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I've been pretty sick the past 2 weeks now.  Not so fun at all!  I'm hoping an end is soon in sight!  So I apologize for not being able to get around to all my favorite blogs as much these past few weeks.  Hopefully all of you have been able to stay a bit healthier than me and free of illness!

So I still don't have much new stuff to report, other than I hope to be well again soon, and I am really really looking forward to my trip that is now less than 4 weeks away.
Originally, my goal was to try to drop 30 pounds before the trip.  As unrealistic as it sounded, it was a good goal to at least shoot for.  Personally, I would love to tell you I have lost the weight entirely from working out, and eating healthy.  Part of it was from that, but the last 9 pounds have really all been lost because of being sick.  I only hope that when I am feeling back to myself again, I don't go and gain it all back when my appetite returns:)  So even though there is a chance the weight will go back up a little, I'm still posting the current weight loss to date.  Because there is always a chance it won't go up and I will be able to keep on losing:)



The Olympics, I have pretty much watched every single event NBC has aired in the evenings since they have begun.  I'm loving them, and I think it is really awesome that so many US medals won have been by Utah athletes!  We have a pretty awesome group of athletes who call our state home!!  But in all honesty, anyone who made it to the Olympics, medals or not is pretty awesome in their own right:)
I'm just from Utah, so I get to be a little prejudice, right:)

I recently received an Apera bag to review, and although you'll be able to see a full review in the coming weeks.  I just have to say, I am loving my new bag and a adore the color!!!  This great tech bag is going to be coming with my on my trip in a few weeks too!
When I received it, I knew it would be an absolutely perfect flight carry-on companion.  Additionally, I plan on taking it out with me on the islands so I can keep my hiking and beach equipment with me when I am out exploring!

I am still loving my Fitbit One, even if I haven't been able to use is as much as I had hoped (darn sickness!)

When I do use it, I enjoy beating my previous day's steps and so on.  Sadly it's spent way too many day's sitting on the nightstand the past few weeks, but that will surely be changing soon!


I like to learn weird facts, and things from the different books I see at the library.  So I thought I'd share a few interesting but yet true facts that I learned this week.  Because if you are like me, you can never get enough useless information to fill your brain with!

* Did you know Gatorade can be used to clean your toilet?
*  In Taiwan garbage trucks drive around blasting music to remind people to quickly come bring out their trash.
*  Did you know, more people have visited the moon, than seen the bottom of the ocean?
*  Did you know, if you have a fear of spiders, studies show that they will look bigger to you than they will to people who don't have a fear of them?
*  Did you know if your an American you are more likely to win a million dollars in a lottery than getting struck my lightning?
*  Did you know the & (and) symbol was actually once a letter in the English alphabet?
*  How many LIVE chickens do you think the US Postal Service has to mail the week leading up to Easter???  Over 800,000... Seriously!
*  Next time you visit NYC, remember that there is a legend that a huge pirate treasure is buried near the Statue of Liberty!
*  One of the items found buried with King Tut in his tomb was a board game!
*  Schools of Atlantic Herring fish sometimes form fish schools the size of NYC
*  Did you know each human body contains a tiny amount of gold?  Its true, Google it if you don't believe me!
*  Speaking of Google, did you know it was originally called Back Rub!!!  Yup!


Last: If you are a runner, and you will let me Spotlight you on my Thursday Runner Spotlights.  I am currently looking to fill my March Spotlight Spots.  

If you'll let me spotlight you, I would love it if you'd shoot me an email with the subject Runner Spotlight.  My email: runawaybridalplanner(at)hotmail(dot)com
You can fill in the @ and the . 
(FYI, you can be a runner at any speed or distance to be spotlighted anything from you just took your first few steps out the door, to running every day, or even elite!  All runners are welcome in my Spotlights - If you haven't seen them before and want to see more of what I do first you can visit HERE to see past spotlights!!!

So have you learned any weird but true facts that you can help me fill my brain with?  Even if you haven't, if you have a fun blog post that myself and others should make sure to stop by and read feel free to join up in the blog link up!


  1. Wow, I hope you feel better soon. You've been under the weather for a while now. Have you seen a dr?
    I use to be the queen of useless info! Of course I can't think of anything now. When I do, i'll tweet ya! I'll be running my first Disney half this weekend so if u are still looking for runners after that, i'm game!

  2. Thanks, yeah hopefully I will get better soon!
    I'd love to spotlight you, I'll reach out to you after your race!!! Good luck this weekend, running Disney is really magical so you are guaranteed a great time!!!

  3. I am really sorry you are still feeling sick, I really hope that whatever is keeping you down eases up soon, being sick for so long is really frustrating!

    1. Thanks! Each day this week I've finally been feeling better and better.

  4. Great Job On Your Weight Loss!

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  6. oops - I was slow coming to the link up (a day late) and it was only open for a day? My Monday post was on favorite cardio (so goes with your things I love theme) *Ü*

    1. I should leave that link up, up a bit longer, sorry about that! I'll come check out your favorite cardio post, thanks for sharing it!

  7. nice work on the weight loss.
    And wow that's a lot of chickens.

    1. Thanks!
      On the chickens, I know huh... That one made me laugh!

  8. Hope you start to feel better soon! I love random facts like that. I'm LOVING the Olympics more this year than any other year for some reason. And I have to agree with you on the Utah peeps... they are kickin' butt!

    1. Thanks, I have finally started to feel better!
      Yup, the Utah peeps really are kickin some butt! I love it!

  9. I love your random facts - Gatorade to clean the toilet? Nope, never would have guessed that one! But the animal lover in me hates to hear that so many live chickens will be shipped for Easter - or anytime :( Fortunately the rest of the random facts made me smile! lol! :)

    1. Ya, I am with you on the live chicken thing, I never would have guess that either!

  10. I love the random facts! Sure explains why, when I'm freaking over a spider the size of a toddler, hubby looks at me like I'm nuts and squishes it with a Kleenex, while I'm howling about flame throwers and moving.


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