Book Review - Resist By Sarah Crossan

I was so happy when this sequel finally came out, and I was even more thrilled to know it was just going to be a sequel instead of a trilogy.  Not because it's not a great series, because it is!  But Sometimes its so hard to find a book you love and have to wait so many years just to find out how it's going to end.
Resist is the sequel to Breathe.

As always, this is not a spoiler review for Resist, but if you haven't read Breathe first, you may want to read the first book before reading the rest of this review!

Resist picks up pretty much exactly where Breathe left off.  Bea, Quinn, Ronan and Alina are all outlaws and on the run and hoping to start a revolution.  The world is dying, and they never know which breath may become their last.

Bea and Quinn are with Jazz and on their way to what they hope will be to find a resistance and additional hope and help in Sequoia.  But when they are only a few days away tragedy strikes Jazz and Quinn is forced to move on without Bea and Jazz and get to Sequoia for help and back before Bea and Jazz run out of air.

Quinn reaches sequoia to find that Alina and the others made it there before him.  he had hoped for a welcoming and help, but what he is about to get is nothing he could have ever imagined. Armed with only determination, he must find a way to get back to Bea before it's too late.

Alina, has been at Sequoia for long enough to know it is nothing like they could have ever expected and the furthest thing from the safe haven they imagined.  Each day there, seems to take a different turn.  When Quinn shows up, they realize they must all come together and get back to Bea and the pod and join the revolution.

Ronan was raised with privileges, he has never had to work for every last breath.  But despite his privileges, he has decided he wants to help aid and become the resistance from within the pod.  Ronan is forced to have to choose and decide if he has the courage to do what it's going to take.  However, just because he is privileged doesn't mean he is going to have it easy.

Sarah Crossan has woven a beautiful conclusion to the Breathe series with Resist.  This sequel is full high energy and fully action packed with characters you will love.  A few twists and turns that you would have never guessed that will keep you guessing til the last pages.  This is a YA dystopian, but even adults will love this series.  I absolutely loved the original plot of this Breathe series and Resist was a wonderful conclusion.  If you check it out I think you will too!!!

Disclaimer: I was not asked to review this book, this review is of my own thoughts and opinions after I read the series.

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