Circuit training and soon to be back to running

Originally I had a 6 week plan.  I was going to work out 6 days a week, and do a circuit training program DVD by Jillian Michaels.  However, just as I started doing it, I became ill and well lets just say my 6 week idea, has now turned into a 4 week idea.
Why 4 weeks?  Well my original plan back in January was to drop as close to possible of 30 pounds before I took off on my cruise.

If your wondering why I picked the Jillian Michaels DVD, well with just a few minor alterations on a few of the jumping moves.  I am able to pretty much do all the rest, with allowing my work injury to not re-injure.  It's a 40 minute circuit training program and judging from how sore I am this week, works my body pretty much all over!  It also combines cardio and light weights, so you get the benefits of fat burning and toning at the same time.

So my goal is like I said above to do the entire workout 6 days a week for the next 4 weeks.  I am happy to say, with only tomorrow to go.  I have made it through this week.
I also am happy to say, I am sore!  I love the soreness, I haven't been able to have this feeling in over a year now, and it feels incredible!
I am so excited to see my results in the coming weeks! 
In addition to the daily circuit training, I have also altered my diet significantly.  I have dropped my daily calorie intake to around 1,200.  I no longer drink Pepsi everyday.  In fact, I haven't in over a month now.  I also rarely eat out, and have improved my diet in the healthy standards to a level I am far more pleased with!  I do allow one day a week that I call my cheat day, this is the day if I am going to eat out, or if I do want a soda I will have one.  However, the healthier I am becoming, the less and less my cravings for cheat foods are.  Which is why as of earlier this week on Monday I'd lost 16.5 pounds so far (Since Jan 5th).


Now onto my other news.  So for about 14 months now, all you've heard me talk about is the stupid work injury.  Well, after many visits with Dr's and Specialists, numerous X-Ray's and MRI, several months in a boot up to my knee, lots of Physical Therapy appointments, as well as lots of in home Physical Therapy. 
I am happy to announce that it has finally been mending and showing incredible signs that it is healing nicely.
It allows me to walk up to 3 miles a day at times with no additional pain or flare ups.

Also, when I started Physical Therapy back in I believe it was September.  For those who read my blog, may know that I could not even go up on my tip toes even once.  In fact, I had zero muscles there so I literally physically could not do it, and trying to do so brought on lots of pain.
Well, it's taken many months, and even up to a month ago I still struggled to go up on my tip toes more than 1-2 times.  But I am thrilled to announce, I can now do it double leg going up on my tip toes well over 30 times in a row.
Additionally, I can do it single leg style up to 10 times, all without any pain!  (I might be able to do more, but it's a gradual process so I haven't gone beyond that yet.)

So what does this all mean, it means that its a definite possibility that my body may be ready to start running again.
Doing so will be a slow process I may only be able to run 20-50 meters at a time or a day.  With a couple day's break in between to watch for flare ups.  But it's a start, and I have had to go at this whole injury thing slowly anyway so that I could be certain I would be able to run again.  So I guess you could say patience has been forced upon me, and I can handle the slow build back into running again.

Now this part may sound incredibly crazy to you.  But even as bad as I am itching to get back into running.  I have to say, I am actually scared to death to do so.
I know weird huh!
Let me explain, this injury has been so long, and I've had so many setbacks and restarts on recover that there is a part of me that is terrified that if I start running again, even as little as it may be.  That it might bring on a flare up and set me back again.
But then there is this other part of me, that deep inside knows it's time to move onto the next phase and incorporate running back into the recovery process again.

As for when, well I am actually planning on giving it a try on Monday.  If things go well, then I will try again either on Wednesday or Thursday.  So we will see what happens.
I've learned a lot going through this, so I know to stop at any sign of pain and I will force myself not to go to much.  So we will see what happens.
Hopefully, by next Friday I will be thrilled to announce that Runaway Bridal Planner is finally getting back to running again....  Wish me luck!

I know I have a lot of runner friends heading to Disney this weekend, I wish you all the absolute best of luck!!!  

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