Book Review - It Had To Be You by Susan May Warren

Do you love a feel great cute story line, hard to put down romance?  Then It Had To Be You by Susan May Warren is definitely one you'll want to pick up!
I seriously read this book cover to cover, and enjoyed every minute of the hours I read!

Eden Christiansen has always sat on the sidelines of her siblings, especially her younger brother Owen's.  She cheered him on in his youth, and when he was picked up by the NHL she continued to show her support by attending each game, and cheering him on.  Not to mention helping him get out of bad situations that he seemingly can't keep out of on his own.  She puts more time and energy into supporting him and his career, that her own life and career.

Eden has dreams of being a great reporter, but so far she has only been able to land a job in the papers Obituary department.  She worries that she'll never get a chance to show others she has what it takes to write great and bigger stories.  But unless she can get some help and find someone else to watch out for her brother and be sure he doesn't wreak his dream career, her own dream career will stay just that, a dream!

Jace Jacobsen, is the team veteran on her brothers hockey team, he's known for his own bad boy image, and he is also known as a fighter and the teams enforcer.  Eden knows this about him and then some, so she's never given him a second look other than when he's playing on the ice.
But when a bad date turns worse, and she is left stranded without a ride.  She has no choice but to accept a ride from Jace.

Jace knows he's led a questionable past, but what a lot of people don't know about him is he's changed. Gone are the day's of getting drunk and hanging out with rink bunnies.  Instead his life is filled with searching for meaning, and what direction he wants to take his career into next.  Not to mention being a good friend, and helping out his best friends 8 year old daughter, who is in desperate need of a new heart.
Little does Jace know, that the moment he offers to take Eden Christiansen home, is the night his entire life is going to get thrown for a whirl.

The one night Eden doesn't go search for her brother to make sure he gets back safe, is the night Owen gets drunk and one thing leads to another and his entire career becomes in jeopardy.  This same chain of events also forces Eden and Jace into situations that bring them together time after time, and a gradual but tested friendship begins.

Susan May Warren, takes you on an adorable yet still suspenseful romantic journey of two souls who think they are the absolute opposite of what the other needs.  Then brings them together so they are forced to re-evaluate and decide if they aren't as opposite as they originally thought.
It Had To Be You is a clean romance novel, appropriate for any age, although I believe ages 18 and up will enjoy it most!  I love this book, and like I said above, I couldn't put it down.  I cant wait to read the next book in the Christiansen Family Saga!

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Disclaimer: Tynsdale Publisher did provide me with a complementary copy of this book for my review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own, I was not required to write a positive review.

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