Spartan Up! By Joseph De Sena

I'm sure a lot of you have heard about Spartan Races - If you haven't let me give you a little idea.  They are a race that is different than anything else.  You know when you enter your going to be tested both physically and mentally and pushed beyond your limits.  Best of all, your going to have stories to tell that will last a lifetime!

But have you ever wondered who came up with the idea of a race of this kind?  What inspired him to challenge the idea's of racing with something different and unexpected?
Joseph De Sena is that guy, and he has a new book that is launching on May 14th.  Spartan Up! Is a view of the inside world of obstacle races and his own journey to get there.

You'll learn how he started out as a young kid from Queens NY, and built on his entrepreneurial skills and created something that tests, motivates, inspires and gives a whole new meaning to training and being physically prepared.  You'll hear the story of how he took the U.S. Wrestling team and taught them a new way to train and prepare.  Taking them away from all they had known, and pushed them and tested their limits in extreme ways to help prepare them and teach them for the unexpected.  So they themselves could be even more ready to become Olympic athletes.

Joseph is a man who believes in what he is doing, and knows what he is talking about.  "Who says easier and faster is always better?  Adversity paves the road to success."  
He knows that competing isn't just about the race itself, it's about what you learn and get out of it in the process.  If you never try something new, something challenging, if you don't test your own limits, his philosophy is you may never know what you are really capable of doing.

Spartan Up!  Is a book that any athlete could benefit from, you never know what new idea's and approaches you may find that may help bring your own physical capabilities to new levels.  Even if you don't consider yourself an athlete, but harbor feelings of wondering what it would be like.  What is it, that's inside people to make them want to push themselves?  This may be the book for you too!  Read for the inspiration to find your own motivation within to discover new possibilities you may have never imagined you were capable of.

Spartan Up! goes on sale May 14th, 2014.  But you can actually pre-order it today.
You can check it out on Amazon HERE.
Want to learn more about the book?
Check out the Author and Spartan Up! page HERE.

Here is a little clip on The Journey to Becoming a Spartan, to give you a little bit more of an idea into the idea of Spartan.

If you're looking for inspiration, or if your interested in learning how to become more successful in life and in business, or looking for new ways to become healthier.  Spartan Up! may be the book that is exactly what you are looking for.

Disclaimer: I was asked by Spartan to write a review.  However, was not compensated to write this review.  All thoughts and opinions above are my own.

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