowded so you can just stop and enjoy the beautiful peaceful surroundings.

You'll have lots of picture views, both above and below the gorge.

Lot's of waterfalls.

More covered bridges:)

Make sure you take all the little side trails, they lead to some spectacular views!

This picture above, is one of my favorites that I took that day!

*  It does cost to go on this hike.  When I went it was $15 for each adult.
*  Bring your camera
*  This is a seasonal place, check with their website to make sure they are open.
*  The hike is in Franconia Notch State Park, so there is plenty more to do and see if you visit the area!


  1. This is one of my favorite childhood place. I was about 9 the first time I hiked it. I have since hikes it with my girls.

    1. I can see why! I loved it there, so pretty and peaceful!

  2. Absolutely stunning! I love all the covered bridges and waterfalls. So beautiful!

    1. Thanks! I love covered bridges, they are my favorite building to photograph, I think of them all as Amish kissing bridges, even if they aren't in Amish territory:)

  3. That is beautiful. I might actually semi-like hiking if there was anything like that around here.

  4. That gorge looks fantastic and the covered bridges are so great!


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