A cruise, a new job, and a little running

Sorry about no Monday posts for a couple of weeks.  I figured since I was on vacation, I would start these back up when I returned.
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Near Ocho Rios, Jamaica
I recently returned from a Caribbean cruise.  We stopped off at The Key's, Grand Cayman & Jamaica.  All 3 islands were beautiful.  We had amazing weather the entire time we were at sea and at the islands.  I did a lot of sightseeing, went to Rum city, then to Hell.  Visited a National Park.  Climbed a waterfall, went horseback riding in trails in Jamaica, then swimming with horses (You can read about that HERE if you'd like), just to name a few things.
I decorated this post with a few of the travel pics.  I figure I'll save the adventure details for some upcoming Travel Tuesday posts, as well as the majority of the pictures.  But I had a great relaxing and fun time, and ended up with an amazingly dark tan that should last the summer:) 

In Hell, Grand Cayman


Grand Cayman
For those following my work injury recovery.  I am so thrilled to say, it is doing great!  The trip ended up being amazing for it.  All that time away from work, I almost didn't even notice or remember I was injured the entire trip.
It even let me hike the 600 foot Dunn's River Falls in Jamaica, and as odd as this will sound.  It didn't hurt during or after (even though I was being super careful.)
The week before I left on the trip, I hardly worked, so the injury had lots of recovery time.  Then the week on vaction was great.  This past week, I only worked on it 1 day, it only bothered me slightly that day.  Otherwise, it's been amazing.

Which is 100% proof that the injury will never heal if I keep working on the job that caused it.  This means, the day I returned from the trip, I put a few feelers out that I was looking to change jobs.  I have had some amazing friends who let me know of a few right away.  I even interviewed for one last week, that I was told I may be offered the position later today actually.  I plan to interview for a few more this week as well.
My hope is to find a new job by mid to late April.

Tiki Beach, Grand Cayman
At this point I have absolutely no idea what life will bring.  But I am going to be cutting back the amount of weddings/events I do with my own company.  I absolutely love it, but most of my team members who work for me, are stay at home mom's and its becoming increasingly more difficult to have them work days other than weekends (good help is hard to comeby).  So it seems like a great time, for me to cut back on them a little, and find a 2nd career I will love as well.


Ocho Rios, Jamaica
I have been back to running, this past week I was able to bump it up a slight notch.
I've been running about 100 meter to 200 meter increments a few days a week as part of a run/walk routine.  The most I have ran in a single time if you add it up together was 400 meters.  Which may not be much, but its steps towards building back up.  I have to follow the Dr's and PT's advice and take this part very slowly.
Which is hard to do, but a necessity so it makes it easier to hold back.  So far so good, I have not experienced any pain in the injury area from running, YAY.  This week, I plan to increase it slightly more a couple of days during the week.
But I won't lie, I am already dreaming of the day that I can go out and just run again, and not have to hold back and take it easy for the injury...  But in due time:)

Spring  looks to be a run/walk building and recover time, and Summer so far is looking very promicing to be back to full running again. And Fall, well maybe I shouldn't get a head of myself, but I won't lie I am already secretly hoping there are some Fall and Winter marathons in my future:)

Sunset from the ship

The Spring Fitness hop ended.  I hope you all had a chance to enter as many of the 21 different blogs giveaways as you would have liked.  My giveaway winner will be posted HERE a little later today.  (Sorry, I wrote this post, Sunday night and I work today so I will post it as soon as I get home.)

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So tell me what's going on with you?  Any spring races or fitness programs your involved with?  Have you been on any fun trips recently?  Do you have a fun trip planned for this year?
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