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So this past week hasn't been the greatest.  I started out with a flu and the day after I got over that I came down with this crappy chest cold.  So pretty much the week was spent in bed and not feeling the best.

But on the plus side since I have been down all week.  I had lots of time and I watched a lot of old fun chick flicks.  A couple I even made it through the entire movie without falling asleep:)

On an even better note, I have really enjoyed watching the Olympics.  Granted they have just begun, but I guess you could call me an Olympics Junkie.  Because I love to watch pretty much all of the events!  They are seriously inspirational to watch and for the next two weeks that is pretty much all I plan to watch!

Today when I stepped on the scale, I was pleasantly surprised to discover I have dropped a few more pounds this week.  Obviously being sick has been good for the weight-loss, especially since I have really lost my appetite the past few days:)  Hopefully, when I get over this sickness, I will be able to keep those pounds off, and continue to add more to the pounds lost list.
I hesitated to count it just yet, but I figured what the heck, its lost weight!  Guess we will see what happens over the next week or so.  I'd love to be able to say next week that I was able to keep it off with healthy eating and exercise:)  Let's hope I shake this cold soon and can get back into the groove I was in before!

This week I am really loving my nail color:)  It's a fun darker purple with a purple turquoise glitter confetti mix.  This was one of those times I mixed couple different kinds together to come up with a fun effect.  Since I wasn't able to get out much and allow them to be seen, I have decided to leave this color on for a 2nd week for the heck of it:)


Sorry this week for me has been a little dull with not much to report:)  So hopefully some of you had much better weeks!!!!  If you have posts to share, link them up so I can make sure to stop by and check them out!

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